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  1. I'm basically still on the final map, just reworking level 5. I had a burst of progress a couple weeks ago and have gotten tangled up with a bunch of other stuff. Still gonna happen! Thanks for your continued interest, folks. C:
  2. You're a good man, Mr. Hodges!
  3. I am so pumped for this to come out.
  4. Wasn't trying to derail Aubrey's thread; all I mean to say is, art is labor, labor has worth. Privileged megastars like Taylor Swift or Lars Ulrich have sort of ruined that argument for a lot of people, but it holds true for the overwhelming majority of smaller fish out there, whose wages Spotify measures in literal fractions of pennies. Also no--I've never worked in the video game industry, but my understanding is that composer royalties are overwhelmingly not the norm. I think Bobby Prince's agreement with Id was probably afforded by his special relationship with the studio really early on when everything was a little more wild west.
  5. Gifty

    Wad Front And Back Cover Pictures

    I'm loving these. Kudos!
  6. Gifty

    post crude mspaint doom drawings

    Hey, look everyone--it's our favorite texture!
  7. Wow, alright. Well, have a nice day I guess!
  8. @Vorpal As a musician, feeling like I should pop in here: I know the internet has made this a very unpopular opinion, but musicians gotta eat, yo (especially right now, when nearly all of us in the USA are basically unemployed). This album's like 3+ hours long; if you were buying a record of this length from a standalone band, or god forbid in any kind of physical format, it would likely cost double what Aubrey's charging here. And $54 is definitely a lot to spend on music all at once, but that's because you're buying like ten hours of material. Just my 2 cents!
  9. Gifty

    Where would you sleep in Doom?

    I love this thread. I would definitely sleep in the opening torch room of E4M4, very cozy.
  10. E3M7 is my shit, but I get the feeling that it's generally kind of unpopular. For years I thought it was a Romero map because it's got that super clean visual style.
  11. Gifty

    What the fack was happening here?

    Also, not to sandbag anybody, but if racism in online forums concerns you (as it should), you might want to do some reading about the history and usage of the Pepe meme in your avatar.
  12. Gifty

    Amazing texture pack - Makkon

    Love this guy's work, I've seen a fair bit of it on twitter. Plus he's doing textures for the upcoming Graven, which I'm really pumped for!
  13. Every video game community inevitably has a touch of "the newest game is ruining the series! (Until the next one! Then that's the new worst!)", but that aside, this place is very civil and full of cool, creative people and I'm thankful to have it.
  14. Gifty

    Can we have smooth Player Sprites for Smooth Doom?

    It's on my list! However, since Smooth Doom's main focus is on singleplayer, it's not my main priority right now.
  15. Gifty

    What is your honest opinion on the Doom comic?

    My honest opinion is it's funny and I like it.