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  1. Wow this looks fantastic!
  2. Right now, during the day it's Spyro 3 with my daughter and at night it's Final Fantasy XI. My neighbors are moving and had me come check out a box of electronics which had a ps1 and two ps2 slim consoles with about 20 games and a 27 inch CRT tv! I get to take my daughter back to the good old days of my younger gaming years in a proper retro setting. It's awesome :)
  3. I gotta say, for some reason this year I really miss Christmas more than usual now that it's come and gone..
  4. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope this Santa came into your house in the middle of the night!
  5. This is awesome
  6. Is being 'losered' still a thing? I actually forgot about that until now. Wasn't sure if that went away with post hell and/or if they were related in any way
  7. I started playing Boss Monster last night and I'm hooked. I bought the actual card game and couldn't wait to to play with someone so I was watching tutorials online and found they have a digital version as well so I tried that out for a bit. At least I know I'll like the game when the time comes to break it out :D
  8. Turning 30 today :D
  9. C'mon, just try a little taste. You might love it!
  10. Lego worlds is fun to play with my daughter. I'd recommend it if he's into Lego at all. Also, the steam link is on sale for 4.99 and it's actually pretty nice. I just ordered a second one ;)
  11. Happy thanksgiving to everyone :D
  12. Akira. Then I watched Ergo Proxy and Serial Experiments: Lain. I love all three of those but haven't found much else to keep me interested more than a few episodes
  13. Do you mean cheap in an aesthetic way or cheap in the way they work? Or both for that matter? I actually had a strange feeling about the weapons myself. They look cool and all but seem kinda generic in a weird way. Nothing that makes me think negatively or anything, but they do seem a bit off to me somehow.
  14. Turning 30 very soon. Unlike quite a few of my friends who've already moved into their 30s, I'm looking forward to it :D