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  1. Doom is a composite of 80s American pulp and "lowbrow" culture; things like Alien, Evil Dead, metal music and D&D. These are all quintessential American cultural touchstones of the 80s. A UK Doom would probably have been influenced way more by dark fantasy/scifi properties like 2000 AD or Games Workshop.
  2. Awesome! Thanks for making an addon c:
  3. I think the map enhancement script is a fantastic idea, and it actually is very similar to stuff I've been working on recently, but I think a lot of the enhancements themselves are kind of garish and don't look super great next to the stock Doom resources. Cool idea, though.
  4. I wish I could like this post more than once.
  5. I'm pretty sure Patton Oswalt played it at some point!
  6. TNT Map18: Mill, fuck that map so hard.
  7. Yeah, unfortunately I never had a naming scheme for different version of Smooth Doom. It was my first mod ever so some early bad habits have persisted. :P SD was never built with multiplayer in mind, though. Also, another update. Nintendo 64 weapons are coming along well and should be fit for re-inclusion pretty soon. Today's changes are: fixes: -black-gloved pistol now plays the new animation -fixed wonky physics on blue/green blood -fixed several issues in monsters-only version changes: -disabled zombieman "jawless" variant because it looks silly -the "kill all" function no longer spawns monster gibs for performance reasons
  8. The entire final episode. Everything before that is extremely solid.
  9. There was a snafu with the last few updates, all links should be properly updated now, with some minor fixes since the last update. Also, here's a rough mockup of a new Zombieman walk cycle, which hopefully I can finish soon:
  10. In the op! Also, I've been notified that the rifle sprites disappear sometimes in this release (what a surprise, more issues), I'm going to fix this the next time I can get my computer on wifi.
  11. Hi! This hasn't been updated in a long time! But now it has! fixes: -fixed "64muzzeflash" warning messages -chainsaw can now properly display black gloves -rifle can now properly display smooth bobbing effect changes: -temporarily disabled weapon skins while I fix up the code and make better sprites (glove color is still an option) -much improved pistol firing animation (black glove will be updated soon) -changed brass knuckles back to classic gloveless sprites -tweaked chaingunner death 2 -changed chaingunner alt skin from "bone face" to "helmet" (frankensprited from Captain J resource) -significantly lowered the velocity of casings -significantly lowered the volume of casing sounds -gib velocity is now randomized
  12. Delta Doom is a really great gameplay mod that kind of takes all the prerelease stuff and makes something new out of it, but feels totally authentic and not hacked together at all. Definitely my favorite alpha-themed project.
  13. It currently occupies E4M1, but it's not made to replace any specific map.
  14. Totally!
  15. Speaking of, what's the highest resolution anyone has found for the Master Levels box art?