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  1. Within my many years of games, I have uncovered many odd happenings and bugs, some being useful or game breaking while others being just odd. (I cannot display them unfortunetly)

    Starting with Timesplitters, I would create many maps for TS3 (Future Perfect) that used stairs, a strange bug would teleport me out of the stairs and into the void only to teleport me at the top/bottom as if it never happened!
    I also learned how to merge sections into each other, ultimately screwwing with your head with invisible sections in visible sections.

    Now onto L4D2, my friend had an oblitterated copy from a market, the game would use wrong or missing textures resulting in zombie textures being the imfamous pink checker texture, on top of rainbow floors and open holes to the void.

    Then there is Fallout 3...
    lets do a list:
    -Textures "exploding"
    -Colour changing moon
    -Enemies spazzing out, making them 100% imune to bullets
    -No textures loading up
    and thats just a few of them

    Onto Oblivion, while dicking about with self paralisis spells I made, I discovered 2 things:
    teleportation and melting myself.

    How I found this:
    I paralized myself when using a door, only to teleport elsewhere, then if I paralized myself again I would melt. after a few tries I found out that you need to enter the door as soon as you freeze, very hard to do.

    I have discovered more, but I am running out of space :(

    1. TwinBeast


      When I play Fallout3, I always get a bug that increase the size of my character's hands. One time they became like batwings: http://koti.mbnet.fi/jeejeeje/misc/fallout3_batman.jpg

    2. mrthejoshmon


      I rarely recieve that bug, but when it happens it leads to some hillarious V.A.T.S moments as E.T shoots his way through raiders :)