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  1. Playing with ZScript Took me about half an hour to convert everything from DECORATE to ZScript
  2. More screenies: This part of this level is unfinished:
  3. I'm not dead (yet) A screenshot of TITLEMAP If I've done with replacing all Doom II monsters with my own, I can finally start making weird and gag stories with stupid cutscenes
  4. Oops, my bad. Officially it doesn't, but you can download the whole project via Github
  5. +1 H-Doom +1 WolfenDoom: Blade of Agony
  6. I'm glad you like it :D Same, although when I played this mod around 2002-2003 for the first time as a little kid, I've got scared, but somehow I always liked this TC
  7. New stuff were added.
  8. Folks, I added a prebuilt PK3 file, you can download it from Dropbox (To avoid any confusion with Github stuff later on) The builder compresses the folder, and makes things working which wouldn't If you simply put it into a .zip file
  9. For some reason the builder places the pk3 file outside the built folder location See if it placed the file on your desktop
  10. What's Mr. Smiley Head's Safari II? A Fan-made sequel to the terrible "TC" mod, Mr. Smiley Head's Safari In 2013 I was a bit more interested in Doom modding, so I started editing Mr. Smiley Head's Safari's assets, added new levels, fixed wrong offsets, and etc.. etc.. Aaand, this is is the result. This mod offers the following: -New levels -Redrawn textures/patches (both Doom and Doom II) -Redrawn almost everything possible -Made everything look more cartoon -New weapons -New monsters (+ Doom II counterparts) -And a dumb "story" Screenshots: Now everything you see here is EXTREMELY WIP, some stuff like the solid colors on the textures may change, along with the weapons and monsters Classic levels from the original Doom3 can be fully playable, and the intermission stuff from Doom is also included (It is a bit buggy) Doom II levels from MAP01 to MAP03 (the three levels), and MAP06 is functionally. Download link: Github: Extract the zip somewhere, and drag the folder to the (G)ZDoom.exe or run "build.bat", this will build the .pk3 file for you. Dropbox: Please report any glitches or bugs so I can fix them You can also tell me good ideas to fill this dumb mod with goodies :)
  11. My life is complete. These stuff hanging around just made my day better. Now the only thing I really want is the Heretic, and Hexen beta resources. I don't know If Romero still has it, but It would be interesting
  12. Just because he remade some maps from original Doom levels, as long as he credits it, there's no problem. (Prove me If I'am wrong)
  13. Oh my f*cking god. This is amazing. Continue it guys! :)
  14. I fixed bugs, and made some Details for my map. And added few things to make the Level more detail.