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Status Updates posted by mrthejoshmon

  1. Spoiler



    I'm still not very good at open spaces

  2. After 4 years (Thanks Corona) of careful planning I have successfully...


    ...Failed my driving test...


    Literally everything that could go wrong went wrong, even went so far as to have a personal emergency (I will not divulge further into) that lasted literally all night and the fog outside during the test was so fucking thick that it could block a straw, I was not in the right frame of mind and I should've cancelled it.


    Fuck you universe, how dare you conspire against me!

    1. obake


      That sucks big time. :(


      Sorry to hear that

    2. mrthejoshmon


      It happens, I however refuse to surrender 

  3. Quick question, what's a better letter to a friend:


    From the heart, spontaneous and handwritten?




    Typed, inspected and perfected digitally and printed?

    1. obake


      I'd say it matters most on the content of the letter, but handwritten usually hits hits the message home more easily.

    2. mrthejoshmon


      Handwritten also feels more genuine and personal but with the way I am can go on a tangent or in circles.

  4. Autarch, this took my slow ass a week to do (Warning: Big)







    Spoilered for the convenience of anyone trying to scroll or on data.

  5. Little bit messy, that drybrush business is a bit hard.





  6. I've been working 7 am to 7/7:30 pm every day for the last week because my company cannot effectively manage or control its staff, I have been covering for 2 people other than myself for 6 weeks now, I have worked 6 days a week for 5 weeks in a row and one of my colleagues is actively useless, disruptive and actively unpleasant to work with.


    Anyway that's besides the point, if anyone knows where I can get some raw sour almonds that would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  7. OGn8xed.jpeg




    Probably the best one I've done so far, not exactly the best dry brush but hey at least I actually dry brushed this one.

    1. MidnightMage


      Nice detailing! I particularly find the finish of the base quite satisfying.

      The ornate red coloring on the gems is a nice touch too.

    2. mrthejoshmon


      Thank you, I'm really happy about the base on this one, it was one of the ones with the slit in the middle (It was one of the old 90's metal ones, the best kind) so the rock slipped on wonderfully.

  8. TmzQFe5.png


    Man, it took too long to make this little throwaway detail.

    1. MidnightMage


      That looks awesome!

    2. mrthejoshmon


      Thank you, I think this corner will be a very memorable corner.

    3. MidnightMage


      Looks like something HP Lovecraft would've written about.

  9. d0RiYl2.jpg


    Damn that light is bright.


    Not gonna talk about how frustrating that visor effect was to make.

  10. http://imgur.com/a/F5MGAq2


    It's ok, can't show it that well because the lighting in my gamer dungeon sucks




    Made the bases better too, well at least you can't see the paint on them

    1. MidnightMage


      That's awesome, nice job on the Eldar cannon fodder!

      Those bases are much tidier too. I approve of this.

    2. mrthejoshmon


      He may be 95% likely to die immediately but he needs to dress for the occasion haha

  11. Cr2YPKo.png


    Unremarkable visual effect

  12. cZcniBF.jpg


    Clean those bases loser

    1. MidnightMage


      I love that colour scheme on the Eldar.

      Looks neat. But yeah clean those bases.

  13. Capture.PNG.d975aa344b942efb460f0eb105ee1619.PNG


    Nice to see it is still a timeless classic.

  14. Great artist and real life friend of mine made me a a nice Duke Nukem x JoJo profile picture, a link to her page and the full image here:



  15. https://imgur.com/a/w6ABKOw


    I accidentally tainted my contrast purple black (hence the purple/black staining on some parts like the chest or left bag, annoyed) so this isn't "finished" yet, I'll get the hang of this one day

  16. https://imgur.com/a/odciA8v


    Getting kinda better at this, still a lot to learn

  17. 20210627_162758.jpg.9f654445fa12419c9400236d5424ced7.jpg20210627_162815.jpg.ec8ea18417a587155d33d6ebca25cc6f.jpg


    This one didn't come out so good, tried to make sandstone beneath it but me thinks I need better paints for stuff like that because it just looks like literal shit so ignore it please, or don't I'm not your boss.


    Also here is some pictures of all the stuff I have to do http://imgur.com/a/2fz34Bk

  18. 20210612_164528.jpg.211c1830a1638a6e5e9a0064d5f37f66.jpg




    Another space elf, god that was hard to paint

  19. Another one, pretty ok for attempt 2 I'd say.



  20. 20210531_161906.jpg.2c5ded357ffdb67466ff1d1814f1587a.jpg



    My first Warhammer figure painted, for a first try it doesn't look too bad, definitely noticing some errors after the fact but I can do that later

  21. Life update nobody care about.


    Still at work doing ridiculous hours (over 48 a week, 52 actually I think + weekend shifts), met the love of my life and are with her right now, she's lovely...


    Buuut that don't mean I don't have time for Doom, still mapping occasionally, gotta get real into the mood, just polishing shit up to edge my way back in:




    1. DuckReconMajor


      I hope you're getting paid overtime/hourly, otherwise please don't let them make you do unpaid overtime. Spend more time with your love. I like these screenshots. Take care.

    2. mrthejoshmon


      Thank you my dude, I'm on minimum wage but the overtime pay should be fine, £1,482 a month (after tax) so it ain't all bad I guess.

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      Glad you're doing alright 

  22. Most likely going on some kinda "date" tomorrow (would be going today but 2 6 day work weeks in a row lmao fuck work), wish me luck boys. 

    1. Catpho


      +1 Luck

      1 because NUMBERS DON'T MEAN ANYTHING so hope you'll have a great tomorrow :)

    2. mrthejoshmon


      Thank you friend.

  23. So I'm sat here waiting for a girl I took time off work to see contact me so we can head out.


    It has been over 4 hours, why does capping myself seem so appealing? I'm patient, I'll give it 6 hours before I throw in the towel and hit the showers, and by that I mean use the shower head as a noose.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. nue


      That is really, really shitty man. Some people are just unreliable as hell. Sorry man.

    3. mrthejoshmon


      I appreciate that.


      What I don't appreciate is the fact that the people I do something with every Wednesday night just cancelled...


      What can ya do eh? Shit happens.

    4. MrGlide


      Hookers and coke, that will cheer you up!