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  1. Gifty

    Post your Doom textures!

    That's so flippin creative, awesome!
  2. Gifty

    Post your Doom textures!

    Damn, those look super fun! Especially the wider ones, I feel like they'd make cool skies.
  3. I could see Sunn O))) vibing really well with the aesthetic of the newer games.
  4. Doom 2's bestiary is pretty well-rounded, but the biggest hole I always think of is the lack of any really high-priority melee threat. Pinkies are barely dangerous, and lost souls are just kind of a nuisance. Something that immediately makes you go "oh, crap" the way a revenant or chaingunner does, but in the melee realm, would really help vary up the pacing I think. The Doom 3 Wraiths in Nihility were pretty good at filling this role, I thought.
  5. Gifty

    What do you think of Doom 3?

    I think Doom 3 is a great game and history will look kindly on it. Unfortunately the level design is just really haphazard and as a result the pacing is caught somewhere between Resident Evil and Space Invaders, and I think this is the root of why it turns a lot of folks off--it's too slow and unwieldy for a lot of shooter fans, but still rushes through a lot of the survival horror elements. The systems are all good, the overall vibe is incredible, I think with more confident level design it could have come together with a clearer identity. Tl;dr if the original Doom is Evil Dead 2, Doom 3 is closer to Evil Dead 1. And Doom Eternal is Army of Darkness.
  6. Gifty

    Share Your Sprites!

    @TommyGalano5 I love it
  7. Gifty

    Bullet weapon balance

    I would raise the ammo capacity for bullets. Power-wise I think it works, but I'm consistently running out of ammo for it in pretty much every levelset.
  8. Gifty

    What ruins Doom (1993)?

    You win this thread! If I just voice my preference for Ult Doom's SSGlessness enough times, it stands to reason that it will eventually become my forum title, my personality, my main recognizable trait and sole conscious thought in life Also, I love Limbo, u guise r mean :ccc
  9. Gifty

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

    Slamming wishlist button with the force of a thousand fists
  10. Gifty

    Doom Netflix original series

    The weird thing about video game screen adaptations is that often the game in question is already pulling super heavily from a lot of famous films, and it's only by virtue of transposing them to an interactive medium that it can borrow so much and still manage to feel fresh and cohesive. But if you put something like Doom back into a film context, it really just does become Aliens, or Event Horizon, or Evil Dead or whatever. For my money, the movie Mandy is as good a screen adaptation as we're ever likely to get of what I consider the emotional essence of Doom.
  11. E1 replacements replenish my health bar in real life
  12. I really dig this. I love Plutonia's steakum sky but it definitely made the intermission more difficult to read.
  13. Gifty

    Do you ever listen to music while mapping?

    There are entire albums that I've inextricably linked to certain rooms or regions of maps that I've made. Thought about making an actual graphic layout of some of those one time!
  14. You'll get one of Bobby Prince's answering machine messages!
  15. Gifty

    Doom Merchandise thread

    Kicking myself now for not buying the original Quake & Strogg shirts from the old, old Id software website before the Bethesda merger. Thouhg I did manage to get copies of the old "Doom survival guide" and the official Quake guide while the site still existed. Good times! I miss slobbering over that merch page as a penniless kid.