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  1. I finished school earlier this year with 4 C grade GCSE's and was actually expected to get far in life (!) and not fall into that line of unemployed "lives with his mother" kinds.

    It has been about 5 to 6 months since I left school, what have I managed to achieve?


    I am unemployed so I am earning literally fuck all (and because I turned 17 on the 6th my mother now receives no money for food and shit for me so now i am actively fucking over the family as well), I failed to register for six form or college which makes it even harder to find employment or further education, I am unable to be employed until the age of 18 as the UK government has just made that illegal (which makes no fucking sense what so ever) so now I am forced to stay unemployed (which also makes no fucking sense), I have never had any girl seem interested in me (But then again I can kind of understand why as I look like a train exploded into a pile of shit, I am about as interesting as a fucking construction brick and I have the personality of a mass murderer) and finally 90% of my old classmates either hate me or want nothing to do with me period. I have nobody to blame but myself for all of this.

    The worst part about it is that I have not just failed my family, I have failed everybody that even tried to help me, I have failed my friends and my teachers that helped me through school.
    In my first secondary school years I was predicted A's, then I declined as I went on, thus causing the inevitable failure I am today.

    But ranting about this shit will not help, I want to fix my current condition and I have thought up two ways I can do this:

    1. join a college next year.
    Joining a college during next years enrollment time may just be enough to get me through this shit, but it is far fucking fetched and what would I do in the meantime? How would I be able to pay for food and necessary materials (Never mind college itself!)?

    or 2. Get my act together and sort this shit out now.
    I could set out and look for a place that will accept me as of now, I already have 4 GCSE's so it might not be hard for me to get into a small job (like in a factory or a shop or the local market ect.) or into a college (I may need to double the effort if I do though). This solution would solve all problems but I would need a lot of help doing this (I have no idea on how I would search for a job or enroll at a college, I wasn't told these things for some reason, or I could just find out myself the hard way).

    I need to do this, there is no escaping, no running and no ignoring it. I need to address these issues and get my ass in gear before I make this a whole lot worse than it already is!

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    2. geo


      Go to a temp agency, they'll instantly find work for you.... but maybe you'd need to be 18.

      My company employs 15 and 16 year old Europeans for graphic design. Basically to exploit them for cheap quality labor.

      Don't let yourself fail. Find motivation to get shit done. Get out of the house when you wake up so you don't fall into a fail routine of what is probably laziness.

    3. durian


      Going back to college sounds like a good idea (indeed, the better of the two options) - as things stand, 4 GCSEs isn't really going to afford you many opportunities. But - speaking as someone who barely scraped through high-school - I'd recommend reflecting a little on the reasons for your academic decline. If you return to full-time education without also taking care to keep yourself from repeating the same pattern, then you may wind up wasting your time, and giving yourself fresh things to feel low about (FYI: I did precisely this). Education is a marvellous thing, but you need to go into it with the right attitude to make the most of it.

    4. TwinBeast


      5 to 6 months is nothing.. When it's 5 to 6 years, then you can call yourself fail.

      Think about where do you see yourself in 5 years from now. If you can't think of anything, then you're headed for failure. If you can think of something, then you have a plan and a better chance for success.