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  1. MegaTurtleRex

    You cannot be serious

    It's a pity they might cancel it because NeilDegrasse is one of the best communicators out there. He has a better chance of reaching the theistic crowd than Dawkins or Krauss. edit\ I just read the joke-site report :P
  2. MegaTurtleRex

    No console

    Why would you want a course on sucking cock. Just ask your dad.
  3. MegaTurtleRex

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Whitemare 2

    MAP08: I really liked this map. It used a lot of higher tier enemies but wasn't particularly difficult on HMP, rewarding though. Very detailed map too, it looked really nice. Especially the boss area, the transition towards it was really cool. How do you get 102% kills O_0? Is it a typo or some oddity of Doom?
  4. MegaTurtleRex

    Your favorite console based FPS?

    Hmm Goldeneye 64 and Perfect Dark are definitely hard to forget for their multiplayer. For singleplayer I would have to choose between Turok and Halo. The Turok 64 series has really nice animations and blood effects:
  5. MegaTurtleRex

    Ultimate Warrior dead at 54

    Yeah I wonder, it's the first thing I think of but steroid users can go on to live to an old age. Heart disease tends to strike around the 40s-50s so it can be unrelated.
  6. I do agree that there's nothing inherently bad about rail shooters. RAGE is one of the few rail shooters that avoids strangling the player with endless scripted sequences and cutscenes for example. The problem with modern shooters covers a number of issues: lack of player driven pace, reliance on hit-scan weapons, over-abundance of scripted sequences and cutscenes, uninteresting or unrewarding environments, and steps backwards in feedback (lack of gore, goofy physics). Generally speaking, the shooters that had exploration were created prior to the problematic trends I listed above, so people will look back on them favourably and, I assume, attribute their nostalgia to one or two easily identifiable qualities, such as exploration. FPS isn't the only genre struggling with past glories: RPGs, Strategy Games (4X, TBS, RTS), platformers, MMORPGs; all seem to have a dissatisfied older playerbase who have an ideal prototype (like Master of Magic for example).
  7. MegaTurtleRex

    Employee Engagement

    I did a variety of labour and hated it enough to enter university. You need the right attitude for certain jobs, the people who I saw successfully make a living out of factory work were the ones who created a happy environment for themselves and their co-workers.
  8. MegaTurtleRex

    Difficulty levels of computer games

    Yeah I really dislike quicksave, kills any tension the game might have for me. Growing up with console games I'm used to pretty bad checkpoints, or in Resident Evil's case sparse save options.
  9. Yes but that is bad design and not inherent to exploration.
  10. MegaTurtleRex

    Myst discussion.

    I was into the genre as a kid but played The Secret of Monkey Island and really all the other Lucas Arts gems of the time. Myst was very strange, one of those quiet and solitary first person adventures. If you like those try and find S.P.Q.R The Empire's Darkest Hour.
  11. But that is like porn without masturbation, how do you people function.
  12. MegaTurtleRex

    Reasons not to tip

    I wouldn't. I would fart on his food instead, bare bottomed.
  13. No, there's a flaw in the design of those two objectives. Think of a series like Shenmue, it throws you into a city like Hong Kong with very vague directions (a hand written note with the name of an apartment). However it gives you the tools to make finding the apartments possible, by asking people and searching for maps, here exploration becomes fun. There is nothing inherently boring or fun about exploration, it's the execution behind it that matters.
  14. MegaTurtleRex

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Whitemare 2

    MAP07: This map was pretty challenging for me, I had to use saves :( The chaingunner guarding the plasma gun shot my butt right up, then all those spiders... ouch. Nice looking map and the chapel area was fun.