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  1. +++ Mayhem '16 and Dimension of the Boomed´╗┐
  2. MAP09: The Palace 100% kills, 10/10 secrets I definitely concur that this could easily just be The Fort III, just browner and a bit more compact, thankfully. A bit less on the spaghetti corridors and pointless rooms makes it play better than The Fort maps IMO. The red key room was a big downer for me though, it's far too large and fighting the chaingunners (at both ends!) is a pain. It is rather fun to run down those long staircases in the west at warp speed though. MAP10: Hardware 100% kills, 0/1 secret Suddenly thrust straight into star/techbase land, away from the more stone/wood alien structures. Maybe the aliens have their techbases too, I dunno. I like the interesting layout of the rooms at the start, but past that there's nothing very interesting and the combat is absolutely piddly (really poor usage of demons/spectres as usual). MAP11: Software 100% kills, 1/2 secrets Again I'll follow the consensus here and say this is easily the best map of the WAD so far. The scale is small and finally feels appropriate for Doom, and the level is much more kinetic, with lots of reveals as it unfolds (the 'door' sliding down to reveal the revenant near the green armor caught me by surprise good) that keep things moving. It's still nothing hard but at least it's fun to blast through as opposed to feeling like clean-up work.
  3. MAP08: Focus 100% kills, no map secrets (No, not The Focus, just ... focus!) Another "blink and you'll miss it" type map, with a few squarish, symmetrical areas and nothing much of note, aside from the really fucking annoying chaingunners hidden behind the false walls. Hate that shit, really easy to get ripped apart and not be sure where you're supposed to aim at. At least some of the lighting/detailing is nice, especially those burning barrel light sources near the start, but that's about it.
  4. MAP07: The Church 100% kills, 0/2 secrets I disagree with Capellan, this is still very much a Dead Simple remix to me, albeit with a bit more at the start looping around the central area where the manc + 'tron battles are. But once you clear out the riff-raff at the start it's fighting a bunch of mancs in a box, then the walls lower and you fight a bunch of 'trons. And it's actually worse than Dead Simple because the map practically begs you to sit and door camp, whittling down the monsters instead of actually running around dodging.
  5. MAP06: The Fort - II 100% kills, 2/3 secrets Not exactly the map I wanted to replay in reverse, but it feels a bit better than last one because 1) the monsters will wake up and wander around the level, opening several of the doors for you, and 2) more monster density so you can let loose a bit more. Health is doled out like an opiate-prescribing sleazy doctor, so losing a chunk here or there to a bad hitscanner encounter isn't the end of the world. Took me way too long to find what the switch behind the blue door opened up though...
  6. MAP05: The Fort - I 91% kills, 4/7 secrets Door! Hallway! Door! Hallway! Door! Square room! Door! Hallway! Door! Hallway! Door! Pointless room! Door! Hallway! Room! Repeat! That actually reminds me of one of my earliest experiences with DnD where a friend (DMing for his first time) used a campaign he found online. It consisted of us entering an empty room, poring over it ("do I notice anything interesting about the walls?" "no") and then moving down the next room and doing the same. Halfway through he finally said "okay, if you guys want to actually fight something, I'll just move you to that room". That's how I felt playing this map.
  7. MAP04: The Chapel 97% kills, 2/3 secrets If you were getting bored of the open, desolate maps this one turns the tide by squeezing a bunch of small fry enemies into close quarters. Nothing a little buckshot can't fix (or the ample amount given in this level for that matter). It's a bit too room-hallway-room-hallway for my tastes, and as Capellan says it ends just when it starts getting going. There's some deep water tricks done here but they're barely noticeable, not even worth the mapper's time including IMO.
  8. MAP03: The Cliff Top Fort 99% kills, 4/4 secrets The progression in this one is absolutely atrocious, bordering on those old adventure games of obscureness. I had cleared a large part of the level, finding key door after key door after key door with no actual keys, before finally looking at the silo at the right time and noticing one side was blinking differently than the others... yup, blue key in a secret in a fake wall, what fun. At that point it was fairly smooth sailing to get the yellow and red keys (despite being hidden in more 'secrets') but figuring out what to do with the red key also gave me some trouble. Start humping those walls for hidden switches or fake walls! Combine that with underwhelming design (maybe the curved areas had to be so plain because of having so many linedefs to make the curves? I dunno) and other weird bits (why so many invisible minimap walls?) and yeah, this one is pretty dire.
  9. Onward to The Talosian Incident! MAP01: The Transport 0% kills, 1/1 secret I certainly have no problem starting off with a monsterless, atmosphere-driven map, and I do like the lighting and music (Capellan, no music? What's wrong with you??) The areas are recognizable enough (kitchen, beds, armory, bridge, reactor) though I do wish there was a bit more detail going on, or at least more sign the ship was beat up. No idea what the revenant is supposed to be. MAP02: Desolation 94% kills, 0/1 secret Gonna play continuous, if the armory in the empty first level is any indication. Another one which I think garners a lot of atmosphere from the music, which would fit perfectly for any sort of sci-fi movie where the protagonist crash-lands on a strange alien planet and has to hoof it across some desolate areas. On its own, visually it's not much, but does just enough to get the job done. Combat here is forgettable. The dark tunnel is kinda cool though, I agree.
  10. Magnusblitz

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    Not sure what to add to spruce up MAP02. Maybe a chaingun + big swarms of zombiemen to carve through, or a berserk + swarm of pinkie demons? I'm thinking just something to use the hallways, let the player run around and worry about being hit from flanking monsters. As far as MAP04 is concerned, I do agree that it feels a bit too much like a reskin of the original Catacombs. If someone else like AD_79 wants to take a whirl, be my guest, since I can't say when I'll be able to sit down and draw up a new map.
  11. MAP08: Star Control 100% kills, 3/4 secrets Another shift in theme, this time to a techbase. Does a good job feeling different room-wise as well, with more large open areas and such. Lots of KTITD-style bits too like a computer maze and being able to go outside into a Phobosian brown area. I really liked the central room with the yellow key lift, gave me some Dark Forces vibes. Unfortunately there's no real ramp up in combat, as it's still single shotty/chaingun against small fry monsters for the most part. Lots of cells scattered about but no weapon to use them with. MAP09: Deliverence? A (close to) one-room IoS, looks like it's in a cage at first but the rocket splash can still hit the Romero head. Whatever.
  12. MAP07: Three-O-Matic 100% kills, 4/4 secrets This one was a huge slog to play through on pistol start, really needed the SSG or more rockets to make things fun. I was definitely glad I saved a couple rockets for the surprise AV duo, otherwise that fight would've been a huge pain in the ass. Really contemplating switching to continuous for this WAD just so I don't have to play with the popgun so much. I like the less linear layout of this map, but that's about it, none of the traps or other parts really spoke to me. Points for not being Dead Simple at least (and still using the special tag).
  13. MAP06: Deep Down Below 100% kills, 2/5 secrets What I wrote back in 2015: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1343357 I suppose my feelings are pretty much the same, though the novelty of the switchhunt and resulting level moving around doesn't stand out as much since the other levels have the same thing (I do still like it, but, not worth noting). The red key keep away game still amuses. Even less opposition than the last few maps, everything is a pinkie demon or smaller until you reach the red key, and even that is just a couple cacos on the red key, one marine zombie, the baron duo at the end, and a PE in a secret.
  14. MAP04: Going Down 100% kills, 1/2 secrets Not much to say about this one, as the author remains consistent in the design notes so far, but this one definitely has less bite than the last couple maps. No SSG at all, but the encounters are pretty easy, so beefier weaponry only would've helped avoid the boredom of taking out lone mid-tier enemies like the manc in the middle of the map or the baron at the end. Still, could've used a berserk or chainsaw, especially for the boring demon/spectre placement. Only found the backpack secret at the very end, also useless for pistol starters. Most dangerous thing in the map was that inescapable death pit with the blue key in it. :P MAP05: Underground Temple 97% kills, 0/3 secrets This one starts out positively, both because we get an SSG at the start and also because we have escaped the tyranny of brown. Ammo shortage was actually worse than health, I think I just lucked out in the combat for the most part, as there's still no non-secret armor. Only death was due to the AV, it ran away from me so I moved forward to hit him, picked up the blue key and made all my cover evaporate. The opening room filling up with blood was cool, though I'd also bet a lot of players missed it (I myself only noticed it because I saw the empty trench at the level's start).
  15. MAP02: Intrusion 100% kills, 1/3 secrets It's brown and blocky, but the gameplay is a lot more invigorating than the equally brown and blocky 99 Ways, which makes all the difference. Lack of armor and some dangerous placement of hitscanners means your health can get chunked with nary a moment's notice, though thankfully there's a lot of medkits lying around so you can refill between fights and not feel the sting of attrition as the level goes on. I do think the level withheld the SSG a bit longer than I would've liked (the soulsphere trap and following encounters were a bit sloggy with single shotgun) and I wasn't a fan of the demon/spectre placements, but overall the level works. I do like that the level is constructed with a lot of hidden walls and staircases, which helps infuse a good sense of surprise since you're never quite sure how the next part of the level will open up or proceed. MAP03: Simply Dead... 100% kills, 5/5 secrets A lot of the design points of last map reappear here, just more intensely. Still shotgun/chaingun work against mainly lower-tier monsters with a few mancs and barons thrown in, still lots of brown boxes, and still lack of armor. The lack of armor/cover combined with chaingunners starts to border on annoying, especially the ones that repopulate the red key room. The blue key trap is also likely death if you hadn't found the blue armor yet (I hadn't) or expecting it, those troopers are painful. What can I say, lots and lots of savescumming on my part. The baron duo at the end feels like an encounter that hasn't aged well since 1996, I hope that's not indicative of monster placement later on.