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  1. I just witnessed a "domestic dispute" between my mother and my father.

    Let us just say that it ended violently, to the point where my dad sent an entire table into my mothers face.

    So after phoning the police and an ambulance, my dad was taken away and my mother sent to the hospital. Problem is my sister (A dirty lying little bitch) caused all of this by claiming my mother hit her (When in reality my mother did not).

    So after all the fucked up turns of events, my sister (or rather my dad) has split the entire family up.

    This is the worst thing to ever happen to me, my mother... Fuck, everybody (in my family)!

    There was just so much fucking blood! He threw a table at her which broke her nose, and he just hit her again!

    I don't even know what or why a man would do such a thing, I just don't even want to see him or my sister ever again.

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    2. Joshy


      Whenever a violent act occurs, the 'two sided elements of the story' is immediately eliminated. Basically that's what everyone's just said. Honestly, I hope the resolution is the best possible for the situation. Stay tough buddy.

    3. Maes


      mrthejoshmon said:

      First event: Surprise visit from housing manager, all the house is clean (we usually live this way) except one item... My sisters room (context: my sister has been constantly told to clean the room, she claims she does, when really she has just displaced the mess which later bursts out again) the housing manager is outright disgusted (and so was I when I saw it and I am a teen boy FFS) my mother is humiliated and we could face eviction.

      Housing managers in your neck of the woods go as far as inspecting whether you keep individual rooms tidy and has a say on your lifestyle and tastes? What are they, your evil stepmom or an inspecting officer in the army or worse, a parole officer? NB, I can understand wanting to inspect the state of stuff like wiring, utilities, floors, walls. fixtures, or furniture (if it's not your own) but having to be a "good boy" as if you had to please a pair of very demanding and conservatory parents...that's a bit of a WTF.

      In any case, if the housing manager really is that demanding, then you and your family simply found yourelves in a somewhat unfree situation (or at least one where you're collectively not treated as fully free individuals and adults). No wonder someone'd blow a gasket sooner or later. None likes living under constant scrutiny and policing.

      Edit: TBQH, when looking for a home to relocate I have stumbled upon some home owners that told me outright that they'd pretty much wanted me to be good, tidy boy, not bring over "dirty girls" (!) etc. and they'd even come to regularly check on me and the other. I obviously passed over all such "offerings". I'm an adult person with a life, hobbies and personality, not a prisoner nor a monk or a cadet. If I wanted to live in such a regime, I'd get arrested, enlist or take religious vows. Saves a lot on housing costs, too.

    4. Coopersville


      Marnetmar said:

      Um sorry but no. I have seen domestic violence first hand

      I'm sure they had their reasons.