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  1. JudgeDeadd

    The DWIronman League dies to: Abcess

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/dxa57gu1i5zg7jx/DWIronman_abcess_JudgeDeadd-1.lmp/file Hope you have 2 hours to spare. Category 1 (Blind). Died on MAP06, overwhelmed by the initial ambush.
  2. "Doom" is a collection of commands, pictures, and musical notation intended to be put into a machine called a "computer", which is a machine that can store, analyze and modify information. Together, these resources instruct the computer to: 1) display on its "monitor" (a glass plate upon which small points of colored light can be turned on in various spots, so as to write out text or show pictures) a specific sequence of pictures, which illustrate a fantasy scenario of a lone soldier finding himself against the armies of Hell, namely by picturing how such a scenario would play out if seen from the soldier's point of view; 2) enable the user of the machine to use two devices, "keyboard" and "mouse", to give the computer instructions about what this imagined soldier should do -- namely, where should he go, at which points should he use his weapons, and so on; 3) store in its memory, and constantly modify, the information about the situation going on in the aforesaid fantasy scenario, according both to what the user of the machine commands the imagined soldier to do, and what the pre-prepared commands say about the way the imagined world of "Doom" works -- so for example: the foot soldiers of Hell should hiss at, advance upon and launch attacks against the soldier, etc. 4) use the devices called "speakers" so as to play the musical notation embedded in the "Doom" game data, thus causing ominous music to play as the fantasy scenario is unfolded on the screen, adding to the user's experience (for humans are notoriously aural creatures as well as visual). Activities such as these, referred to as "video games", are a fairly popular pastime where I come from. A "Doom WAD" is a collection of pictures and/or musical notation and/or architectural plans of fanciful locations, and/or other kinds of information, by means of which one can command the computer to execute the instructions corresponding to "Doom", but with some changes compared to the original "Doom". In this way, one who makes a "Doom WAD" can cause other users of the game "Doom" to experience a fantasy scenario according to the author's own imagination.
  3. JudgeDeadd

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I've only just now noticed that the candle flame in the "Evil Eye" thing is animated -- and it feels odd to look at, because I've gotten used to the non-animated "Candle" thing.
  4. JudgeDeadd

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    Even when I play continuous, I like to only use the weapons that I've actually found on the level I'm playing, as opposed to using the weapons brought from previous levels. For instance, even if I start the map with a plasma gun, I don't use it until I actually find a plasma gun on the level I'm playing.
  5. JudgeDeadd


    Y'all are forgetting the objectively best HUD ever
  6. It's been more than two years since I've previously voted, and it's about time I update my picks! Here's my previous post, for reference. And here are my new picks: The Adventures of Square ••••• (5) Ancient Aliens •••• (4) Batman Doom •••• (4) Eviternity •••• (4) Urban Brawl: Action Doom 2 •••• (4) Alien Vendetta ••• (3) Back to Saturn X E2 ••• (3) Going Down ••• (3) Rise of the Wool Ball ••• (3) Sunlust ••• (3) Valiant ••• (3) Avactor •• (2) Back to Saturn X E1 •• (2) Curse of D'Sparil •• (2) Deus Vult II •• (2) Japanese Community Project •• (2) Resurgence •• (2) rf1024 •• (2) 50 Shades of Graytall • (1) STRAIN • (1)
  7. JudgeDeadd

    What's the most memorable game you've ever played?

    Off the top of my head: Doom (duh) Burnout Paradise Danganronpa Duke Nukem 3D Gothic Hitman 2 & 3 Thief 1 & 2 Ace Attorney 1-3 Day of the Tentacle Half-Life Portal 2 River City Ransom Earthbound & Mother 3 Stronghold Hotline Miami 1 & 2 Outland @yakfak So did your family ever complete the game?
  8. JudgeDeadd

    Map Stereotypes

    MAP21-MAP29: Sudden Slaughtermap Syndrome Somewhere in this range, the difficulty and the monster count/density abruptly skyrockets. May cause ragequits.
  9. JudgeDeadd

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Cold as Hell? Although that's for ZDoom.
  10. JudgeDeadd

    Ani-Toonspiracy Doom (revisited)

    ...Okay? Then go ahead and write your fanfic if you want. You don't need to ask us for permission or anything.
  11. JudgeDeadd

    You Would Bet

    OpenAI's new text-generating neural network still has some kinks to iron out, it seems
  12. JudgeDeadd

    Ani-Toonspiracy Doom (revisited)

    If by "mega-crossover" you mean a fanfic you're writing or something... then, uh, go ahead?
  13. JudgeDeadd

    The Band Name Game.

  14. I had hoped to make at least a few playable maps, but in the end I only have one. It's only about 70% done, but it's fully playable. Boom compatible port required. WhenTheStarsAreRight-prealpha.zip The visuals are still unfinished (and so the texturing is rough in a few sections); no difficulty settings yet. Music ("Stigmatism" from Reverie) is provisional. New textures from cc4-tex, new sky by Mechadon.
  15. JudgeDeadd

    The Band Name Game.

  16. JudgeDeadd

    The Talosian Incident - A Requiem For Doom

    The Talosian Incident is a megawad from the tail end of the classic era of Doom mapping. Unfortunately, it hasn't aged well at all. Although parts of the levels can still be quite moody and memorable, on the whole the maps feel lackluster, with amateurish layouts and haphazard monster placement (the two "Fort" maps are particularly bad in this regard) and sometimes overtly cryptic progression. The authors experiment by replacing typical rockin' music with creepy, moody ambient (or at least as close as you can get to it in MIDI), although the results are uneven: the map06 "music" is simply a horrific noise which is impossible to "listen" to for more than a few seconds, and the map11 music is mostly an earsplitting screech.
  17. JudgeDeadd

    Kama Sutra

    Kama Sutra is a classic megawad, brimming with original ideas and exciting challenges. The levels are highly varied and sometimes include DoomCute decor that lends them a characteristic, whimsical mood. The battles often involve large hordes of monsters, but the difficulty usually doesn't reach slaughtermap levels, since it's often easy to trap the horde behind a wall or a monster-blocking line (although this has the unfortunate effect of trivializing certain encounters.) The final levels suffer from an overuse of perfectly symmetrical layouts, forcing you to fight the exact same battles twice.
  18. JudgeDeadd


    I admit I only played up to map10 or so, but I couldn't find the motivation to continue playing. The maps are OK, but they all feel quite generic and none of them was particularly memorable.
  19. JudgeDeadd

    What's the best SNES game you've ever played?

    Chrono Trigger
  20. JudgeDeadd

    reception of doom when it came out

    In case you have some time to kill, here's a list of contemporary press articles about Doom: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Press_articles_about_Doom
  21. JudgeDeadd

    The Band Name Game.

  22. JudgeDeadd

    Ani-Toonspiracy Doom (revisited)

    Masonicon, just give it up. Your idea is a chaotic mess that looks like something a 9-year-old came up with (a mashup of all your favorite kiddie cartoons and games, really?); it's so absurdly ambitious that you'll never get close to completing it (and the community sure as hell isn't gonna do it for you for free); and even if somehow it got released, it will get C&D'd anyway, and in the interim nobody's gonna play it, except maybe to mock it on YouTube. If you wanna be a Doom modder, start with something much less ambitious, and something you'll actually be able to complete.
  23. JudgeDeadd

    The Band Name Game.

  24. JudgeDeadd

    The Band Name Game.