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  1. NicksplosionFX

    Doom's Alley (Hogan's Alley/DOOM mashup)

    Thanks man! I'm glad you like them! Stay Tuned for more great stuff...
  2. Hey Everyone! Check out my new DOOM mashup video! DOOM VS. Hogan's Alley Target practice is WAY easier with the BFG!!! http://youtu.be/UToNycRhggg Stay Tuned for more incredible mashups! -Nick-
  3. NicksplosionFX

    Doomed Duck Hunt - (Doom/Duck Hunt Mashup)

    Hey Everyone. I'm glad that you all liked my video ;) I've never seen that Duck Hunt arcade game in Doom before, but I've sen a lot of these, "Doom Hunt" Type videos before, it just seemed like no one really made one right.... any ideas for my next video?
  4. NicksplosionFX

    Doomed Duck Hunt - (Doom/Duck Hunt Mashup)

    I actually really want to do a Time Crisis type video. But, I want to make it a live action style Virtua Cop... or, what was that old arcade game with the gun.
  5. Doom monster take over Duck Hunt in this classic game mashup that I wish was REAL! http://youtu.be/U4g9au40In0 Let me know what you think! More Videos at: http://www.youtube.com/NicksplosionFX