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  1. Do you mean cheap in an aesthetic way or cheap in the way they work? Or both for that matter? I actually had a strange feeling about the weapons myself. They look cool and all but seem kinda generic in a weird way. Nothing that makes me think negatively or anything, but they do seem a bit off to me somehow.
  2. Turning 30 very soon. Unlike quite a few of my friends who've already moved into their 30s, I'm looking forward to it :D
  3. This is true lol. A nice long playlist is a must for playing such a time sink
  4. Currently playing A Hat in Time and Lego Worlds with my daughter. A Hat In Time always looked good but when I bought it and started playing it last night, it's just fantastic all around. Lego Worlds is good for what it is. Mostly playing that with my little girl and having a friggin blast together! It's been a pretty good year for games for me :D
  5. I watched this and was reassured that it's gonna be awesome! Great work so far!!
  6. Currently playing a lot of WoW. I get these on and off kicks with this game
  7. Super Mario Odyssey and Wolfenstein 2. Been more into Mario tbh because it's been fun to play it through with my daughter who's an enormous Super Mario fan and the game is fantastic! Beat the main storyline and the game has opened up significantly for the "endgame". Basically the sm64 successor I've been wanting for a long time now. Very much enjoying both games though :D
  8. My daughter won the scariest costume! :D Here she is
  9. Happy Halloween everyone!
  10. Not sure what games to play tomorrow. Blood is gonna happen without a doubt. Maybe some Doom 64 and Dusk as well? I usually like to binge a few games back to back earlier in the day with some good music before taking my kid out at night. Desperately need to decide on the movie I'll watch after she's in bed though. Maybe the original Night of The Demons. Can't really go wrong with that one ;) Also, my daughter won a costume contest for scariest costume! I'll upload pics in a bit. They're fantastic
  11. Right. I was just making a quick thread on my phone while I was at work. And yes I agree, I noticed the Quake vibe before the Heretic or Hexen actually. The architecture is stunning and caught my eye before anything else :)
  12. Not sure if he himself is working on this one or not, but as far as Dusk goes it's fantastic. I've played through the first episode twice now and can't wait for the full release! One of my most anticipated games in years :D
  13. So the guys from New Bloods (Dusk and other titles) announced a new game inspired by Heretic and Hexen: If it's as good as Dusk is so far we may be in for quite a treat :D
  14. I know a lot of us here aren't really into the club music thing, but I've been working on some mixing lately and would like to share it with those who may be interested. It's genre is in the techno/tech house area. Remember these are DJ mixes. They take their time to build into the mood I'm aiming for and tracks are layered on top of each other to transition. Not that nobody knows what goes on in a mix ;) Maybe you in particular don't care for the style of music and know somebody who might enjoy it. Please do spread the word if that is the case! It's dark enough for what it is that I figured I'd try to share it with you all. Thanks for listening :D PS: No this music isn't what they call EDM these days. Not to be 'edgy' or 'hipster', but it's a bit more of the underground style ;)