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    2. Danarchy


      There isn't any cell shading in those screenshots, except maybe on that giant dinosaur. Either that, or its really good cell-shading.

    3. Piezo


      Oh God damnit. I didn't even like the first one. It was hailed as the sequal to Super Mario RPG, but all it was was a ripoff of SMRPG. Paper Mario 1 was lame and I can't imagine a second one would be any better.

    4. ShadowRunner


      Super mario rpg(Holds cartridge that still works), man was that one kickass game that surprised us. Paper mario kinda disappointed me a bit after being called a sequel, But Paper mario 2 can do pretty good in the long run.

      Super mario rpg 2:Smithy's Revenge!

      I've had this idea for a while. And it is possible to continue a game from 1996.