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  1. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    MAP17: 64Lemons First part of this map was easy enough but I got cooked by the segment opening up cybers one by one as I ran out of ammo, wasn't 2-shotting enough cybers earlier in the map I suppose. Even after cheating to give myself from more cells I couldn't figure out how to crack the AV hordes. Can't say it looked like there was anything too interesting after that to miss though.
  2. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    MAP17: Stares I'm assuming this is another 100 Lines submission, given the architectural simplicity (even for ToD), relative shortness and the fact I have some inkling of familiarity with it. The start is by far the roughest part, running forward to grab the RL and then dealing with the AV without getting blasted in the back by revenant missiles. Helps if you don't go too far forward and release the imp horde. After that, it's pretty easy to hole up in one of the crevices on the side of the staircase, take out the imps, and then move onward to relative safety. After that it's basically 2-shotting cybers, getting cybers to infight AVs, and some other assorted sniper nests that aren't too much trouble. Had more trouble figuring out where to go actually (pushing on an unmarked black square wall for example). Some clever engine fuckery is used for the staircases to stay under the 100 lines limit, just... run up the stairs and don't try to backtrack lest you be stuck in a inescapable pit of HOM horrors.
  3. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Well, it took me a little while to even realize you could lower the columns just by pushing them (I was looking around for another switch for quite awhile, especially since the left-hand switch moves a dummy trigger located right behind it which I could hear, making me think I had to run over to it or something) and by that point the cybers had already started taking out quite a few revs so it seemed to make sense. I was still being quiet! If the intention is for the player to put themselves in harm's way and do a rocket flank with the cybers, then maybe the map should've been designed with a trigger to automatically lower the wall? It's not as if I actively went out of my way to run away and hide in a hole somewhere, or sat and door camped. You find it questionable and unfair to complain about me not playing the map as "intended", I find it equally questionable and unfair to claim that's the "intended" way to play and it's my fault for playing the map wrong, when there's nothing in the map that suggests that - the player is supposed to open up a fight early to make it more difficult on themselves?
  4. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    MAP16: Be Quiet 99% kills, 1/1 secret I love puzzles and I usually like platforming (within reason), so this appealed to me. That said... it's obviously designed to have the cybers carve through the revenant army pinned against the columns, and waiting for them to do this was pure tedium. I actually started just browsing my cell phone, occasionally looking over to make sure the kill counter was still going up, until I heard the third cyberdemon expire. I cannot in any way claim that this is good gameplay (at least when I circle-strafing 300 cybers like in last map I'm actually playing the game even if it's equally tedious). The ending area with the two Viles and non-intuitive lowerable wall also feel pointless. But, cool puzzle nonetheless. I'm not understand what you're saying here? You can just close the door from the inside or let it close on its own, and shoot the two shootable switches without waking up the revenants.
  5. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    MAP15: Drown In Blood The first large section is certainly striking, with its huge ceiling, even despite the overly blocky design. And holy shit that's a lot of cyberdemons (something of a theme for this map)... took me awhile to finally find the teleporter out of here. Then comes the longest shoot-switch puzzle ever. The next section with keys is pretty easy, and the co-op origins that GoS mentioned is apparent here. I quite liked the next section, lots of good cyberdemon fighting in closer quarters. The AV/arachnatron section is just tedium, slowly whittling the hordes away from behind the safety of columns and block monster lines... the worst sort of cover shooting. Got partway through the staircase hallway and holy shit there's so many monsters I gave up, just can't commit to a grind like this. Looking at the automap seems there's still three sections after this, too, jeez. Might need a sabbatical from Doom after this one, can only kill so many cyberdemons...
  6. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    MAP14: Split Wide Open 98% kills Aesthetically I'm split (ha) on how to feel about this one, on one hand I think the bright and bold colors separating the shapes is actually quite helpful for the style of gameplay, on the other hand some of the texture choices are ugly as fuck, no way around it (such as the pillars with the unaligned exit doors). I liked being able to quietly creep up to the supplies at the start, and after that it's basically just BFG spam for the rest of the map. Did have a bit of trouble early on since supplies are actually a bit scant - if you're not 2-shotting the cybers you can run out of cells, and sometimes I'd get low on health after a battle but have hitscanners in the way to the next megasphere. The final area is overloaded with supplies though and it's not really tough at all (once you know the viles will pop out of the columns that is).
  7. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Okay, so the yellow key is on the map (unsurprisingly in the secret I missed) but that doesn't explain 1) why there's two red keys and 2) why the yellow key is there at all since all it does is unlock a door already opened from the other side and a box with a SMM in it? I suppose the latter could be deemed a "secret boss fight" but feels rather pointless given, well, the rest of the map.
  8. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Fallen way behind too so might as well just chime in on schedule if possible. MAP13: Castle Lava 71% kills, 0/1 secret Thought this might be a relatively quicker one at "only" 1500 monsters but it sure is grindy with a lot of meat packed into relatively small areas. The first part is easy-peasy but I reached a dead halt when I came to the revenant swarm at the top of the staircase... BFG just isn't a great weapon to fight them with since to maximize its damage output you need to stay in sight of the monsters, and you don't wanna do that with revenants, much better to have a fire-and-forget weapon like the RL, which is very ammo-limited in this map. So I admittedly IDDQD'd my way through that swarm. Next parts are a bit more fun, since there's a lot of monster intermixing (and a surprise cyber teleport or two) but it's still very much a big hallway with BFG spamming. Only thing that made it interesting was that the cells are often in front of you so you'll either need to be careful with your ammo or risk running ahead to pick up some before returning to safety. After slowly dredging my way through the absolute tedium of the hell knight herd, I found the red key at top the baron pyramid, which lets you leave the level and ignore the last third or so. I IDDQD'd through the last third just to check it out and it just ends with another red key? I can't help but wonder if the keys on this level got misplaced. Never found the yellow key, but there's really no point to it either so...?
  9. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Think I'll be skipping the gargantuan maps and sticking with the shorter ones for now... MAP04: Rosewater Park 97% kills, 3/5 secrets This one's pretty decent, and much more of the 'line enemies up in a hallway and hold the trigger' variety of slaughter, but not without some tricks. I enjoyed using the cyberdemons behind you at the start first to clear the army of chaingunners, and then to help take out the AV squad that teleports in. After that was a run up to the imp army, which takes a nice bit of dancing if you've only got the RL and didn't take the AV jump shortcut to the BFG. There's also a couple of pain elementals there just to make your life hell by spitting souls in your face so you can Good At Doom yourself. Nice trick with using the arachnatrons as a temporary wall too to hold back the revenants at first. I also liked being able to climb around the various hedges searching for the secrets, though I'm not sure what causes the blue key to eventually lower and it took me quite awhile to get it (killing the cyberdemons on the moving lifts is a bit tedious). Once I finally did, it was off to the BFG and heroically fighting the huge revenant swarm and cyberdemon buddies by hiding in the upper left corner of the map to cause infighting. Haven't played Silent Hill so the recreation was lost on me, but it does look pretty nice considering the square-ishness of it. Fun map, frustration with the blue key aside.
  10. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Alright, time to start making some attempts, even though it is a bad month for me. I didn't realize some of these maps were so frigging long unfortunately. Skipping MAP01 for now at least. MAP02: Castle of the Damned 12% kills, 2/3 secrets Huh, this one also has difficulty settings... chaingunners/one rev at HMP or lower, revs/one cyber at UV. How many of these levels actually do have difficulty settings? So, right off the bat, it's easy to notice that item-wise there's some obtuse progression here which I'm not a fan of. After trying to run past everything 'normally' a couple times I decided to try the secret passage instead, so, already requires a very strong eye or remembering the second level of a game from 20 years ago. Then even when you find the megasphere you need to take a dip into the water to actually pick up all the weapons. BFG requires pushing a torch. I know that replaying a map multiple times to learn it so you can beat it is sort of part and parcel for these styles of maps, but needing to play a few times just to learn the progression before even thinking about strategy and such for the encounters feels unnecessary to me. So, arsenal in hand, I went about clearing the rest of the main level. I never really have bothered two-shotting cybers before, but it's pretty much necessary here, and it does make for some good practice. The one thing that throws me off is that old quirk about the invisible BFG damage coming from the direction you're facing when you pull the trigger, so if you make a quick 90 degree turn around a corner to blast the cyber you'll waste most of the damage, for example. Anyways, after 2-shotting all the cybers I ran out of BFG juice on the one immediately behind the blue key door (couldn't figure out how to reach the cells near the teleporter), only to be greeted by 3 more cybers and some AVs, so, at that point just ran to the end and took the lava bath exit.
  11. As Memfis mentioned, MAP01 of ESP does have difficulty settings (the map has 333 enemies on HNTR and HMP, 2000+ on UV) but I think that's it.
  12. I intend to give the levels a whirl, but being realistic I think it's very likely I won't be able to actually complete most (any?) of them. But I am looking forward to seeing what others write and demo here for it, so it's not a complete "I'm outta here, see you in a month" vote from me in the end, which is at least how I came to justify it. I agree with you that it is counter to the concept of the DWMC to vote for something with the intent to not play it, but there seem to be enough people who want to play it (and not just the usual "show up, vote for ESP, never play anything else when it doesn't win" suspects) that I don't think the Club will be a ghost town for a month.
  13. Same here, I tried playing a bit of MAP02 and gave up partway through and haven't felt the desire to go back since. Considering voting for ESP just to get the month off.
  14. Ok, guess we're moving onto Realm of Shades, though it isn't the 22nd here yet... MAP01 98% kills, 3/4 secrets Yup definitely a lot of that old-school PWAD weirdness, for better or worse. In a way it's a bit refreshing, at least for the first section. The second half tilted a bit too much to the 'did not like' design with the huge open area (filled with PEs no less). Despite the huge glut of monsters slammed into the tiny space it's actually not very difficult, thanks to the layout providing plenty of cover and windows to hide behind. The most dangerous bit was taking that long elevator out of the sludge, first time I had my SSG out instead of the chaingun and got pinned by the mass of monsters waiting at the top. Texturing is pretty random and relatively ugly, as expected.