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  3. DustFalcon85

    Brand New Dark Ambient tracks!

    Sweet. I just purchased it. Will you be doing the 20th Anniversary editions of PlayStation Final Doom and/or Quake 64 next? Keep up the good work Aubrey.
  4. DustFalcon85

    Most recent movie you saw

    These war movies. Platoon (1986) Full Metal Jacket (1987) Born on the Forth of July (1989) Saving Private Ryan (1998) Fury (2014) This horror movie Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) This Judd Apatow movie. The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) and now onto Knocked Up (2007)
  5. DustFalcon85

    So, how old are you ?

  6. DustFalcon85

    Doom 64 - 20th Anniversary Extended Edition Soundtrack

    This. Still waiting for updates. I was wondering. Will Aubrey make a 20th Anniversary edition soundtrack of Quake 64 next year in 2018 and Quake II N64 in 2019?
  7. DustFalcon85

    Doom 64 - 20th Anniversary Extended Edition Soundtrack

    Any news or ETA on the new 20th Anniversary soundtrack? Take the time.
  8. DustFalcon85

    Doom 64 - 20th Anniversary Extended Edition Soundtrack

    Hey Aubrey. Doom 64 EX port made the music sound differently than the ones from their Nintendo 64 counterparts. I call them the "EX Remixes" Here's The Rotted Foul (EX Remix). And here's Perfect Hatred. Now w/ 800% insect noises. Are they originally supposed sounded the same way in the Nintendo 64 version? It could be the EX engine is making them sound weird and different. Just to let you know. Maybe Kaiser knows. I forgot why they sounded differently.
  9. DustFalcon85

    20 Years of Doom 64.

    Doom 64 introduced me to the music and sounds of Aubrey Hodges. It was my fist time hearing his music. Dark Citadel, Breakdown and Pitfalls music scared me when I was a kid at first but as time went on, I knew I want the music in my CD player, iPod and iPhone. Now I got all of his Doom and Quake albums. Glad to have it in my collection nowadays.
  10. DustFalcon85

    Doom 64 - 20th Anniversary Extended Edition Soundtrack

    I'll make this a Day 1 purchase for me! #MakeDoom64GreatAgain
  11. DustFalcon85

    20 Years of Doom 64.

    Tomorrow. March 31 marks 20 years of Doom 64. Got any memories of Doom 64? I was scared of Dark Citadel w/ it's creepy music and layout. Breakdown w/ it's infamous The Rotted Foul song. And Pitfalls' Perfect Hatred w/ it's warbled insect sounds. That said. I loved Final Outpost's The Damned. Share your memories of Doom 64 on it's 20th birthday!
  12. So what's your favorite Aubrey Hodges' PS1 Final Doom track? Which level music track creeps you out? Mine's Infectious (Canyon) and Unhallowed Ground (Geryon). Infectious has that distorted, difficult-to-explain noised that creep me out. Unhallowed Ground has that memorable whistle sound.
  13. Today is PS1 Final Doom's 20th birthday. Planning on playing it tonight if it works out.
  14. Since the 20th Anniversary of PS1 Final Doom is more than two weeks away. Anyone playing it on October 1st?