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  1. Darkhero

    Doom versions with co-op

    Yes I hear about it too. I have never seen.
  2. Darkhero

    Questions About Master Levels...

    another Question I hear Id software, TeamTNT. Use some rejected maps for The ultimate Doom, Plutonia and TNT... Which maps are they?
  3. Darkhero

    Questions About Master Levels...

    I have visited this site before but... Thank you very much It will be helpfull for someone else.. Thank you Very Much DoomGater. I have Sverre Andre Kvernmo on a lot of wads... I will love Play them together on a single wad.
  4. If You can answer me Whit Your own words, will be better... I know there is a lot of rejacted levels from the Master Levels for doom II... I only I find 7 of them... Chris Klie Device One, The C.P.U., The D.M.Z., The Enemy Inside, The Fury, The Hive Tom Mustine. TWM01 My question Is There is other Levels... Where they Finish I hear some levels was on Final doom..
  5. Darkhero

    So, how old are you ?

    I was always Ultra-Violence too since BIRTH I'm 25 since janury... **
  6. Darkhero

    Over Two Hundred Dead In Brazilian Nightclub Fire

    Is very sad ... my condolences to their families ... ): apparently happens in all countries... until the perfect, great, powerful gods, JAPANESE PEOPLE" have had their accidents... I think everyone is free to express his opinion even they are trolls jokes... but I think it is cruel... anyway my condolences to their families Too... D: In my country, a similar accident happened too some years ago... It was one of most unfortunate accident of history of my country... and as always our government done nothing until today.
  7. Darkhero

    Finally beat epsode 2 of Doom!

    Is because we finish the game, once ,twice or more times. But there is a lot of doom based games or wads we have no play (official or not). and We need to play. :3 For example I have never play the master levels, and some days ago I buy them on steam. I've fallen in each trap the designers have put on my way. I can not believe it. by the way there is someone expert on phisical editions heretic here?.
  8. Darkhero

    Finally beat epsode 2 of Doom!

    I`m Very Happy to see new Gamers Playing this Beautiful game. Congratulations you beat this difficult episode!. try to be patient on episode 3 there is a lot of laberintic levels they are relly dificult. you will be beat relly soon. plese feel free to tell us your experiences in the game. I love to read them.
  9. Darkhero

    Play WADs on Your iOS Device

    please add suport to replace Base.ipak I will be really happy. the Icons that guy give you are Horribles. and there is a bug in Hacx the port detect it like doom1 based. Ex: game begin in e1m1.bsp instead map01.bsp
  10. Darkhero

    Things in Doom you've never done

    I've never... - do a level on a map editors - Played deathmatch - Gotten a playthrough time of 'Sucks.' - Killed a cyberdemon with 2 BFG shots (Wait it`s posible?..) - I have never try to play AV (I'll Never try it) - Never recorded a demo - Gibbs all and every one imps and humans on my way using berserker punch. - found all secrets on all IWAD levels
  11. Darkhero

    Do do lots of people hate D_RUNNIN?

    I don`t Know, I plays Doom 2 long time ago the Ost never boring me. and this one of my favourites songs It is legendary, it feels like a beginig of a long journey...For me... for exemple d2inter is really repetitive too but I really love it... my fabourites are d_countd, d_dead2, d_in_cit. ALL THE OST OF DOOM 2 IS GREAT...
  12. mmm I think the SpiderMasterMind is not really dificult to beat. when I defeated some year ago. I reamembered use the Baron of hell and the cacodemons aganst it as a distraction. while shooting him in the back. if you find the secret level on the episode 2 is the beter strategy you can use... well only if you loose all your weapons in another level level :p
  13. Darkhero

    Play WADs on Your iOS Device

    Can you add support for full access to Base folder too? I want to use for iTunes File Sharing and add my custom Icons... ¬°¬°Will be perfect!!... if you put any suport to replace the menu Icons too will be great... then I will Rate it... Please do it I will Really Thankfull..