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  1. PurpleMenace

    2 sectors megawad

    There was a demopack completed by Doomworld for 2sectors a few years back for which -fast runs were done for all the levels. You can find it on this page at the Speed Demos Archive.
  2. PurpleMenace

    Zone 300 demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP06 UV-Speed in 0:29 Not the most high-effort demo I've done, but I'm just not particularly grind-y today. z306-029.zip
  3. PurpleMenace

    Reverie demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP02 UV Speed in 0:47 Just downloaded this mappack recently and I'm really enjoying it. It's a shame it doesn't seem very UV-Speed friendly. :( The room with the three demons could've gone better but I'm good with this. rv02-047.zip
  4. PurpleMenace

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Interesting - I don't believe I've heard anyone make that criticism of E4 before. I've always considered Thy Flesh Consumed my favorite episode of Doom. The gameplay has an edge to it lacking in the rest of Doom 1/2 that makes it the most challenging yet rewarding to fight through, and I've always had a soft spot for the cold, isolating atmosphere of the marble/wood theme. I'd argue it's just as cohesive as E1, and certainly moreso than the schizophrenic Doom 2. I don't think the episode's problem is being slapped together with random maps - it all feels part of the same universe - but its sloppy arrangement. The difficulty progression is awful. Hell Beneath, the first mission, is the hardest level in the episode for all the wrong reasons (no health or ammo coupled with a bunch of barons) while the final two maps throw ammo and weapons at the player and are probably the easiest of the bunch. Sever the Wicked is just plain bad. I think Shawn Green got bored after making the outstanding outdoor section and cobbled together a bunch of empty rooms and hallways for the wooden fortress, then tossed darts at the map to determine item and monster placement. And why the hell is one secret marked nineteen times while two others are inaccessible?
  5. PurpleMenace

    What did scare you on doom when you were little?

    D_DEAD and, by extension, any map that used it. That foreboding tune, especially once I learned of MAP10's teleporting cyberdemon, immediately killed any enthusiasm I had for a level. Even now, my knowledge of Refueling Base and Suburbs is very poor. By the time I rediscovered Doom in my teens and was old enough to overcome my fear, I had moved on to the world of PWADs. The E1M4 maze has been mentioned here several times, so let me echo the consensus. The close combat and narrow hallways constituted an immediate IDCLIP to the yellow key for me. It certainly didn't help that I had a strong fear of demons back then.
  6. PurpleMenace

    So where does your username come from?

    It was a nickname my best friend gave me during a time I wore purple a lot. Kinda silly, but I prefer it to my old alias, DomRem. That was based off a compound word of my favorite video game (duh) and my favorite sports team (the St. Louis Rams). My 14 year-old self thought it'd sound cooler if I misspelled both into a new word, but most people just misread it as DoomRem.
  7. PurpleMenace

    Greatest ever speedrun?

    That's awesome to hear; I'm really honored. :) I've always meant to revisit that run eventually, since I hate uploading shoddy first exits, but it was so liberating to finally complete it. Guess the desync is just further motivation. And cursing me out is completely reasonable. I'm still trying to figure out why the hell I enjoy speedrunning so much. :P
  8. PurpleMenace

    Greatest ever speedrun?

    It really depends on the difficulty and optimality of the run you're going for. It'd seem logical that shorter demos would require less time, but since these runs are encompassed in such a small timeframe, improvements rely on precision movement and perfect monster cooperation. I usually find these runs particularly frustrating. I remember one grueling session on 2sectors MAP03. I spent several hours (three? four?) perfecting an 0:11 UV-Speed only to find out I was on the wrong compatibility level. When I tried replicating it on the correct setting, I could never come close. To this day, the longest effort I can remember spending on one demo was s227p153. When I first planned that run out, I didn't have the proper speedrunning skills to pull it off. It took a few months of on-and-off attempts before I made significant progress and finally got an exit. Of course, that demo desyncs in the second version of Scythe 2, so goes to show you how thankless the effort can be sometimes. :P
  9. PurpleMenace

    Whitemare demopack [-complevel 2]

    MAP02 UV Speed in 1:19 First 1:1x exit. I'm satisfied. wm02-119.zip
  10. PurpleMenace

    Whitemare demopack [-complevel 2]

    MAP10 UV Speed in 0:18 Came out looking a bit slow, but oh well. I really need to buy a cheap mouse and clean off my desk. :P wm10-018.zip