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  1. I disagree I will always suck, but from time to time I will suck less!
  2. Kizoky

    Which console Doom port is the best?

    Without a doubt PS1 Doom Has a completely different vibe when compared to the PC version
  3. Kizoky

    New Duke Nukem Game possible

    Nope, but they'll gladly hold onto the IP.
  4. Kizoky

    Thoughts On Hexen?

    I love it and at the same time I loathe it The switch hunting becomes extremely boring, but I still love it despite all of that
  5. Kizoky

    GTA The Trilogy/Definitive Edition

    Ever since Definitive Edition came out, I can't help but think, who forced them to release the game this early? There's no way they "didn't know" the game had issues.
  6. Kizoky

    Worst way to die in any doom game

    Reloading with the SSG and suddenly an Archvile appears out of nowhere
  7. Remember when Take-Two took down re3 and reVc for allegedly copyright infringement? The developers won't give up. https://torrentfreak.com/gta-modders-to-court-our-game-fixes-enhancements-are-fair-use-211116/
  8. Kizoky

    Postal 2 GZDooM Alpha v0.084

    That was one of my attempts in Share the Doom it looked goofy so I never finished it
  9. Kizoky

    Postal 2 GZDooM Alpha v0.084

    Nice to see you are still working on this Though, aren't tanks a little bit too much for this mod?
  10. Kizoky

    Bloom - Doom/Blood crossover

    Bloom is finished as of yesterday: https://www.moddb.com/mods/bloom-doomblood-crossover/downloads/bloom-final-release
  11. NBlood, BloodGDX, or Graf's new Build source port called Raze
  12. Kizoky

    Trying to port gzdoom-me-gec-maint1.9 to Android.

    You've gotta start somewhere.
  13. Kizoky

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Pepsi? Thanks, you are based too!
  14. The first comment on top is hilarious "I would give anything to jump in a time machine and release this as an April Fool's Day prank in 1999"