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  1. Gifty

    Show me your physical copy of DOOM

    Woah, hold on! I don't show anyone my floppies until they take me on a date first.
  2. Gifty

    Hell-Forged Episode II (WIP)

    These monsters look... FANTASTIC
  3. Gifty

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Lost souls are great, they just need about 20-40 less HP and a faster attack pattern. Doom 64 rectifies this. I will not hear any Blake Stone slander in this thread!!
  4. Giant bump! The final map of this episode is finally COMPLETE! (Don't ask me why, but I mapped, scrapped and restarted that last doggone level three separate times) Soon the episode will be out and playable, just making the final adjustments for Boom compatibility and some basic balance finessing. I unfortunately had to drop the "SHREDS" companion music pack, as it was just more work than I had time for. But the levels are nearly ready and looking beautiful! This will be the first of several long-dormant map releases I make this year. c:
  5. Stock texture megawads with original music are my favorite kind, bring it onnn!
  6. Gifty

    Post your Doom textures!

    These are really great! Would you mind if I used and credited one of these for a small mapset I'm working on?
  7. Gifty

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    Just played this, delightfully paced, just-the-right-size chunk o good mapping! First Squonker experience.
  8. Gifty

    Share Your Sprites!

    The gang's all here!
  9. Loving that cobblestone flat!
  10. Gifty

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    Hi! If it's not a terrible faux pas, I think I'd like to withdraw my Plutonia maps (Tiger, Hardpoint, Waste, Narthex, and Stranded) and give them a more short-term release on my own, as I've replayed them recently and found I really like them. Not trying to kick this project while it's in a down period, just knowing that FDTWID is still years off from completion and there's no guarantee these maps would make the cut anyhow, I think I'd like to get them out of limbo and be able to mentally close the book on them as finished works. I feel pretty safe in the knowledge that plenty of folks around here are WAY faster and more efficient at mapping than me, and that any gaps left by me should be pretty easy to fill once this project picks up speed again. Hope that's alright!
  11. Gifty

    Share Your Sprites!

    Much improved imp sculpt; previous version quoted for comparison. Body still needs a lot of work, but the face is feeling much better! Trying to mix the original Imp face with more of a Salem's Lot/gargoyley vibe so that he looks less like a cartoon gorilla. My overall hope with these is to get really good Blender models of all the monsters (mostly based as close as possible on the original puppets) which could be used to generate more detailed sprites, smoother animations, and even whole new behaviors or monster variants. The initial creation is a lot of work, but once a model is done you can render any number of frames at any resolution you want, without the hugely laborious gruntwork of Smooth Doom or a neural upscale. and there are ways of capturing them so that they essentially look like pixel art. EDIT: further improved with fingers and a better face!
  12. Gifty

    Share Your Sprites!

    Mostly finished x2res zombieman from a Blender sculpt. Almost time for texturing!
  13. Gifty

    Share Your Sprites!

    More x2 zombie progress. Still tweaking the proportions. Can't wait to get him textured and wipe off that CG render sheen. Then hopefully he can get animated and start dancin!
  14. Gifty

    Share Your Sprites!

    Sprite render from a 2x-res zombie sculpt I'm working on. Has a little bit of a "Fallout" look right now, but once I paint a Doom-paletted texture on there he'll be his grubby self again.