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  1. Kizoky

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    Denuvo is a cancer to all games out there, there have been ton of videos showcasing games with Denuvo enabled and disabled, and it's pretty. (Ubisoft's method of encrypting the exe with Denuvo + VMProtect is the most disgusting thing I have seen so far) I wonder how they will "save" themselves this time :)
  2. You can also use PRBoom+ to slow down the game and record a demo, and when you are done with it just play the demo with normal speed
  3. Kizoky

    How Come Heretic And Hexen Aren't As Popular As Doom?

    I never understood why people called them Doom clones when they were in fact running on the Doom engine... weird
  4. My dad introduced me to Doom when I was a little kid (about as a 3-4 years old) Maybe it's just pure nostalgia, or maybe because playing Doom is still fun
  5. Can you add or alter enemy behavior via ZScript or it's completely forbidden and you can only create a new map? (this would not affect other maps only mine)
  6. I'm scared to know what will happen next month
  7. I don't think Zandronum will ever reach GZDoom Wouldn't it be faster to develop C/S for GZDoom and then backport all Zandronum features into a different GZDoom fork?
  8. I'm 21, I grew up on DOS games most notably being Doom (I first played it when I was 3.5!) I will always have a special heart for DOS and probably because of it vintage/old hardware (P3 and older) interests me
  9. Think of yourself in a situation, you work on something for years, making it perfect and finally you are satisfied enough to release it into the public Then someone just copies everything you did after all these years, does minimal or extra changes, and calls it it's own never crediting you. In this situation everyone would be mad
  10. Kizoky

    Crispy Doom 5.8.0 (Update: Apr 17, 2020)

    Is the HUD supposed to be transparent when using widescreen option? No matter what I do I cannot make it normal again
  11. Kizoky

    Share the Doom (Postal 2 TC) (wip)

    Thank you :) They will be large no matter what I will do, you can thank that for Postal 2's motion captured animations (an NPC model consists of 30k+ frames)
  12. Kizoky

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

  13. Kizoky

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Heads up!