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  1. cmake will check for wxGTK3-devel and compat-wxGTK3-gtk2-devel (a wrapper for applications developed using libwxgtk2), if it cant be found, then it wont bother trying to build odalaunch. i dont know if that package exists for other distros but the name of the packages and their contents should help you:



  2. Ideally, whatever port you pick should work for Freedoom, but the first timer expects multiplayer. Odamex servers are very cheap on resources and its network play is outstanding if it is not a cooperative game mode, produces vanilla compatible demos, but it does not include bots and has shit defaults (although that is an easy fix), modifications limited to vanilla; Doom Legacy includes decent bots but I have no idea how good it is for network play in comparison and does not appear to have a server list, does not produce vanilla compatible demos; Zandronum includes average bots, but its servers are expensive on resources and most populated servers runs modifications that requires more than a toaster to run, shit defaults but a fix should not be difficult with a custom build, does not produce vanilla compatible demos but its format is consistent, fmodex dependency is a bummer for non-windows users, decent network play; GZDoom includes shit bots, does not produce vanilla compatible demos, network play is not as straight forward as double clicking on a list of servers (requires typing IPs), and does not appear to be smooth for online play, but has outstanding support for modifications and average graphics. ZDaemon has everything a first timer need for multiplayer, but nothing for single player, includes shit bots and expect you to use wine (so they don't have to deal with mismatching glibc versions) for non windows platforms and keep their source closed, competition in classic modes are lively when compared to Odamex and Zandronum (where most people only play modifications). Chocolate-doom did not have a functioning network code when I tried, but I heard it feels the same as playing DOS Doom, which felt like my keystrokes and aim commands were delayed, lacks bots, shit resolution (but understandable in a competitive setting).

  3. Last time I tried to get into PvP, the player base was too small to get any game going, besides the active players does not seem interested in playing in public servers that much, so I just looked for something to do while I waited to start a FFA or a duel until inevitably something caught my eye, resulting in never playing, eventually leading me to give up Doom multiplayer altogether. Quake has some games going sometimes but they are only team based, and everyone knows how friendly those are for starters. Mapping for multiplayer is a waste of time since nothing will replace ssl2, judas23_ and brit (zdctfmp for ctf game modes) maps just like nothing will replace ztndm1, dm4 and aerowalk for Quake. Coop is often boring so I just fuck around doom builder and play the maps I make for myself (PvE of course). There is nothing many new things to deliver in mapping, everything has been done, it is more of the same from now on.

    Sure, there are megaman and all out war 2, but I have no interest in playing those.

  4. Is it possible to turn the protagonist into an antihero? The plot seems perfect for this kind of character and also gives a lot of room for creativity (to map designers, sprite artists, diversity of character personality, etc.).

  5. I created a "mod" once to enforce vanilla looks and sounds in zandronum, aimed at competitive players because I figured they could modify the "unf" sound and add others already set in the default sndinfo file, the SSG animation is like vanilla, player sprites weren't added here for obvious reasons (add the iwad as pwad), RNG can be replaced via ACS I guess but I am not sure if it would be the same.


    OS DM
    dmflags: 2823172
    dmflags2: 135005184
    dmflags3: 37
    compatflags: 2004773373
    compatflags2: 524
    sv_aircontrol 0

    OS DM 2
    dmflags: 2839552
    dmflags2: 137102336
    dmflags3: 37
    compatflags: 2004773373
    compatflags2: 524
    sv_aircontrol 0

    dmflags: 267059204
    dmflags2: 135005184
    dmflags3: 37
    compatflags: 2013161981
    compatflags2: 524

  6. dethtoll said:

    Okay, I poorly phrased that, but my point is that we're not just shaved apes. We're better than that, and we should aspire to even more. It's why excuses like "it's just human nature" just ring as bullshit to me

    "And we should aspire to even more" screams "we are bad but we should not be". Have you considered for a moment that you don't actually believe that humans are essentially good and that a dictactorship under your standards would be perfectly fine to you?

  7. Sodaholic said:

    Then why do we only have access to some of their facilities? I'm not going to say they're absolutely a threat, but they are potentially one. Just take a look at their violent anti-American rhetoric. If that doesn't at least raise a couple red flags, I don't know what does.

    First, why should WE have access to their stuff? They are a nation and have every right to not give two shits about what any country thinks of them. They did not attack anyone as far as I know.

    Second, why is it ok to be paranoid at Iran, but it is wrong when Russia does the same? Stupid double standard.

  8. Sgt Ender said:

    It said to type this:

    /msg NickServ SENDPASS enderkevin13
    1467224050:BF7F8028099395E306C8A16770084D9553C4894B <yournewpassword>

    Alright, let's check what is wrong. First, I am going to copy and paste the contents of the spoiler as is:

    /msg NickServ SENDPASS enderkevin13
    1467224050:BF7F8028099395E306C8A16770084D9553C4894B <yournewpassword>
    Ok now what about this:
    /msg NickServ SENDPASS enderkevin13 1467224050:BF7F8028099395E306C8A16770084D9553C4894B <yournewpassword>
    You see, that command has to be sent in the SAME LINE, otherwise, all NickServ is going to see is
    SENDPASS enderkevin13
    With the rest of the command being interpreted as a second command. You can also PM NickServ directly, as if you are going to talk to someone in private and paste the command below:
    SENDPASS enderkevin13 1467224050:BF7F8028099395E306C8A16770084D9553C4894B <yournewpassword>
    Now you know what you are supposed to do, you have to send a message that is interpreted as a command to the service known as NickServ, which looks like an user. Also, to open a window to "talk" to NickServ, you can do this:
    /query NickServ

  9. First, I learned to read english. It was very handy during college because of the extensive material on the internet. - Gaymes (Resident Evil 2 comes to mind)
    Then Writing (MMORPGs, my main motivation was to improve team work), but there is no benefit in writing english other than shitpost, so it will remain "good enough" until i find a reason to improve (my writing skills is deteriorating already). Never really learned how to hear/speak though, and probably never will due to lack of a good reason (for myself) to do so.