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  1. 7hm

    Which sourceport do you use the most and why?

    PrBoom+ and Crispy are my preferred. I used to use ZDoom and the software renderer for wads that needed Zdoom, have mostly switched to GZDoom now. The only reason I dislike the zdoom ports is the lack of backward compatibility for people doing weird workarounds (which I'm fine with from a software dev perspective, but makes it annoying to need to figure out what version number you need for certain wads).
  2. 7hm

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Very cool, glad you found the post, and thanks for digging out the maps.
  3. 7hm

    Map Database

    Speedmap names are generally great. One thing that surprises me is just how few duplicate map names there are. Obviously with one word names you get duplicates, but you’d think there’s be more with two and three word combos that just seem doomy.
  4. 7hm

    Map Database

    It's been 6 months so I'll update this thing again. Up to 16k maps across 2645 wads. Not much changed in terms of authors at the top from last time around, so I thought I'd just throw out some random numbers instead - from what I've catalogued, 26 authors have been credited on 100 or more maps, 76 have been credited 50 or more times, and 227 have been credited 20 or more times. Right now I've got 1695 credited authors accounted for. The "to sort" file on my hard drive still have like 2k wads though, so lots left to go. DoomWads.zip
  5. 7hm

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Yeah I figure that backup isn't going to be found, but was hoping someone had these ones in particular stuck on a hard drive.
  6. 7hm

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Anyone have these Alex Mayberry levels? Into the Mouth of the Beast (INBEAST.ZIP) Starship 2 (STARSHP2.ZIP) The first is for Doom 1, the second for Doom 2. They're referenced in the Mayberry Perdition's Gate text file, but compuserve...
  7. 7hm

    Doom 1 Doesn't Hold Up Anymore

    My ten year old plays Doom with me. He's generally ok with it all, but when the lights go out in the game, he gets seriously freaked out and we either have to stop or he waits for me to reach him in the level. Barons scare the heck out of him. Spectres are near invisible in Crispy Doom. They freak him out quite a bit too. Game holds up as an immersive experience as much as it does an action experience. That's not to say that Doom 3 wouldn't do even better as an immersive / horror experience though.
  8. 7hm

    Any DMP2019

    there were 32 maps in 2018. that's certainly less than in recent years, but died is a real stretch.
  9. 7hm

    Akeldama - Now on Idgames!

    I played 11 and then 24. They are definitely in the wrong order. 24 has far too many instances of monsters flooding spaces they can’t escape from and the player being able to shoot them from safety. In some cases doing otherwise isn’t even an option, because they flood the corridor and force you to spam to get past them. I have an FDA I’ll post tonight. Things that call out for really needing change are the stuck reventants in that outdoor courtyard and the imp teleport in the same courtyard.
  10. 7hm

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    Map 9: Well that was unexpected. This is legit one of the scariest maps I've ever played. The monotonous grey texturing and the slightly odd progression works perfectly with the invisible monsters. I don't disagree about the limp ending, but I also don't really want to go through a map like that for much longer than this ended up being, so I'm happy that the ending was quick. I died stupidly in my first attempt, cleared it on the second playthrough after spending most of the map close to death from a couple bad shotgun blasts. I liked this one enough to make me want to go back and try to close out Archi's map 8. alt_9.zip
  11. 7hm

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    Map 7: Lots of terrible attempts with the spiders to start the map. Agree with Capellan that the starting shooting gallery was not very engaging gameplay. On my successful run you can also see some atrocious attempts at platforming to get across the pit as I became increasingly frustrated. Finally managed to get past that first section and then I enjoyed the rest of the map. Leaving the pirate ship to explore the coast was a cool little moment. Map 8: Died in the revenant hell teleport area. Once the teleports started I was worried I'd die if I stopped. I died anyway. Don't think I'm going back to this one. It's weird, but it's straight ahead corridor weird and does nothing for me. Neither of these maps hit the same highs for me that the earlier ones did, so I hope the set picks up again. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Azamael maps. alt_8.zip alt_7.zip
  12. Those people would be wrong. The Master Levels are v good, with a handful of exceptions. (in my opinion, of course) I think that stuff like Scythe is fantastic but while it's very much the Doom 2 action, it's not much of the Doom 2 gameplay, if you catch my drift. Doom 2 was a weird set of levels. The community decided to go in a different direction for the most part, probably for the better. Honestly Plutonia is not much like the original Doom levels either, so it really depends what the OP is looking for. The best of the Master Levels are also not like Doom 2, but for different reasons. They're all worth trying though. After I finished Doom 2 I just randomly started going through Cacoward winners as I figured out what I wanted to get out of Doom. Turns out I really like the weirder, more puzzle oriented, or more adventure oriented maps. While I enjoy a harder action oriented map it's almost always because I can approach it as a puzzle rather than a pure action combat sequence, because I can figure out the former but I'll just die to the latter. What you like is obviously different, what the OP wants might be completely different. The only way for the OP to identify that at this point is to play a bunch of stuff. So looping back around to the start, I guess I agree with you. @dmslr should just try different wads and then will have a better sense of what to ask for more qualified recommendations.
  13. Doom 2 the Way iD Did is about as close to the original as you'll get. If that's too close I'd look at early community mapsets like Memento Mori 1 and 2. Also look at Final Doom if you haven't played them yet. Plutonia is the evil older brother and will give you a sense of where modern mapping sensibilities evolved from, but TNT is just a touch harder than Doom 2. Similarly, the Master levels are a really good collection of pwads from the early days of Doom. Other than that, just run down the list of the top 100 wads from the first ten years list Doomworld has. You'll find lots of classic Doom gameplay there.
  14. Hah, yeah looking back at just what I've got on my page for the other error and the word is clearly not what I thought it was. re: one of the puzzles
  15. 7hm

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    Map 5: A pretty linear affair. Some odd progression choices as noted by others. The shootable switch, the berserk jump (I went for it as a secret, not realizing it was just mandatory progression and that I'd have hit it anyways), etc. My first attempt ended against early Revs... I was pretty tired and playing quite poorly. The second ended in the railway station. No excuses there. Decided that rather than make a third attempt at a very linear map I'd move on. The map is fine, but there's so little ability to define your own path that I don't think it could sustain my interest for many attempts. It's not a modern level per se, but still very much a corridor crawler. Map 6: I liked this one a fair bit more than 5. Yeah, it was linear as well, but it had some interesting moments, like the opening of the street when you first hit the apartment block, and the outdoor area with the viles that you return to for the rush to the exit. Otherwise it was similarly linear but with lots of little pop up encounters. Some potentially mean ones too, if you get unlucky with random shots, but nothing that you don't have the tools to handle. I have to say that when I'm playing a map like this, I appreciate the author just dumping weapons and ammo on me. This isn't a puzzle to solve, it's a level to clear. I don't want to be wandering around looking for something to scrounge, unless there happen to be some interesting offshoot sections (like the second floor of the apartment). At the end of the map I said screw it and skipped the AV, ran by the spider demon and the barons, and just rushed the exit. No regrets. I'm glad the tunnel was wide enough to allow that. alt_5.zip alt_6.zip