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  1. Super turbo mega ultra bad edgy poem 2:


    I want to burn, I want to combust

    To escape these fellings of anger and lust

    Within me these flames scar and consume

    Until the dreaded moment these issues bloom

    To display to the world the beast I've become

    So cold, so angry, so lost and so very numb...


    Were it not for that bright smile

    I would've been dead all this while

    For it gives me purpose, a goal

    My beacon, my destination, my very soul

    Yet, all those moments I reached out my hand

    It just left me submerged, it doesn't understand


    I'm not swimming, I'm drowning in hell

    In misery, suffering, hatred and doubt as well

    My lungs are collapsed, I can't breathe

    The current is heavy, with a pull and a heave

    I'm dragged down into the dark murk

    With nought on my face but an accepting smirk


    This darkened crushing gloop will be my grave

    I really wish that I were more brave

    I'd let them know I'm trapped down here

    But the thought of them seeing this mess feeds my fear

    I'm a monster now, what would they think?

    I think It'd be best to remain in this vile drink.