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  1. MAP03: Binary Compound 100% kills, 1/3 secrets An okay, unassuming little map, pretty linear but with some discrete chunks so it doesn't feel too bad. I also liked the use of the outdoor area to break things up, adds some variety to the level without feeling out of place. Combat was a bit uninspired though, and ending with the three hell knights was an especially dull affair. Only found the one jokey secret (lone armor bonus) unfortunately.
  2. On to The Darkening 2! MAP01: Outpost Mortem 100% kills, 2/2 secrets This is definitely a step-up from the cramped spaces of the last set, with a large vista at the start and a not-small techbase to explore. I like exploratory maps so this was right up my alley, had fun figuring out how to reach certain areas (the blue key in particular). I also liked having the non-required yellow key. The right side of the map in particular is a nice snarl of inter-connectedness. I also liked the ammo starvation element, though I spied the shells and three sergeants on the east end from outdoors, so I knew pretty much the direction to head when I got inside the base. Other than that, combat is pretty uneventful, as is typical for a MAP01, though bonus points for including the berserk pack. Only things I didn't care for was the music (or at least the part with the sharp staccatos...the rest is good), and the exit catching me by surprise, but that's my own fault for not noticing the custom EXIT sign above. Fun map all around. MAP02: Biotech Terror 100% kills, no map secrets Back to the super-cramped spaces, this time with the gimmick being teleporting hordes. The first one can catch a pistol starter by surprise if they're a bit too slow to run for that chaingun, the latter don't do much unless you get sloppy with one of the hell knights or revenants in close quarters. There's a few annoyingly non-obvious bits of progression like the console switch by the blue key (originally thought this was a secret) and being able to lower the yellow key pole. Speaking of secrets, another demerit for not having any. Music is annoying here too.
  3. MAP11: Stone Tyrant 100% kills, 2/2 secrets A cyber battle with a bit of regular map beforehand as an appetizer; I agree with NMM that I found the prelude (or at least, the opening room... the side areas are nothings) more interesting than the actual cyberdemon battle, which is basically just in a big box. Or if you wanna be a jerk, abuse the ledges on the side. I actually got a bit annoyed at missing the RL until after killing the cyber and going back due to the non-standard lift texture, but I guess I can't blame the map too much, there's even a hell knight up there to call attention.
  4. MAP10: Underearth (Outpost) 100% kills, 0/1 secret A nice little underground base, and I'll agree with OrganGrinder's assessment that this one has a good sense of place, nailing the 'subterranean base' feel, despite the obvious Quake aesthetic. I really like that dimly-lit hallway stuffed with crates that connects the two halves of the map. Combat is a bit interesting, the first fight actually provides you with easy cover (the bars protect you quite well from the cacos and pain elementals) but the later ones will often create some uncomfortable experiences with having limited space to move but not wanting to move and release more monsters (releasing that AV by mistake the first time really cost me). Unfortunately the completely unmarked and abruptly-arriving exit was a bit of a mood killer, and it looks like the only secret is the top of an unreachable computer console, so this map is not without blemish. The music track reminds me of Duke3d, which both helps create an interesting theme, but also gives me some odd nostalgia-induced cognitive dissonance.
  5. MAP09: Military Complex 98% kills, 1/3 secrets I know KDITD has been done to death, but done well it still brings some joy to me, and this one does a good job of really capturing the feel, with stuff like the low-height doors, being able to see the nukage/outdoors through windows and slots, or the skylight in the main corridor. Unfortunately it all came to a grinding halt with the baron fight at the end, as I didn't have either of the secret weapons and basically had no choice but to run away. I finally ended up cracking open DB to figure out how to get the RL just so I could kill stuff, which wasn't fun. Put the RL in a normal spot so you can actually fight the meat and this level would've been near-perfect for me.
  6. MAP08: Discordia 100% kills, 3/5 secrets My immediate impression was the same others have reached - "oh joy, more tiny-ass brown corridors from the guy who gave us MAP03." I will say though that the actual combat kept me fairly entertained despite so many 64-wide corridors... a large part of that I think is the large use of hitscanners, who kinda make their own fun regardless of the layout, and then mixing them up with a few bits of 'shoot the hapless large monster' which feels cathartic after being ripped apart by bullets. The ammo balance feels very off to me, as there were two places I ran completely out of ammo. First was the demon/AV area, which is normally a monster combination I like, but it doesn't work here because there's no room to move, and mixing a resurrecting monster with ammo scarcity isn't a great idea. After a few re-tries I ended up needing to high-tail it to the key and ammo up on the boxes, which itself was annoying because of this motherfucker right here. Yes, the toughest enemy to defeat in this was a fucking, incorrectly-textured, foot-high box, because the way it's designed force you to basically make a diagonal jump onto a 16-wide area. While getting shot by imps. Ugh. The other area was later on near the Pain Elemental, but at least there were a bunch of hitscanner corpses nearby so it just became a game of being able to grab the ammo without getting killed, which actually was fun. After that you can find the secrets which makes the player hilariously overpowered so the rest of the map is over quickly. Despite all the brown the lighting is pretty well-done, and I'm okay with the use of the computer consoles here since they recur throughout. I think it would've been better if the very first console was required to open the door as a teaching moment, but overall it works.
  7. MAP07: Dead Simple II 100% kills, 3/3 secrets I think it takes some brashness to label a map "Dead Simple II" for a WAD made in 1999, surely there were hundreds upon hundreds of "Dead Simple II"s floating around five years after Doom II. That said, as Capellan points out, this one is surprisingly non-Dead Simple-ish, despite the name and start. In fact, except for killing mancs and arachnatrons, there's not much in common. Unfortunately part of that is because the combat is tepid as all get-out, I almost kinda wished for something more like the original (egad!) The trick with the coffin door is cool if also subtle and easily missed, and yeah, some weirdness with the extra secret sector around the red key and the pointless secret chaingun switch.
  8. MAP06: The Mines of Death 100% kills, no map secrets I hate myself so I decided to play this at 12 noon when sunlight bleeds through the edges of my blinds right next to my computer monitor, which makes it nearly impossible to see anything dark in Doom... but it actually wasn't that bad, thankfully, since the mines portion is pretty short. The whole level is pretty short, actually... if anything it might've ended too soon, I enjoyed it for the most part. Only thing I didn't really like was the slow trickle of enemies near the red key while the AV runs around and does AV stuff down below. Also the large group of enemies in the mine entrance that can't move because of the block monster line there. Three keys feel like a bit much (and the yellow one is right next to the door) but at least the weapon/monster order is done properly this time IMO unlike some of the last maps.
  9. MAP03: Entropia 100% kills, 1/2 secrets One boring long brown hallway crawl around a boringly empty brown courtyard. Pointless use of keys too, as they're often located only a room or two away from the door they open, which means they could've been replaced by a switch instead. The see-through cage door is cool though. MAP04: Relentless 100% kills, 2/2 secrets So far the most relentless thing has been how relentlessly brown everything is, though at least this one had some semi-interesting encounters and good traps. Definitely wasn't expecting a SMM this early, though I wished the imp horde alongside it came out quicker. Could've used the SSG earlier, there's a bit too much beef for my tastes to only use the single shotgun on. MAP05: Hand of Doom 100% kills, 4/4 secrets Yeah this one was not fun from a pistol start. Lots of chaingunner snipers + not much health + no armor = no bueno. Things get a bit better when you finally liberate a chaingun, but I still found myself camping corners a lot due to lack of supplies. There's some ammosink barons too (at least I was able to telefrag one). The layout is pretty interesting though despite the orthogonality, and hey, now we're up to using green in addition to brown.
  10. ZDoom, mouselook, no infinite tall things, UV, constant save/reload. MAP01: Scary 100% kills, 2/2 secrets Well, the first map lives up to the title, as this one is quite gloomy. Very brown too in that late-90s/early-2000s way that was in style then, and the map even uses some actual Quake assets. Gameplay-wise it's pretty linear, though there is a weird and rather unnecessary backtracking to get the blue key. All the goodies (armor/chaingun) are given at the end after the fight too, pointless. I do like the secrets though. Toughest part of the map are the shotgunners at the start, those guys hurt. MAP02: Bloody Hell 100% kills, 3/3 secrets A fun little map with a nice and bloody monster-to-acreage ratio... had plenty of fun blasting all the small fry, and that was even without finding the SSG until after everything was dead (would've been nice for the baron, but, it's only one baron thankfully). Still very brown but there's enough detailing to still keep things visually interesting. Good use of the invisibility sphere too. I do agree with NMM that the area behind the red door is actually a bit anticlimatic, imps in cubbie-holes don't do it for me. I am sorry to say I didn't even notice the fake 3D effect until gaspe pointed it out... wasted on me as I was having too much fun running around shooting stuff to stop and look up at the scenery.
  11. Kmxexii has short reviews of the IWADs on his site. The DW Megawad Club did a playthrough of The Ultimate Doom, none of the other ones yet though.
  12. Dobu that's a terrible misuse of an apostrophe in the pic you made, and to be honest, it makes me love you just a little bit less.
  13. MAP29: Oath of Darkness 100% kills, 1/1 "secret" I gave this one several tries but it proved to be a DNF on UV, partially because I kept getting bored/frustrated and running ahead to try and find better weaponry or a better hole-up place, only to find none and just make things worse. Eventually lowered it down to HNTR and played through on that, and it was much more manageable (since it feels like the author just cut the amount of monsters to 1/3). Also found where the RL was, though I think the map didn't have enough rockets and too many cells. In any event it's kinda a blah map, with the color palette of a hell knight, very square room design and pretty boring encounters. And again, no real secrets... seriously, how hard is it to just hide a soulsphere behind a waterfall or something? MAP30: 3 Hours of Agony 3 DNF Went back to UV, played this one through to the point where you get teleported to the first of the three switches you pull to kill the Icon, and promptly got rocketed in the face by a cyberdemon on the exit teleport. Fun. After that I finished it up with IDDQD on, which is good since I think the wall of meat behind the wall of cacodemons in the area after the arch-vile swarm beyond the two spiderminds would've broken me anyways. I actually like the central concept here of having three switches to reach to kill the Icon instead of the usual "find the elevator and slam rockets into its skull" but there's just waaaayy too much meat on this level to be fun for me. Not a fan of anything I need to play trial-and-error to figure out first, I've got enough stuff to do. Demtor: There's a backpack in the very first area, in the little pit with the armor bonuses near the first baron.
  14. MAP28: VĂ©ro 100% kills, 3/3 secrets My thoughts largely echo Demtor's, I found this to be a nice little cave adventure, with some good weapon progression (chainsaw start, then chaingun, plasma gun, BFG, with no shotgun or RL!) Didn't really feel the absence of either, to be honest (though monster infighting largely helped whittle down some of the bigger hordes that might've otherwise felt like a chore with just the chaingun). The fight that gave me trouble was the plasma gun one, really need to get lucky with the AV pathing on that one. Managed to get past the final fight on the first try too, despite being terrible at two-shotting cyberdemons. Fun map, and I dig the aesthetic (the bronze-colored marble looks really nice).
  15. MAP27: The Red Gehenna 100% kills, 1/1 "secret" Another hot start, though this one brings to mind the phrase "knifefight in a phone booth" as there's very limited room to run and quite a lot of enemies with a bead on you. I eventually settled for grabbing the shotgun and heading into the nearby building, taking a few tries to kill the revenants and pinkies and establish a beachhead without getting killed myself. Took me awhile to figure out where to go, strangely enough the path begins with what feels like a 'secret' jump to the soulsphere area, not sure why there couldn't be a staircase or lift instead to make things a bit more obvious. After that it's shockingly easy, as the player can easily clear out the Minotaur Meat Corridor with the super shotty and RL, and then use all the baddies that pop up when you grab the BFG to help take out Mr. Cyberdemon. The yellow key doesn't actually get used at all (the switch that reveals the key also lowers the gate to the exit) and for some reason there's two different-looking switches at the end that both do the same thing (lower the cyberdemon pillar/exit, which isn't even needed to read the exit, you can diagonally jump to it) Like FranckFRAG's other contributions here, it's one of the nicer-looking maps, and provides a nice little appetizer of puzzle-combat. I think it might be the weakest one though (along with MAP13) in that it has some good bits but definitely needed some more design time. Yes, I know it's a 3 hour speedmap (certainly better than anything I could craft in 3 hours), but I felt that MAP16 and MAP19 worked a lot better and felt more conceptually complete, for comparison. (Also, and this goes for last MAP26 too, negative points for no real secrets)