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  1. Kizoky

    learning other languages is hard

    Learned English via Google Translator, or tried to, I was about 8-9 years old so naturally at first I tried building sentences like I would in my main language - It didn't end up well. Years later I would pick up words and sentences from games, videos, talking (with limitations) to other people in English, gradually building up my vocabulary (School didn't help with my English at all) I was maybe 12 or 13 years old where I could finally grasp what I really say or write in English and that was satisfying (but it still wasn't that perfect), and I also found out why so many people from my country (Hungary) doesn't really speak or talk English And now I'm learning German, it's fun, but trying to learn and memorize the vocabulary is really hard, some words feels identical to English's which helps a little
  2. Raze 1.0.0 has been released: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=71955 Raze also has a new homepage now: https://raze.zdoom.org/downloads
  3. Kizoky

    Ask John Romero Questions

    What mod for Doom made you say "oh wow" while playing it? Were you impressed?
  4. I was maybe 17-18 at that time, I shaved off my facial hair, next day I was walking to home when there was a mother with his kid, was probably 8-9 The mother said to his kid "Let the little kid in front of us go in advance" I was hurt inside :( Having facial hair makes you look more mature than you would think haha
  5. as us Hungarians, we extend swears with another swear word.. For example, "a büdös kurva istenit" - roughly translated to English would be "stinky fucking god" And when one Hungarian is so angry when nothing's working, they would say "Nem igaz hogy ez a szájbabaszott kurva szar nem működik!" "I can't believe it this mouth-fucked fucking shit doesn't work!" Some smaller words for expressing "FUCK!": picsába, kurva istenit, bazdmeg, geci, faszom, kurva jó But these words can be expressed for totally different ways aswell, gotta love Hungarian :D
  6. Kizoky

    Share the Doom (Postal 2 TC) (wip)

    I think it's been a while since I have talked in here It's awesome seeing you guys enjoying the mod despite the fact it's still not finished, regarding that this will probably be bad news The images we have been posting for the past year, the maps, unfortunately they will not be in the mod due to technical issues I haven't confirmed yet if it's due to my bad code or due to the converted models, but I think it's a mix of both. The open world idea has been scrapped for good, and instead Share The DooM will be a linear, Eternal Damnation-style mod Before I proceed to do this I wish to atleast try to replicate Postal 2's AI (this also includes Cop AI, and finish the rest of the weapons aswell) so modders can possibly use STD as a foundation for creating more Postal content in GZDoom
  7. Kizoky

    How do I determine which mods are compatible with which?

    Modders need to name their entities, this can be anything i.e. "class Zombieman : Actor" but that would conflict with Doom's "Zombieman" and probably would be overridden and the mod's "Zombieman" would take priority (correct me if I'm wrong though)
  8. Kizoky

    Most overpowered fictional characters

    Bullets can't kill him, he's too overpowered
  9. Kizoky

    What ports do YOU use?

    Mods that goes beyond Doom, or changes it heavily and requires it - GZDoom maps that were made for Vanilla in mind or megawads - Crispy or PRBoom+
  10. Kizoky

    How do I determine which mods are compatible with which?

    Mods that replace (Doom) entities by default The mod that was loaded first or last will always "win" and you would only see one mod's content but not from the another Then you also have mods that rarely use the same name for defining weapons or monsters.
  11. That post where a speedrunner got caught of cheating and wrote a wall of text that's worthy of copypasting is hilarious
  12. Kizoky

    Share the Doom (Postal 2 TC) (wip)

    Hi everyone, we released a new update log here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/postal-share-the-doom/news/postal-share-the-doom-update-log-4 As always the mod is being updated here more regularly than on moddb, where on moddb we only release monthly updates if we are aware it's stable enough and won't cause any unforeseen consequences :) The biggest change that made NPCs different is when they are wandering they will no longer hug the walls, though sometimes they get stuck and spin like crazy, and they will no longer target the Player automatically! (made me have headache for years relying on hacks)
  13. Kizoky

    Share the Doom (Postal 2 TC) (wip)

    Don't worry about that, I have long accepted the fact that not everyone is fond of the Postal series within the Doom community, not to mention capable of using ZScript.
  14. Kizoky

    Your opinion on Serious Sam franchise.

    The series is great, but I think lately the developers doesn't know what to do with the lore As far as I know, Serious Sam 4 is a prequel to Serious Sam 3