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  1. Wow man that's awesome! Got anymore I could look at?
  2. No snap map on the switch version: Bummer. I'm curious about the size of the game now. I wonder if it'll only be cartridge because the download size would be ridiculous for the digital version, but maybe the exclusion of snapmap will help that issue? And of course I'm mostly curious to see how it looks/plays on the Switch. This is gonna be interesting
  3. Literally my first thought when I saw the announcement lol. Imagine that? Haha
  4. It'll still be really cool to have them portable. It would be really nice to have a release of the classics on the switch with the new games :D
  5. Just saw it on the Nintendo direct.
  6. I always loved the dual DD44 Dostoveis in goldeneye :)
  7. Yeah she wasn't really feeling this one lol
  8. Was just about to post this one. It's great!!!!
  9. Whoops
  10. Scream and break stuff around the house, start fights at nursing homes. Only way to effectively manage my stress
  11. Yes this game is high quality stuff. I'm excited to see what happens with the next 2d sonic game, assuming they decide to make one :D