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  1. Just played it trough again. It's nice to see the issue being handled in such a subliminal way. But if I may ask, how did this trick resolve the issue? AFAIK, there are no connections between the trap sector (sector 107) and anything in the first room, but still, shooting there "transfers" the noise to the needed sector. Am I missing something?
  2. Ugalabuga

    Claustrophobia 1024 3?

    I like the idea of that, but maybe it's because I'm a newbie. Older and more experienced players might think that the idea's been worn out - I'm not sure.
  3. Great map mate. The traps - they were really unexpected (except for the baron of hell, unless it was intentional :p). I find myself surprised more often than not while playing this one trough. EDIT: I just opened your map in DB2, and I think you should join sector 107 with a bigger sector, or add more monsters in the blue key room. One time I was playing trough the map, I got the blue key without firing any weapons. This caused some traps to not trigger, thus decreasing the overall difficulty.
  4. Looking good Eris, although I must say screenshot 1 looks a bit bland. Don't get me wrong - the lighting is good, I just think you could be a little more creative with the textures.
  5. Those screenshots look awesome mate, especially the city one. Good luck on the rest of the project.
  6. Ugalabuga

    Doom 2 in name only (tentative title)

    Seems like I'm a little late to the party here. I would've actually loved to take this map, but I'm just too darn busy - my finals are just round the corner. The earliest I can go back to map making is probably January of next year, and I'm pretty sure that by then, if the deadline doesn't stick, someone would've already begun work on it. I'm really excited about the project though. I look forward to its completion.