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  1. Hi! I'm very happy to see folks still interested in this mod, I worked hard and put a lot of love into it. No updates are planned right now as I'm mostly busy working on my own game. :D
  2. Gifty


    If you want higher-fidelity textures without using bilinear filtering (yuck) or resizing filters, most people use community texture packs that swap out the game textures for new ones created at a higher resolution. This one is very good!
  3. People often conflate art, aesthetics, tone, graphics and technology into one giant thing; the art style, aesthetic, and overall tone/mood of Doom is a massive part of its identity and its continued success. Being on the cutting edge of graphics, not so much. As far as wads go, I don't really care about level of detail so much as maps having a consistent design language that's able to get things across without being scattered and confusing. Nice artistic style is a bonus on top of that.
  4. Gifty

    Ultimate Doom or Doom 1

    I like where your head is at
  5. Oh yep, I was aware! Not trying to dogpile on your wad, I just really liked the extremely cursed guy generated by that screenshot. I love plutonia mapsets, this looks cool!
  6. Gifty

    What is actually the "essence" of doom?

    The core of doom to me isn't really a specific mechanic, it's more rhythmic and musical. Doom implies a certain tempo and intensity that's meant to exhilarate and make one feel alive in a happy fight-or-flight kind of way. It's about the mechanics all firing together so smoothly that you experience it as something not mechanical, you experience the groove of it and the high of surviving just barely by the skin of your teeth.
  7. Gifty

    Quake II Remastered

    With the tiniest of tweaks, this remaster fixes so many things I always hated about Quake II that it's not even funny. The bonus historical content is also amazing.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm currently moving, and in the process of unearthing all my stuff I discovered a very old notebook with a lot of years-old level sketches, some of which you may recognize in the final version of HoE:Sh. I always enjoy seeing peoples map sketches, so I thought this might be of interest! Enjoy! (This last one is a pretty accurate depiction of a mostly-finished level that got cut called "weyrding base")
  9. Gifty

    Post your Doom textures!

    I do love a good crate. I feel like the difference between an ok crate and a great crate is that little bit of ambient occlusion under the crossbeam. Oh, so juicy. Gotta love it.
  10. Gifty

    [Limit-Removing] Yart.wad

    The vanilla architecture in this looks really slick, nice work!
  11. Let's see, uh, Fireblu, graytall... uh, uh... marbface, uh... Jackie Chan- *buzzer goes off*
  12. The name is derived from younger millennials and zoomers adapting the term "boomer" sort of crudely to refer to anyone older than them, instead of the specific generational cohort that "boomer" actually means. As a younger millennial myself I get it but think it's pretty annoying. What's interesting to me is that with the throwback shooter genre growing, we're starting to see throwbacks to more recent eras like 2000s shooters, and callbacks to Max Payne, FEAR etc. Which means that we'll finally have to start thinking about what really defines a "boomer" shooter or 90s-style shooter from other types of shooter throwback, and maybe will develop more nuanced terminology around all these things in time. (Personally I'm more partial to "movement shooter")