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  1. Gifty

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    Between Dusk, Ion Maiden, Devil Daggers, Strafe, Amid Evil, Immortal Redneck, et al I think we are seeing a resurgence of this type of shooter. A lot of them are just very low-profile.
  2. Gifty

    Smooth Doom (NOW HAS A THEME SONG!)

    Another stupid hotfix hopefully fixing my stupid mistakes. :P -fixed SSG64 sound -fixed rocket launcher sprite issue -fixed missing bob states for 64 plasma rifle You can definitely edit that with SLADE, it's a little harder than commenting out certain lines, though. You can compare the DECORATE files for the classic, and 64 weapons against each other to see how they differ, then all you'd have to do is change the D64 weapons to be more like the originals.
  3. Gifty

    Smooth Doom (NOW HAS A THEME SONG!)

    Do you know what your weapon settings are? I can't seem to reproduce it. Also, wouldn't you know it, I'm picking up some more issues with this thing. Second hotfix coming soon.
  4. Gifty

    Smooth Doom (NOW HAS A THEME SONG!)

    Wow, I left a lot of issues in that version I released last night. I put up a hotfix today fixing these things: -fixed plasma rifle fire animation -fixed Doom64 weapon pickup sprites -fixed lots of tiny weapon state issues (glove skins, 64rocket bobbing, etc)
  5. Gifty

    Smooth Doom (NOW HAS A THEME SONG!)

    Hi! Wow! An update! I'm sorry that it took so long, I've been doing a lot of other things lately. THE DOOM64 WEAPONS ARE BACK (ALL OF THEM THIS TIME!) although in the continued effort to clean up the giant mess that is Smooth Doom's code/assets dump, I've disabled custom glove colors temporarily until I get things back on track and make new sprites. Also of note: I've decided to stop maintaining the "monsters only" variant of the mod, because A) it was very poorly and haphazardly maintained in the first place, and B) I realized that I could clearly comment the master DECORATE file for you guys, so that if you want to disable any part of the mod, you can do so by commenting out the relevant lines in there and make the changes easily yourself! Changelog: -invincible spectre bug should be fixed -gore is very slightly gorier -statusbar is more widescreen friendly -The full Doom64 weapon skinset is now back in improved form! -glove colors are temporarily disabled while I get sprites together/clean up code -rather than maintaining a "monsters only" version (which was poorly maintained anyway), I've clearly commented the DECORATE master file to easily allow people to enable/disable whichever parts of the mod they want
  6. Gifty

    [Pixely Effects Mod / BETA] DEAD MARINE

    Update today! I polished some of the recoil effects so, while they're not necessarily attenuated, they're a little smoother and may be less irritating for some folks. -tweaked recoil on most weapons -slightly improved chaingun flash animation -first pass on reshading HUD healthbars -fixed mancubus xdeath not calling the BossDeath script -player class now defined through mapinfo, not keyconf -changed armor pickup sprites -small sound changes (poppier medkits, additional monster sounds, etc.)
  7. The way the DW community reports on Brutal Doom's every move while insisting that it doesn't care one whit about Brutal Doom is extremely silly.
  8. Gifty

    NEED TESTERS (smooth HD liquids)

    These look great! There's a stylization to them that looks better than the usual ultra realism we see in HD packs.
  9. Gifty

    [Pixely Effects Mod / BETA] DEAD MARINE

    Yeah go ahead! Suggestions are welcome. My overall plan is to refine the existing effects and get everything as polished as possible, while adding new functionality for the hud. Things like 4:3 support, maybe numbers for the health/armor displays, etc.
  10. Gifty

    [Pixely Effects Mod / BETA] DEAD MARINE

    Not sure! I did most of my testing on this mod in the software renderer, but I was still running Gzdoom.
  11. Gifty

    [Pixely Effects Mod / BETA] DEAD MARINE

    Update! It's got melties. -slightly louder armor/health pickups -new imp death animation (by vader/itsnaturetodie) -lowered altdeath probability slightly -added lava melting animations for new death animations -tac-hud now feeds you monster count at level start
  12. Dead Marine is a weapons/gore/HUD/general enhancement mod for GZdoom which aims to add atmosphere, visual pizzazz, and modern punch to Doom without changing any of the gameplay or mechanics. All additions are meant to be "lore-friendly" and look as close to Id's original style as possible. I've tried to use lo-fi hand-drawn effects and originally sourced sounds (from the same libraries frequented by Bobby Prince!) as much as possible rather than borrowing from other mods or games. This mod is CURRENTLY IN BETA, which means it's essentially feature-complete but I want to incorporate community feedback and improve a few things before it's considered a proper release! Hopefully I can get a video trailer up for future versions. >>>DOWNLOAD<<< ARMS -A heavier, meaner, more smoothly animated version of Doom's original arsenal -All-new sounds meant (mostly) to fondly resemble the originals -No balance or gameplay changes, just extra beef EFFECTS -New simple, but fun gore system. -Minor enemies SNARL when they see you! -Minor enemies MELT in GOOP! -Optional "mood sounds" dynamically add ambient sounds to levels. Try turning the music off! (Works best on maps with a decent amount of decorative props) -Lo-fi particle and sprite effects to spice things up with a 90s flair -Dead marines leave blood and graffiti on the walls, revealing a dire struggle TAC-HUD -Taken from the blocky hard-plastic consoles of yesteryear, your heads-up visor will give you everything you need to survive through a series of VERY GREEN CRT displays for easy readability. Includes readouts for arms, health, and mission statistics, as well as a brief sitrep at the beginning of each level.
  13. Gifty

    Level design tropes you dislike

    Instant monster spawns make my blood boil.
  14. Gifty

    Custom textures/weapons and sprites?

    This website might help you find the resources you want! http://realm667.com/index.php/en/