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  1. I really am looking to get more involved and engaged in activities here but I just can't bring myself to bother with any of it. I can't bring myself to map anymore because I suck at it, I can't make something I don't think sucks. I wanted to host a community project where me and 8 other unheard of newbie mappers make a basic, low quality E1 replacement but I just know it would crumble into worthless dust as every other project I have done has.


    What am I doing wrong? Why do I hate everything I make? I had such a burning passion for mapping before I first started here yet I find myself loathing everything I do now? I'm never proud of my unplayed fucking abortions anymore and everything I do flops and fails whilst it gloriously plummets under the radar. Why? 

    1. MrGlide


      perhaps it's because your understanding of doom overshadows your mapping skill? I'm not sure. you could always just say fuck it and speedmap untill you feel more confortable. What is it about your own maps you don't like? What makes you unproud of them? you can feel free to pm your maps to other members here for critque, perhaps that would help you, it sure has for me.