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  1. TheNooBringeR

    Call of Dooty: Resurgence [SPIN OFF] [RELEASED]

    Of course, i also stated this in the text file that comes with the wad. I will resize the pictures to 800x600 then, sorry about this. Thanks for the feedback :) If i make an another one which continues the story from this mod, it won't be too short like this one, i promise. The switch is set to be activated only once, you can't activate it again after you activate it once, i tried to do what you said in your reply but it didn't happen to me, pretty strange if you have that what you said in your reply. ------------------------------- Here are the resized screenshots, but i can't edit the first post for some reason, if any OP can delete the larger ones and replace them with these ones, please do so.
  2. ----------------------------------------------------------- The Unofficial Sequel to Chubzdoomer's Call of Dooty Series, scroll down for more information! ----------------------------------------------------------- Gameplay Video DOWNLOAD The Call of Dooty Series has now it's first spin off sequel: CALL OF DOOTY: RESURGENCE STORY ----------------------------------- The story is about Corporal Shepard, a member of the 15th Light Drop regiment, who, along with his squad goes to invade an Russian base to search for the nuclear devices they are hiding, but will they find those devices and destroy them? Find out in Call of Dooty: Resurgence! REQUIREMENTS: ----------------------------------- This mod requires GZDoom 1.8.2 or higher, get it here: http://www.osnanet.de/c.oelckers/gzdoom/download.html GAMEPLAY ----------------------------------- Call of Dooty: Resurgence's gameplay is similiar to that one from Call of Dooty II by Chubzdoomer, It features 6 new achievements and 1 QTE Event, 4 by the normal gameplay, 1 Secret Achievement, and a Collector achievement for getting all of them. ACHIEVEMENTS ----------------------------------- GETTING STARTED - Start a new game IMP HUNTER - Kill 3 Imps SECRET - Find a Secret Achievement BRING IT ON! - Survive an enemy wave ENDGAME - Finish the campaign COLLECTOR - Collect all achievements CREDITS ----------------------------------- Chubzdoomer - Original Series and the playtester of the mod TheNooBringeR - Call of Dooty Resurgence kmoosmann - Original Idea Brian Tyler, Hans Zimmer - Soundtrack Knee Deep in Zdoom - Floating arrow indicators
  3. TheNooBringeR


    Thanks for the feedback guys, i will make a update which will add more low tier monsters and try to make it a bit harder, also 2 revenants in the plasma gun room is nice, i will add it too, oh and i will also change some stuff which are present in the current version, one of the things im gonna change is that ill add a door around the teleporter which closes when you get the red key, and when you kill the archvile, the door will open, also will change the teleport location of the mancubus, i will also change the blue armor with something else idk with what currently. (What jdagenet and others suggested, thanks!) And i will also do something about the placements, btw I will upload the update to idgames when i finish the update, and again thanks for the feedback and for your suggestions.
  4. TheNooBringeR


    My new wad was today released on idgames. http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=17263 What do you think about it? How can i make it better?
  5. TheNooBringeR

    First WAD you have ever played?

    First IWAD: doom1.wad (like most of the people here) First PWAD: cyberdemonfight.wad
  6. TheNooBringeR

    Headaches While Playing Doom

    I don't get a headache when i play DOOM, no game made me have motion sickness, except for Wolf 3D
  7. TheNooBringeR

    Loading PK3 in Doom Builder 2

    I usually make the pk3 file by adding it to a .zip file and changing the extension from zip to pk3. Idk how can one load a pk3 file in DB2, but i suggest that when you start a WAD, let it stay as a wad but when you are done do the step above, adding the final version of the wad to a pk3.
  8. TheNooBringeR

    Any good editors for making Strife dialogue scripts?

    @Gez I only saw them on the ZDoom page of it on the wiki. @Blzut3 np, btw when i try to start the .exe it immedialtely closes?
  9. I tried to download both KSSC and USDC, none of the download links of those two worked, they were on the Zdoom wiki (the links) If anyone knows any good editors for those scripts or has a download link of one of those two, can you please post it here?
  10. TheNooBringeR


    I would like to join the project too, i will make a map, or two (maybe) i already posted about it on Zandronum forums, but i found out you guys have your official topic on Doomworld.
  11. TheNooBringeR

    Changecamera sometimes doesn't work (Script)

    I dont know why, but for some reason, when i deleted MAPINFO the script started to work, also these scripts work now script 1 ENTER { changecamera(1,1,0); } and this too script 1 ENTER { thing_activate(1); changecamera(1,1,0); } btw thanks for help!
  12. TheNooBringeR

    Changecamera sometimes doesn't work (Script)

    changed the second zero to 1, still doesn't work :/
  13. Whenever i use changecamera sometimes it changes and sometimes it don't, now i put it like this #include "zcommon.acs" script 1 ENTER { changecamera(1,0,0); } and it doesn't change the camera, i tried it on other wads it works, but on this one it doesn't, please help!
  14. I saw this in most of the wads, one of them are Urban Brawl, and Cold as Hell, and that Master Doom levels wad which lets you play those levels from the Master levels pack, they are all cutscenes, i know how to do cutscenes with the help of ACS, but how do i make it that it shows when launching the wad at the main menu?
  15. TheNooBringeR

    A quick question about Freedoom and DOOM

    Would it be ok for someone to make wad which uses textures from Freedoom and Sprites from DOOM II?