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  1. pablogener

    Marble1.wad - my new project

    I know what you mean Misty, I'll try to apply different hights for the sake of "look and feel" in the next map on the set. Hey, I got that javascript to trigger while editing the post on firefox, I had problems with it on chrome. flag-up for the mods!!
  2. pablogener

    Marble1.wad - my new project

    Ok, misty. I'm interested more in the architectural and detailing "look and feel" of the map, rather than the gameplay. I try to do things in a realistic/"it could be a real place" kind of concept. And about how scarce monsters and ammo/weapons are, it's supposed to be the first map of the game, I guess it should be like that. Thanks for the tips, I'll keep all of those in mind!! PS: how do I insert more than 1 screenshot? Can't seem to get that right, wich I did in previous posts I made...
  3. pablogener

    Marble1.wad - my new project

    I'm working on a series of Marble/Hell themed maps. This is the first one. Very easy, very simple "corridors and rooms" style. I try to keep a stylish+detailish kind of effort to it. This map starts with a lot of pistol action, lost souls only around, in the middle comes a shotgun, and a few demons and imps here and there. The big finale with a Baron and a cross-line map ending. I'm aiming to a 3~5 map set, it will derive from pure marble into more hellish/rock kind of texture sets. I did it in GZDooMBuilder and it's done in UDMF format. A few screens: and the .wad link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Anx23-M2JKLhrkKn6EC-__T_p7BK Cheers!
  4. doesn't anyone think it isn't just by pure chance or accident that the swastika went on fullscreen, repeated at either side of the presentation, when the game was being played?? just that exact moment had to be seen on the screen???? +1 tinfoil hat for me, pls!! :D
  5. pablogener

    How to form a plan in chess?

    I play chess online against other ppl on chess.com. I use the 'free' service they offer. After the game ended, you're presented with a simple (not 'deep') analysis of your moves. On every 'blunder' or flat out 'mistake', you're given a '8-10 moves' alternative, showing you a better way to resolve a tight situation you made a mistake with. You could possibly identify that situation at future games and have in mind that alternative the computer showed you. Sometimes the computer can't 'understand' where you're going to, or what you're planning, and will declare a 'mistake' where maybe you were luring your opponent in or something, but pretty much it makes sense when showing you an alternative to your moves. I found this method to be very good for learning how to identify 'game stages' and things that happen routinely in a game and have a 'map in my head' of possible things to do to have an advantage over my opponent. that's my 2 cents. cheers!
  6. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Southest of South America.
  7. pablogener

    Doom 3 Textures for Doom

    I downloaded the pk3 and set it up in DB2 as a resource. Then tried to use the textures in a wad but couldn't, they were all 32x32. I guess I should wait for you to make a different version with the textures in various sizes so they can be used in a map.
  8. pablogener

    Doom 3 Textures for Doom

    When I get home Ill try to make another test map with various uses of the textures. Thank you for this!!
  9. pablogener

    Doom 3 Textures for Doom

    Good to read that. This thing is escalating fast and steadily.
  10. pablogener

    Doom 3 Textures for Doom

    "dumb" question. I downloaded a .zip and uncompressed it. as a result I got a huge pile of .png files with all the textures. how to I fit all this in a .wad to be inlcuded as a resource for my own pwads? could I have a 'map-less' wad with all the textures, and have that be a requirement for my pwads? btw, to the OP, you're great man, this work is enormously appreciated, thanks a million!!
  11. pablogener

    [WIP] Linear 1 - check it out.

    I still have to add monsters/weapons/health/powerups/etc. but the overall architecture outline and playability is done. If anyone wuold be kind enough to download and try and tell me what they think, I'd much appreciate it. Here's the map: https://od.lk/d/118916878_02hUS/LINEAR1.wad it is a doom1 pwad, for zdoom in UDMF format. couldn't avoid having to inlcude 2 scripts at a given point. scripts, sometimes are an offer you can't refuse :p a few screenshots: the idea is to create a pwad that is extremely linear. the followup map will be in the same premise. I plan to make 3-5 maps to complete a sort of 'story'. I'll try to keep in a 'tech/industrial' style, and progressively work toward nuke/hell/outdoors and others. If anyone wants to jump in and help with the 'things' placement and difficulty level design, be welcome. Cheers, Pablo.
  12. pablogener

    Most recent movie you saw

    I just saw "The Bourne Identity". Damn! great great movie!! It's like the 'movie for splinter cell', in a 'doom-movie way'. very very recommendable.
  13. I'm making a map, and got this architecture done: I would like to put a 'woven wire' texture to block the player, so they can only look through and not get into the center sector. Now, vanilla grates are horrible, and completely out of place in 'techno' style wads. So my idea is to draw a new texture and include it in my wad. Is that an 'ok' practice? how much 'new textures' is ok to include? How much of a worse mapper are you the more 'new textures' you need to include? is it a sign of being a mapping god the fact that you make great looking maps without ever using a custom texture? I've seen fellows here in the forums say that doom maps are better when they are empty, and leave you to put in the map everything that should be there but it's not, with your imagination. I find that idea horrifying. Nonetheless, considerable. So: Should I just make an impassable line right on the edge of that sector and have the user 'imagine' the grate/wire blocking him? Any recommendations, ppl?
  14. pablogener

    best free torrent client?

    I use Transmission QT. Both on linux and window$. It's free and open source.