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  1. Gifty

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    That is definitely the best HQ Doom music pack in existence right now. The only other option I would suggest is the original Roland SC-55 soundset, which is more retro but still higher quality than the standard in-game midi.
  2. Playing this and loving it!
  3. Gifty

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I'm finally finishing up my one-man Doom 2 megawad, Hell For Leather! :D (it'll be boom compatible this time)
  4. Gifty

    Post your Doom textures!

    I'm loving the alpha textures and the panels. Bravo to everyone!
  5. Gifty

    Ultimate Doom The Way id Did — Released!

    @Xfing That plasma sprite bug has recently been fixed, sorry about that! I have no idea what caused it, but it should be gone now if you download the latest SD.
  6. Hi everybody! That pesky plasma rifle sprite thing is fixed. What a weird bug. -improved gore effects (and hopefully performance! -improved plasma sparkle effects! -improved bullet spark effects! -GREATLY improved zombieman/sarge animations! (sarge is still WIP) -improved imp projectile; death is redone; "phases in" when spawned -trimmed down the number of monster variant skins -"Faster pinky" mutator can now toggle without restarting the level -gore now disappears in water -fixed dynamic lights for burning barrel -fixed various "glovetoggle" error messages -fixed the plasma rifle floating sprite issue (thanks, Dabbing Squidward!) -fixed zombies erroneously spawning casings As I mentioned, most of my efforts from this point will be focused on improving the animations already included. Hidfan's neural upscale is really heating up and there are tons of things I would like to spiff up majorly before they go through the magical upscaling machine. The zombieman gets a HUGE improvement in this update which I'm extremely excited for you guys to see, and the shotgunner is about halfway though the same process. A side effect of this, however, is that I'm pruning out a lot of the monster variants that have previously been part of this mod. Partly because, a few years on, they feel kind of silly, but also because I've encountered the unfortunate reality that they slow down monster-related improvements by A LOT. Every time I want to go back and fix/improve something in the monster sprites, there are hundreds of variant sprites to contend with. I think having fewer, better-looking sprites is better than the alternative of having tons of variety with no polish. As it stands I'm kind of leaning towards just leaving the helmeted zombies and checking back in on variants at a later date. I hate to keep disabling or pruning old features like this, I know the Doom64 skins and gloves only just came back, but frankly it's all getting very difficult to maintain and sometimes to improve you've got to start from a simpler place! Anyway, exciting times! The gore system should also now look and run much better. Hope you enjoy the update!
  7. Gifty

    Ultimate Doom The Way id Did — Released!

    Merger makes sense to me! Although I don't mind having the standalone download on this thread, either.
  8. Gifty

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    I feel like a lot of the fixes in that mod are offset related, and the remainder of them (baron hoof color, etc.) could be backported when we retouch the sprites by hand. And hopefully a lot of the errant miscolored pixels will have disappeared in the upscale process anyway. :P Do you know if anyone has ever pulled out a high-quality scan of the Doom 2 interpic by scanning the Master Levels limited edition poster? I keep thinking that's one of the official art assets that's never been posted in full high quality, that could look excellent in a remaster project.
  9. Gifty

    Share Your Sprites!

    @Old Hermit, wow that looks way better than my Doom64 SSG edit. Nice! You should submit that to Nevander.
  10. Gifty

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    *Buys Sigil immediately*
  11. Gifty

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    You're famous! https://kotaku.com/hd-doom-is-looking-very-nice-1830996796
  12. Thank you! It's truly fulfilling to me that so many people have enjoyed this mod. C: The black gloves have been reshuffled under "weapon set" at the bottom of the options list, where the Doom64 skins are. Let me know if you're able to find it!
  13. Yeah, as I mentioned above I think the gore effects are going to need some optimization soon. I think I'm going to move closer to the Dead Marine gore system, which looks pretty nice (I think!) but is much less performance-heavy. One thing you can do in the short term that helps a lot is disable blood splats, those make up a lot of the physics calculations in the current gore system, so disabling them should give you a boost. EDIT: I've put out a hotfix for some of the snags I missed in last night's update. I'm STILL baffled by the plasma rifle pickup sprite thing, still looking into that, but I figured I would push a few other fixes in the interim. -removed "ground blood splats" pending a more CPU-friendly gore system (this should stop hangups people were having on levels like The Crusher, etc) -fixed 64-style cell pack displaying wrong sprite -fixed 64 BFG returning to PC sprites when holding fire -fixed PC BFG offset snapping -added Nintendo 64-style Rifle sprites when using the Rifle mutator