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  1. Gifty

    DOOM Retro v3.1 (updated November 2, 2019)

    Just popping in to say good work on this port, I really enjoy the curated feel of it.
  2. Gifty

    Post your Doom textures!

    I agree, that new FIREBLU looks great.
  3. Currently it's planned to have a DEHACKED for a couple minor changes I won't spoil here. ALSO: Progress on the final map is going smoothly, so it's reasonable to expect that we'll be in beta testing soon! To commemorate, here's a screenshot of the WIP final level showing off the new custom HUD. AND, to get you pumped up, here's a scintillating rough mix of one of the songs in the bundled soundtrack (don't worry, that awful solo is gonna go). Enjoy!
  4. Gifty

    Post your Doom textures!

    Baby's first texture edit! Just spent a couple minutes mucking around for a mapset I'm making. Based off a concrete wall in Jimmytex.
  5. Gifty

    confirmation of new quake game in the works?

    Shub Ngurath is phonetically closer to how you'd pronounce it, anyway. Machine Games have said in the past they'd be interested in a Quake 1-style sequel. I don't think this tweet is related to that, but maybe after Wolf 3 something will come of it.
  6. The texture wad I had for this levelset used to be called Hell On Earth Assets, or... HOEASS
  7. I only have one map left to finish before I do a general polishing/balance pass, then it's off to public beta!
  8. Deep, dark, brown and bloody... You cleaned out the haunted moons of Mars. Passed through the door of no return. Braced yourself for cosmic uncertainty, only to find--home? No. At least, not as you left it. This place may look familiar, but the smell of fried feces and nuclear leftovers tells the truth. This brown, burned out wasteland is the UAC Texas base. Those ass-faced bloodsuckers from Hell have followed you back. DOOM begins again, and this time... ...Well, obviously, it's personal. (Coming Soon!) >>DOWNLOAD<< +================MAPLIST=================+ Map01 - "In On The Kill Taker" (✔ finished) Map02 - "Scratch Acid" (✔ finished) Map03 - "1000 Hurts" (✔ finished) Map04 - "Atomizer" (✔ finished) Map05 - "Dead Cross" (✔ finished) Map06 - "Stoner Witch" (WIP) +==============SCREENSHOTS===============+ +==============DESCRIPTION================+ HOE Shareware is my attempt to imagine what a DOOM II shareware episode would have looked like, had the sequel followed a more traditional chapter-based style. I tried not to make a DTWID-style factually accurate variant of DOOM II, but more a cloudy miasma of the DOOM II I always saw in my head based on back-of-the-box description and strategy guide flavor text. Also, on release H.O.E.S.W. (whew) will include a mood-setting thrash metal soundtrack composed by me, similar to the Sigil SHREDS addon WAD. Coming soon to an imaginary electronics store near you! +===============CREDITS=================+ general textures: LoneAlpha2401 general textures: Cage general textures: Jimmy computer textures: Antares031 carpet textures: Nick Baker Mancubus edit sprites: 00_zombie_00
  9. Gifty

    Some Doom 64 Upscaled Smooth Weapon Sprites

    @Immorpher WOW, those look great. I think the 64 art style really lends itself to upscaling better than a lot of the original art, since most of it was already digital in nature.
  10. Gifty

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 9/25/19]

    Tiny update today: -fixed shotgun flash being shortened when recoil is enabled -fixed pistol having incorrect recoil with bobbing enabled -improved all tall torch animations -improved bullet puff effect -improved megasphere animation -fixed herky-jerky Plasma Rifle recoil
  11. Gifty

    Share Your Sprites!

    That looks absolutely fantastic!
  12. Gifty

    Share Your Sprites!

    I love it! Hope you're able to finish it. :D
  13. "John, I've got this burning question I have to get off my chest, and I think your fans are just as curious as I am: how did you help fake the moon landing and plan the Kennedy assassination? Is it true that you wrote all the facial recognition software for Depe State©?"
  14. Gifty

    Share Your Sprites!

    Those look fantastic, especially the more stylized gnarly ones. How did you make those?
  15. Gifty

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 9/25/19]

    Weapon mods/different player classes are going to be difficult without disabling some bits of Smooth Doom, you'll want to comment out the weapons sections in the main DECORATE file, and delete the KEYCONF file, as that defines a new player class. But again, crossmod compatibility with SmoothDoom can be kind of a nightmare since it's a general enhancement. It's update day again. More bugfixes, and some nice additions from fellow mod steward Almonds! -fixed black pistol always firing casings -fixed cacodemons always firing fast projectiles -fixed pinkies not biting fast with -fast tag on -further tweaked recoil values, cleaned up recoil code -plasmaball wall decal changed from "impball scorch" back to original -improved Doom64 Shotgun animation (Thanks, Almonds!) -reinstated kickback for the Doom64 SSG, as it is in the real port (Also Almonds!)