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  1. well here is my farewell post for now. i hope everything gets back to normal. if marcus tries to get back on this account or make a new one and start ranting just ban him or something. i am going to try to change the email linked to this to are since i know the password to that and marcus doesn't. i should have done it along time ago but i forgot about it. all the best sincere apologies K
  2. okay thanks. @KiiiYiii it would have been really impressive if it got marcus to confess. anyway. again sorry guys. not much else i can say :/
  3. i don't get why it matters so much. its the internet. i just told you all i can. marcus has always been a prankster. he does shit like this. i don't know why and i don't really care. i don't know about marcus but i just wanted to try making some doom maps. i don't know what more you guys want. when marcus comes back he will probably deny it or yell at me for ruining whatever little plan he was trying for. its childs play to me. all of this. and i don't really care to talk about it anymore. i apologized. you can either accept it and move on or people can keep posting in this now pointless thread :/
  4. its what you asked for. i am being civil right now. you should try it sometime. it makes the world a safer place
  5. you realize that a lot of people share the same last name right? and who says zielinski is my real last name? maybe i don't want to be tracked by people on the internet :/ i have never even been to twitter. kamila and zielinski are both polish/jewish names. of which i am. my name is not really uncommon i was born in poland.
  6. i don't know any of his friends on Facebook so go ahead. that isn't a threat to me. the only real thing you have linking him to me and marcus is the fact that we used his email address. you guys want to know the truth so here it is. little temple group is really just two people. me and marcus. orignally we were going to have my younger sister and a guy that used to do a lot of maps for half-life join and made the mistake of typing them into the list and blah blah blah. but for whatever reason it didn't work out. but marcus was thinking that it made the team sound bigger with four people. elizavetta did try doom mapping and did the original map01 for projekt zero but it wasn't very good like people here said so she just decided she didn't really like it. i'm at home most of the time with my family and what ever and rarely ever check doom world. but marcus thought the team sounded cooler if there was actually four people in it instead of just 2 and since i was doing most of the mapping anyway i didnt really care what he said. i dont even really like using internet forums. not big ones anyway. and the more detailed reason we were ok with chris letting us use his email is because he wrote a little bit of the projekt xero story. actually do you guys have the original readme file for that? his name might still be in there under the credits. as for gabrielle. i honestly didn't know anything about it tell tonight. not sure why marcus made her up or whatever.. but i think marcus made the maps. i never actually saw him building them. i have been working on map 07 and map 04 of dimensions and projekt xero :/ chris gibbon really is a real guy. and he isn't me. all we did is just use his email. i don't know for sure about abiageal o'meara. i am guessing she's real. chris talks to her sometimes because he told me he is letting her write music for some kind of book thing he is working on. i guess abiageal o'meara could be marcus and he is just playing tricks on chris. not really sure and i don't really care. marcus sucks pretty bad on piano though so i kind of doubt it :/ as for kristenn and the other forum stuff you found. it could be marcus. i don't know. maybe he is trying to help promote abiageal or if he is her, he is trying to promote himself. it took me a long time to read all of this thread so. i think i covered everything. if i didn't just tell me okay? making doom maps has been fun for me. i just never checked the forums enough to know what was going on. i have been really busy for the last week or two.. maybe three :/ you guys don't have to believe it but. you wanted me to spill it.. so there it is. if it helps i apologize. though marcus really should do the apologizing imho.
  7. fine if you or someone else wont do it through pm or email than i'm not saying anything. there is a difference. in a pm everyone and their uncle can't reply giving their opinions or input.
  8. for your information he isn't a neighbor, he lives like a 10/15 minute walk away.
  9. firstly you don't know what i will admit to and what i'm going to tell you at all. i said i would clear this up without interference from all the other people crying for blood. one on one is easier. you can tell god what i told you afterwards for all i care
  10. you still don't get it do you. it is an email from apple to keep computers in sync. we had just got a used macbook from chris gibbon to do the more artsy stuff for project zero. we simply wanted to link our DW account to a apple one so the computer would keep a email feed while we worked on graphics. since the computer didn't have restore disks and the email slots for the OS install were maxed (the apple email address lockout per account) he just said use one of those that are on there instead of making a new one and removing everything.
  11. who says i'm going to deny everything? just send me a pm at least and i'll tell you. straight forward and honest i swear. without everyone elses input.
  12. thats why i said lazy. you do have to jump through alot of hoops for a apple email though. its not very easy. not like aol or even live.
  13. but it isn't. marcus was over at chris's house and decided to sign up on doomworld but he hadn't made an email address yet so chris said he could just use his. marcus is lazy like that x3 you guys aren't even trying to take up my offer and get my email or email chris and get the whole story on what is going on. why is that? you just keep posting hostile posts instead of calming down and talking to me.
  14. i see you ignored the excellent point i made in my last post! yes that is a challenge! for your sake it might be a good idea x3 im sure he would be thrilled to know whats going on