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Status Updates posted by mrthejoshmon

  1. Spoilered because BIG:



    Not finished yet, might fill the background with smoke or something, meant to be a vague recreation of the original 40K Space Crusade box art:

  2. Spoilered because BIG:




    I'm not sure which of these 2 I like the most, I'm leaning towards number 2.


    These weren't done in game, I just haven't been able to get any proper map conversions done so I had to use in game screenshots as a backdrop:


  3. I was planning on heading on a hiatus but a new Duke Nukem game just leaked and I ain't missing that shit

    1. taufan99


      "One does not simply take a hiatus"



  4. I want to contribute more things of value one day but I actually lack the creativity and willpower to do so.


    I have opened Doombuilder several times and done nothing with it, played so many new user levels yet deleted my feedback halfway through, attempted to create threads with meaningful discussions yet purged them before posting.


    It's so annoying, I used to have the spark but not the talent and now I have gotten further developed skills I have no interest in proceeding further.

    Anyway I shall be departing temporarily until I can find something of actual value to provide rather than just incessant shitposting (which I will continue upon return, that's like the best part).


    Until then, see you starside.

  5. Spoilered because B I G:




    Was finally able to make myself a wallpaper using blender, it isn't the greatest but it is a start. I'm hoping to make more interesting and dynamic images in the future.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mrthejoshmon


      I upload them to Imgur, then if you post a direct link it will override the link with the image.





      You must "open image in new tab" to get the correct link.

    3. mrthejoshmon


      @taufan99 I just noticed that replying didn't tag you in my response.

    4. taufan99


      @mrthejoshmon I see now. It's okay either way, the notification still told me you replied to me, even if "a status update" is just all too generic of a notification here.

  6. 3jxu6Gv.png


    So a fairly little secret is that I know how to use blender, the rendered image above is a test render. I have been making renders for a little while of a completely different stlye and subject. Recently though I have been lamenting a lack of "cool" Halo wallpapers on my desktop, so I figured I would try and make some of my own?

    The map exporting and importing process is wild, an ordeal even, luckily the pit was compiled by the tutorial guy as an example.


    Hopefully I can get the hang of it, then who knows I could produce wallpapers and shit for other stuff, like Doom maybe.

  7. Spoilered because B I G


    Took me a while to do these because a year or so later and I am still very amateur at this whole painting thing.










  8. Spoiler


    Looks inviting, might just go in

  9. So close to completion,


    Decided to swap out the weapons to keep it kind of fresh, also been experimenting with gameplay and trying to make it more projectile dodging:



    Rifle: Replaces Pistol

    + Fires faster, better all rounder.

    - None



    SMG: Replaces Chaingun

    + Faster rate of fire as to not render Chaingun inferior to rifle

    - Absolutely pukes ammo, better to use rifle on weaker targets.



    Plasma Repeater: Replaces Plasma Rifle

    + Does more damage, faster projectile, more ammo efficient, higher damage output for heavier foes

    - Slower rate of fire, damage output is reduced for multiple targets


  10. feze5hM.png


    Main architecture and lighting is done, now I just need to do the gameplay :L

  11. I've quit my miserable job to go to a better, more local job that doesn't have 12 day long shifts and over 48 hours minimum a week.


    Gotta work my 4 weeks notice, 2 of which are full 7 day weeks (followed by a 5 day week, hence the 12 day shifts) and the only thing happening is that I am constantly reminded of why I am leaving this shithole every 5 minutes.


    Honestly if I had stayed any longer I would have capped myself, genuinely miserable work environment with genuinely some genuinely insufferable people to work with who get away with murder.


    Fuck this place, I hope they never find anyone to fill my position.

    1. Biodegradable


      Hope the new gig works out way better, mate.

  12. ozGyz50.jpg


    I'm trying to make something smaller in scale that my usual 20-40 minute time sinks, the main action takes place in the centre but the outer areas being less detailed creates a very "liminal" feeling that I actually really like, reminds me of the old Spyro games








  13. Nice profile picture! Is that a Bretonnian Knight? You don't happen to have a higher resolution image I can ogle at do you?

    1. dyshoria


      im sorry but this is all i got


  14. Spoiler






    This one got damaged by low quality glue, makes it perfect for experimenting with metalics, came out interesting.

  15. Went for a more worn/faded look, painting resin is hard and I hate it.



  16. Spoiler



    I'm still not very good at open spaces

  17. After 4 years (Thanks Corona) of careful planning I have successfully...


    ...Failed my driving test...


    Literally everything that could go wrong went wrong, even went so far as to have a personal emergency (I will not divulge further into) that lasted literally all night and the fog outside during the test was so fucking thick that it could block a straw, I was not in the right frame of mind and I should've cancelled it.


    Fuck you universe, how dare you conspire against me!

    1. obake


      That sucks big time. :(


      Sorry to hear that

    2. mrthejoshmon


      It happens, I however refuse to surrender 

  18. Quick question, what's a better letter to a friend:


    From the heart, spontaneous and handwritten?




    Typed, inspected and perfected digitally and printed?

    1. obake


      I'd say it matters most on the content of the letter, but handwritten usually hits hits the message home more easily.

    2. mrthejoshmon


      Handwritten also feels more genuine and personal but with the way I am can go on a tangent or in circles.

  19. Autarch, this took my slow ass a week to do (Warning: Big)







    Spoilered for the convenience of anyone trying to scroll or on data.

  20. Little bit messy, that drybrush business is a bit hard.





  21. I've been working 7 am to 7/7:30 pm every day for the last week because my company cannot effectively manage or control its staff, I have been covering for 2 people other than myself for 6 weeks now, I have worked 6 days a week for 5 weeks in a row and one of my colleagues is actively useless, disruptive and actively unpleasant to work with.


    Anyway that's besides the point, if anyone knows where I can get some raw sour almonds that would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  22. OGn8xed.jpeg




    Probably the best one I've done so far, not exactly the best dry brush but hey at least I actually dry brushed this one.

    1. mrthejoshmon


      Thank you, I'm really happy about the base on this one, it was one of the ones with the slit in the middle (It was one of the old 90's metal ones, the best kind) so the rock slipped on wonderfully.

  23. TmzQFe5.png


    Man, it took too long to make this little throwaway detail.

    1. mrthejoshmon


      Thank you, I think this corner will be a very memorable corner.

  24. d0RiYl2.jpg


    Damn that light is bright.


    Not gonna talk about how frustrating that visor effect was to make.