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  1. I have this script: script 3 (void) { ThrustThingZ(0,50,0,0); Print(s:"ThrustThingZ"); Delay(35); SetActorProperty(0,APROP_Gravity,0.15); Print(s:"Gravity:0.15"); Delay(140); SetActorProperty(0,APROP_Gravity, 1); Print(s:"Gravity:1"); } It runs just fine, but after it changes to player's gravity to 0.15, it stays like that and never goes back to "gravity 1"... So you kinda just float around after that 1st change. I want to change gravity for a short period of time, while you 'float down to the ground", and then get gravity back to 1, until you again trigger the script and thrust up and "slowly" float down... Why does the gravity value change only once?
  2. Hello, I'm interest in finding Doom2145 again? Really liked it a lot. If you can, it would be appreciated. If you don't have it that is ok. Thanks in advance!

  3. pablogener

    Hard-coded fire a handgun shot

    I'm working on a mod that will work as a "cover shooter", designed to be played in VR. I managed to teleport the player to a map spot when the player fires at the walls of a sector in which the map spot is. Now I want to bind spacebar to shooting the handgun. I want to press the spacebar and have the player fire a gunshot, independant of what gun they're holding in their hand, and not have animations for weapon switch or anything, just pure hard-coded "black magic" handgun shot. How could I achieve this? Thanks a million to those who could help.
  4. I want to create a new "thing", that when looked/aimed at, or shot at, you would be teleported to. Like using map spots and "Thing_move" ACS. How should I go on about achieving this? Any pointers you could give me? I'm thinking about a PWad specifically designed to be played with QuestZDoom, in VR, and gameplay would be heavily influenced by "cover shooter" game types like Crisis VRigade. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  5. pablogener

    SLAUGHT - MAP01 (Alpha)

    I played your map and all I can say is that you need more "light and shadows" design. Change brightness values between sectors and try to add some geometry that could create shadow casting illusion with some slant linedefs across rooms and corridors
  6. pablogener

    DooM captcha

    Add this to your sites: https://vivirenremoto.github.io/doomcaptcha/ Cheers, Pol.
  7. pablogener

    Doom 3 Retro - Texture Organizer

    I have made a newer versin that is 100 times better and has many improvements. Should I start a new thread or update this one? I'll add a screenshot below so you can see what I've added:
  8. pablogener

    Doom 3 Retro - Texture Organizer

    If anyone does try this thing and finds any bugs, let me know so I can try to fix them. If anyone has any suggestions of features I could add to this, let me know too, I could add them too.
  9. pablogener

    Doom 3 Retro - Texture Organizer

    I downloaded and started using "Doom 3 Textures for Classic Doom" Retro pack and found that all 1600+ textures were a little bit of a BIG LOT to go through once every less than a minute to choose a texture for a given linedef. You need a llight, a door, a flat, a switch, water, slime...? Anything, you'd have to browse all textures ordered only in alphabetical order. Now, GZDB does offer the option to have textures added to "groups" of textures, and the original textures from the IWAD are pre-defined in these groups. I wanted to have all the new Doom3 textures added to those groups, or even create new specific groups for those new textures. The thing is, the tools to achieve this, that are built into GZDB are a f**** joke, and would take a lifetime to get it done. So, I set out to "make" my own. Here's what I did: Now, this thingy here will: * Let you choose which directory to start browsing .pngs in * Remember that directory for future uses of the same tool * Let you assign textures to 15 different groups, and one more defined as "User1", so that you can manually rename it inside "Doom_texturesets.cfg" * Write on disc a new file called "Doom_texturesets.cfg" that you can use to replace the existing one with your new one * Reload upon reopening the tool, the previous version of texturesets so you can: - continue your work - browse lists as there are in their current state and see what you added where I intend to release this under "(CC) Creative Commons" licensing, so that it stays free and accesible to anyone. Here are the links, in case anyone finds this useful: Installation executable: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m_nGyajKaADNVFnYal1827c6QfAYZqQt/view?usp=sharing 7zip Pack with sourcecode and installation executable: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LJkrFxdfFXy_TD_WrQYZQpAYCPsiGjoD/view?usp=sharing When I'm finished going through all the textures and have them organized in those "groups" I'll post my custom "Doom_texturesets.cfg" here on the forums, so anyone else can take advantage of that too. Cheers!
  10. pablogener

    Doom 3 Textures for Doom

    Hello everyone. I've been fiddling around with the "texturesets" file and having to go through 1600+ textures and group them up is a huge amount of work. The current available tools, namely GZDB's built-in menus and forms are much of an obstacle rather than a help. So, what I did is extract all the contents of the pk3 and started to build my own tool to create a new "Doom_texturesets.cfg" file. I'm doing it in VB6 because I know a lot of it and because I like VB6. With this tool you can go through all the textures in a folder and add them to a group. When you're finished going through all of them, you can generate a .cfg file and replace the existing one with the one you generated. This is how far I got already: I plan to release the source code and an executable version here, so anyone could take advantage of this, or modify it and improve it in any way possible. Cheers!
  11. pablogener

    Doom 3 Textures for Doom

    Hello. I downloaded and started to fiddle around with this PK3. I really like what I see, but I find that textures aren't "ordered" or "categorized" in any of the regular groups GZDB has, or any others. If I took the time to categorize every single texture into one of the groups/categories available, could I export that categorization so anyone else could benefit from that? Just wanted to know that. Dudes who built this should have a fucking gold statue built of them on phobos. The real phobos, marsian moon.
  12. pablogener

    Marble1.wad - my new project

    I know what you mean Misty, I'll try to apply different hights for the sake of "look and feel" in the next map on the set. Hey, I got that javascript to trigger while editing the post on firefox, I had problems with it on chrome. flag-up for the mods!!
  13. pablogener

    Marble1.wad - my new project

    Ok, misty. I'm interested more in the architectural and detailing "look and feel" of the map, rather than the gameplay. I try to do things in a realistic/"it could be a real place" kind of concept. And about how scarce monsters and ammo/weapons are, it's supposed to be the first map of the game, I guess it should be like that. Thanks for the tips, I'll keep all of those in mind!! PS: how do I insert more than 1 screenshot? Can't seem to get that right, wich I did in previous posts I made...