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  1. If nothing else, Maximum Doom is really bolstering my own self-esteem as a mapper.

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    2. Doomkid


      There are a few select maps from Maximum Doom that are well designed and deserving of a touch up. If someone took 5 or 6 maps, polished them up and released it as a mini-episode or something I'd be all over it.

    3. Alfonzo


      As far as I can recall, Tarnsman set about playing the entirety of Maximum Doom with the aim of picking out 32 otherwise uncollected levels that could be fashioned into something fun. This project would be called Minimum Doom. Tarnsman has since forgotten what the 32 levels he selected are.


      Tarnsman will have to play Maximum Doom all over again.

    4. rehelekretep