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  1. MAP17: Unholy Crypt 100% kills, 5/5 secrets A quest to find a rocket launcher so you can suicide exit in peace! Ok, not really, but seeing the exit teleporter tantalizingly close, unreachable only due to Doomguy's Mance Rayderian refusal to bend his knees even slightly... couldn't help but think it. In any event, this is a fun level, if one that will likely prove a bit forgettable down the road. A pretty linear path with some good ambushes, and also some filler monsters in-between. The secrets were right at the perfect difficulty for me, I found a couple naturally and went back and found the rest after. While the texture scheme is a little too varied for my tastes, I did really like the use of unreachable waterfall areas to make the rooms seem larger than they were and add some detail.
  2. Oops, that's what I get for not checking... MAP16: Gambit 100% kills, 3/3 secrets Fun map here. Things start small scale, with lots of hitscanners, imps, pinkies and revs, but only a shotgun and chaingun to combat them with. As you start to acquire more weaponry, bigger baddies show up. Despite the relatively small footprint there's a lot of enemies, over 200 on UV, so plenty of blood without feeling like a slog. Some fun ambushes here, mainly with hordes of unexpected revenants, such as the yellow key ambush and the yellow switch ambush (great use of the chaingunners there). Though Galileo makes another good point that the one on the yellow key probably triggers a bit too early - player should have the chance to go for the plasma gun, it feels oddly unprotected given the corpses leading to it. Things are a bit simplistic aesthetically, but it still looks nice.
  3. MAP31: Cyberdemon Vertigo 93% kills, 1/1 secret A homage to "Cyberden" of sorts, unfortunately having multiple cyberdemons in a map isn't too out of the ordinary at this point in time so the map seems somewhat unremarkable by today's standards. The bugs (I also got the door in the west that wouldn't open) are unfortunately rather glaring, and I also didn't have enough ammo to kill the last couple cyberdemons, far from the experience galileo had. Maybe I'm just much more wasteful with my cells...? MAP32: Go @ It 91% kills, 1/2 secrets Didn't run out of ammo on this one! Pretty fun for the most part, lots of opportunities for infighting and some good gotcha moments with AVs. Though I felt like I had to clear out that red key room a few too many times, and I admittedly sorta lost interest when I got to the final section and found it full of so many cyberdemons. Ran my way past them, which took a few attempts admittedly. Like Salt-Man Z I also made the mistake of retreating from the baron/PE combo and got locked in by the blue bars, luckily I still had enough ammo to clear out enough meat to claw back in.
  4. MAP15: Enigma Helix 100% kills, 2/8* secrets At almost 500 monsters this is a big one, lots of dangerous ones too, no big room of 100 zombiemen or imps to pad the stats. I admit things sort of gave me a bit of a sour taste in my mouth from the get-go, with the unnecessary pop-up ambush in the very first room (why not just have monsters standing there at the start?) and some frustration in figuring out where to go. While it's still a good map with a clear amount of care and effort, I do agree with Xaser's own self-evaluation that it's a bit disjointed, as I think there's certainly more switch-flipping and fiddly bits than necessary. My favorite part is probably the titular Helix, with the AVs pushing the player to run ahead - I also liked it because I was saying "there better be a fucking rocket launcher this way" and lo and behold there was. Jumping out of the tower is a treat too. I do feel like the middle combat in the map is a bit sloggy, as there's a lot of mid-tier meat to clear out with the SSG, but it could just be me. I really liked the final fight by the blue door that lead to the end, great way to have the layout open up and throw a lot of varied monsters at the player from different angles. I admittedly had a lot of trouble with the secrets, only finding 2 on my own (a soulsphere and the invulnerabilty sphere), not being able to find the secret exit. I mean, I could see it, and I figured where the doorway was, but not how to reach it - hitting the unmarked wall to walk over the candle would never have occurred to me. The way the staircase reverses to reach the teleporter is pretty cool though. So yeah, it's not perfect, but still an impressive map. Aesthetically I agree with gaspe, though I tend to hate the dark brown/red color scheme in general, regardless of map length. Also, the MIDI has a very annoying chip at the very end of it that becomes quite noticeable as the map takes so long to complete, so you'll hear it plenty.
  5. MAP14: Undertaker 81% kills, 1/3 secrets Short but bloody map here. It's got a relatively straight-forward nature, once past the initial ambush it's pretty much shooting gallery mixed with a couple arena fights, the latter I mostly skipped as it didn't look like much fun without a cyberdemon to infight with. The final ambush also begs to be skipped. I enjoyed it overall though, I think having a large amount of rockets and cells makes all the difference.
  6. Plutonia is full of IWAD layout/design re-uses, so you can't just single out one map for that. MAP21 "Slayer" is Doom II's MAP11. The start of MAP12 "Speed" is E3M1 and the start of MAP19 "NME" is E2M1. And so on and so forth...
  7. MAP13: Slaughter Zone 92% kills, 2/3 secrets Certainly fills a bit like a break map between larger ones, but that's a good thing in my book. It is a bit non-descript though. The most interesting part for me is the three-tier designed, which isn't really used to it's fullest potential - most of the time you'll be on the middle tier, as the top one only has the keys and the blood only has some powerups, no real reason to go into it otherwise. My favorite fight probably would've been the pincer teleport ambush on the west side staircase leading to the blue key, but the map de-fangs itself by having a block monster line at the top of the staircase, making it trivial to take out the monsters behind from safety before moving onto the guys up top. The monsters thrown on the walkway below feel rather pointless (why pinkies where they can't reach the player?). Unfortunately the end of the map proved unbeatable as I didn't find that last secret with the plasma gun, so I literally ran out of ammo (except for the 100 unusable cells) and still had an AV, three cacos and some zombies to kill. Yeah, that ain't happening with only melee weapons! At least not with this layout. So, just ran to the exit. Really could've used more rocket ammo IMO.
  8. MAP12: Velocity 100% kills, 2/2 secrets Another homage that was lost on me as I didn't remember "Speed", but went back and played it after playing Velocity, and I think overall I prefer this iteration more. Easier to figure out where to go, a bit more room to move, and I like the cyberdemon setup more (especially being able to telefrag them). The teleporting AVs by the BFG are indeed terrible though, I think I died around 10 times on that before I finally got lucky and one of them decided to walk around long enough for me to stunlock the other with the plasma gun and not die. I think the cubbies needed to be a bit larger to allow the player a better chance of hiding. Aside from that though, pretty fun, does a good job of using Speed's E4-style aesthetic and IWADish abstract design.
  9. MAP11: Will You Be My NME? 98% kills, 0/3 secrets Given the name I thought it was going to be an NME homage (thankfully it isn't) and then I was going to say it's an interesting new spin on Hunted, though it's really a homage to Arch-Violence from Plutonia 2, which I hadn't played before (looks like I stopped playing right before that level in the DWMC playthrough). While I like Hunted (and Arch-Violence, having now played it) a lot, I didn't like this one as much. Scaling up the architecture is impressive, but the gameplay felt awfully repetitive to me. Not just the AVs... but pretty 90% of the map felt like "take out chaingunner snipers, walk into a room to get the mancs and revs infighting, then trigger the AV and kill it" repeated room by room. Whereas Hunted had the interesting maze layout and Arch-Violence has some very nicely unique areas (especially the upside-down area), this one pretty much shows off everything it has architecturally in the first minute. The Spiderminds inject some much-needed variety into the end, but then another problem caught up with me, lack of supplies. I killed the first one with 6% health remaining so got to kill the second one by sitting back at the end of the hallway throwing plasma and ducking out whenever it looked at me.
  10. MAP10: Bloodbath 100% kills, 2/3 secrets Well the name is apt, with lots of monsters packed into a relatively small amount of real estate. I found the start to be a bit boring, as you need to clear out most of the monsters outside (especially the cacos) with just an SSG and a small amount of rockets, so you pretty much need to wait for them to come to you. The starting area keeps the player pretty well protected so there's no real danger while you thin out the crowd. The yellow key fight is instapop nonsense. There's a nice swarm on the red key, which I ended up fighting from where the blue key was, abusing the doorway in what is probably the coward's way out. I think this map overdid it on the AVs, specifically the ones in the key switch cubbies could've been left out.
  11. MAP09: Ruined Kingdom 100% kills, 3/3 secrets I like the peaceful setting at the start, and the dual AV fight at the beginning is nicely designed. Unfortunately I didn't like the rest of the map as much - the (completely untelepgraphed IMO) instapop rocket launcher trap soured me, and the map is very extremely linear. Worse than being linear though is how the monster are usually arrayed shooting gallery style - one way into the room or hallway, with the monsters being unable to move, basically necessitating the player door camping. I was able to have a bit of fun with the blue key room (running in and hitting the switch to release the mancs, and then let them clear out the revs for me) but the red key room is really a lesson in tedium with the hellknights, cacos and player having nowhere to move. A few more lame instapop traps and shooting galleries for good measure and its over. I don't remember Plutonia too well so I loaded up "Realm" after playing this one and wow-ee a lot of this map is homage bordering on rip-off. Thankfully there's some parts of it's own to it as well (the two key wings), and some I'd say is a good improvement (the double AV fight beats double barons any day), but still. I guess I would've expected the AV pop at the very end had I remembered Realm, but the first two instapop traps are still lame.
  12. MAP08: Rules of Death 100% kills, 3/3 secrets I like the way the map opens up at the start - it's certainly different from the player's expectation (KDITD-style small room with a door to open) but doesn't spring a rude trap on the player either, so it doesn't feel like a gotcha moment. And that certainly is a lot of hell knights, but I like the way this encounter was designed (running back gets you pinned and killed, and the secret helps win the day with a bit of searching). The cyberdemon at the very end was a bit lame by comparison.
  13. MAP07: Caughtisle 95% kills, 1/1 "secret" Took me a few tries to get my circle-strafing skills in order and avoid being splattered by the cybers, and then a few tries to avoid Good at Dooming myself on the arachnatrons teleporting in. The cacodemons really add nothing to the map except being ammo sinks, and I didn't have enough ammo left for the final AV.
  14. MAP06: Stony Halls 100% kills, 1/3 secrets Decent map if a bit... generic? Pretty easy to blast through, and while it's not nearly as room-hallway-room-hallwayish as the last map, it still feels like it there's a lot of medium-sized boxy rooms and doorway camping thanks to all the curved staircase mini-hallways. Enemy placement is a bit repetitive too, with lots of revs/mancs/hitscanners perched on ledges and other enemies on the ground floor. The first key ambush (one 'tron?) was underwhelming, but the last fight made up for it, though the block monster line made it a bit easy to cheese.
  15. MAP04: Emerald Pools 100% kills, 1/1 secret While the map uses a few tricks to hide it (using teleporters, the wrap-around staircase on the west end), this is very linear affair with no deviation allowed from the order of fights. But I do enjoy that the map is content to throw a bunch of middle-to-high tier enemies against you and then provide you with plenty of high-end weaponry to take them out. Not really difficult at all (most of the fights are fought from one direction) but still fun, and for an early mapslot perfectly acceptable. Sometimes you just wanna stand in a corridor and hold the trigger down on the rocket launcher, ya know? MAP05: That Flooded Place 100% kills, 1/2 secrets As others have pointed out, the layout of this one is very Wolf3D, basically box room after box room connected with orthogonal corridors. It looks fine aesthetically as a lot of work has been done to spruce up those hallways and rooms, so it's not that bad, but it does make for a pretty tame affair (I ended up looping around the whole level and clearing out all the hallways before doing any of the key fights). Maybe it's a mite over-detailed as there's certainly points to get snagged on the walls. The blue key and red key ambushes were decent fun, though the latter is a bit undermined by the 'trick' of clearing the baron bodies away from where the AVs teleport in isn't really telegraphed at all and requires a second try.