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  1. Anybody remember This piece of pristine cringe?

    Well, I was sat there bored one day and decided that maybe instead of just sitting there with my thumb up my ass doing quite literally nothing I should go on Doom map witch hunts again and start making poorly constructed reviews for the hell of it.

    Only problem is I am completely aware that most people didn't like the over the top ironic rambling horseshit I came out with, in fact I think I pissed off a few of you in the process of trying to add "character" (be edgy) and "stand out" (be overly harsh) than most other reviews by saying what I legitimately thought of them "without sugar coating them" (being a dick).

    So, what I'm really trying to ask is, does anyone really give a shit about them? Do I rustle jimmies with them or trigger cringes? Should I just never do one again and forget it ever happened? Or should I stick to easy, unloved targets (much like a stereotypical bully) like 90's PWADs in an attempt to not piss you off? Should I get ballsy and explain why BTSX is undoubtedly the best megawad of all time? Should I never touch a Joe-ilya map again?

    If I do actually start again and if any here are interested in fueling the forest fire and want to see me kill you with second hand embarrassment then please, send me some shitbag wads you know of...

    On the ground conditions of:

      - No "Terry", "Trap" or "Troll" wads, I'm not Aquarius, I don't bother with that shit (Nothing against him, used to love his videos but then he moved to playing that shit, got real boring real quick).

      - Don't send me things you made if they were made to be titwank, if they were a honest to god mapping effort then I would gladly tear it apart at your expense (these reviews are not serious, in case you couldn't tell).

      - No megawads, something quick and snappy (perhaps there will be exceptions to this, I'll see).

      - No cliche WOW.wad/JOW.wad mega-failures, they have been done to death.
    Who knows, I may even start reviewing other things than .wads. Maybe .maps.

    Thanks for your time reading this and I well and truly am sorry.

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    2. Technician


      Whatever makes you happy. It's only the internet.

    3. Chezza


      Sure do my wad - Operation_UAC

      It requires Brutal Doom and has lots of scripted events. You have plenty of ammo.

    4. Tracer


      You can do a review of Doom II Redux when it's finished. I'd love that.

      Note: This project has nothing to do with this unfinished project of the same name. I didn't even realize that that project existed, and it hasn't been updated or worked on since the first half of 2012. So I'm not going to be changing the name.

      Shame though, some of the screenshots in that project looked great.