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  1. deimosoft

    Doomworld Team map making project

    Is the deadline now September 1st? I just got the map from Pottus on Saturday. We're well on our way here, I just don't want to miss the deadline.
  2. deimosoft

    Is the Doom Wiki useful to you?

    Well, it's a good way to learn what the community-at-large doesn't like anyway. In my early mapping abortions I tended to put things like medikits or berserk packs in narrow hallways or in front of switches because it didn't bother me. After lurking through the last few 'megawad club' threads I won't be doing that unless I have a very good reason. I think it's a good idea if you want other people to enjoy your work. If you're just mapping for yourself though to each his own.
  3. deimosoft

    Is the Doom Wiki useful to you?

    I lurked here in the forums for a long time to get a sense for this type of thing. I think having a document like this would be a huge help to new mappers, even if a lot of the content will have to be subjective. As it stands, the wiki is good for learning engine tricks, monster stats etc. but could use some sprucing up in terms of editing guidelines. As far as I know, the 'Romero's Rules' article is the only one like that up there now. Thanks for doing this 40oz.
  4. deimosoft

    Rock/Metal Songs That Fit Doom

    Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised someone mentioned Dayglo on here. I'm working on a map now & I intend to make a midi of 'Bedtime Story' for it. Might take a while though since it's a pretty short song and my map's pretty big. I need to think of an elegant way to draw it out so it doesn't get too repetitive.
  5. That screenshot is the most disconcerting doom image I've ever seen /jk, love Steve Buscemi!
  6. deimosoft

    end level -> go to next level

    Okay, I think there's a misunderstanding of some basics here. There's a difference between a map name and a map slot. For example, the first map of Ultimate Doom has the map slot E1M1, but the map name 'Hangar'. Two different things. Now, are you mapping for Ultimate Doom or Doom 2? If you're mapping for Ultimate Doom, the map slot progression is E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, etc. Ultimate Doom has 4 episodes of 9 maps each, so the highest you can go is E4M9 while maintaining vanilla compatibility. Any of ExM9 entries though are for secret levels so they will be loaded out of order and ONLY if you include a secret level exit on the appropriate map slot for that episode. See this link: http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/Secret_level Secret levels aside, as long as you have multiple maps in sequential slots within the same .wad the level switching will be done automatically. If you're mapping for Doom 2, the map slot format is a bit simpler. MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, etc. all the way up to MAP32. MAP31 can only be reached by a secret exit on MAP15. MAP32 can only be reached from a secret exit on MAP31. Exiting MAP15, MAP31 or MAP32 without a secret exit will bring you to MAP16. Again, see the link above. Now, for giving your levels names that you see on the intermission screen, those are actually controlled by graphics within the wad. Just make a replacement graphic that spells the name of your level instead of the level name normally associated with that map slot. Then load your custom graphic into your wad with the same lump name as the graphic you want to replace. Maybe someone else can provide a link if I haven't explained this clearly enough. Lastly, changing the level name on the automap requires another method. The automap level names are hardcoded into the doom engine itself, so the only way to change them in vanilla doom is to create a dehacked patch that renames the levels. I haven't done this myself yet, so maybe someone else can elaborate. If you're mapping for a more modern source port like zdoom you can use the MAPINFO lump mentioned above. Hopefully this helps!
  7. deimosoft

    ZDOOM - Escape Key Doesn't Work

    Yeah, I've tried deleting the zdoom-<username>.ini file too. Doesn't seem to have any effect. Is there another .ini file that I should be looking for? This .ini is in the same folder as zdoom. What other possible locations should I check? My OS is sadly Vista 64x (old laptop). Thanks for your help! Edit: It turned out to be some sort of quirk in the OS that fixed itself after a restart.
  8. deimosoft

    ZDOOM - Escape Key Doesn't Work

    Hey guys, I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I've recently encountered a bit of an issue with zdoom & derivative ports like gzdoom. Apparently these programs aren't recognizing my escape key any more. Pressing escape does not bring up the main menu at all. I can only get to the main menu if I load up an IWAD and press any key other than escape. It doesn't only affect the main menu either. If I do manage to get into the main menu escape still doesn't work. I'm not able to move back one menu level or cancel a key binding in the 'customize controls' dialog. I'm pretty stumped by this. At first I thought this was specific to a pwad I'm working on, but now that I've been looking out for it I see that this issue persists globally. I've even wiped zdoom off my system & reinstalled it in a different location. Same issue. The key works properly outside of zdoom. I've tested it out in sveral other programs and works fine. Any ideas?
  9. deimosoft

    WiP - Smelting Plant - 27/02/2013

    FWIW I don't think you actually need to scrap too much. From just seeing the overhead view I think you have lots of opportunities to interconnect these areas, which might help with map flow. When I map, I try to think of a purpose for each room (i.e. removing an obstacle, giving a new weapon, etc.), and a way to make that room fold back on an earlier part of the level where you can take advantage of whatever the last room did. I'm having a hard time articulating this, so here's an example: I don't find it to be much fun if I'm following along a path, find a red keycard, then find a red door. I'd rather see the red door earlier on, continue with the map, later stumble on the red key, then follow a new path to quickly get back to the red door. I'm not a big fan of backtracking. YMMV of course, but hopefully this helps you. I like the aesthetics, good job on that.
  10. deimosoft

    Unfinished work for free

    Nice-looking level dude, it's a shame you won't be finishing it yourself. I'd be happy to work on this. I usually design one section at a time, tailoring the architecture to the encounter, so having a completed level to populate will be a cool change of pace. I'm thinking I'll make very different encounters for each difficulty level, see if I can't make the map play entirely different each time. Should be a fun experiment. I know you said not to worry about giving credit but I'm still going to credit you for the architecture. Fair's fair. I'll post a beta here when it's done.
  11. deimosoft

    Doomworld Team map making project

    Great, thanks. To be clear, map08 would still be a hell map, right? I guess my question is are we assuming a full 32 map megawad or does the progression apply to whatever map slots we have filled? In any case, I'm looking forward to working on this!
  12. deimosoft


    There's probably a bit of a language barrier in play here. French I'd guess? In any case, good luck & let us know how it turns out.
  13. deimosoft

    Doom Tactics: Evil Unleashed (PC RPG)

    This looks very cool! I'll happily test this out over the next few days.
  14. deimosoft

    Doomworld Team map making project

    Sounds good, sign me up!
  15. deimosoft

    Doomworld Team map making project

    I wouldn't mind taking a crack at this if you don't mind taking on someone who's never released a map before. I won't be insulted if you don't want to though.