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  1. I have but one map left to finish before I quit mapping (possibly for a while or forever, time will tell) however I lack the conviction to keep it up and develop it further.


    I had plans to release all my graveyarded maps all at once as a little "hey, you finish what I couldn't if it pleases you" kinda thing after this last map but I'm thinking I should just release the maps with my last map unfinished within them.


    Any opinions? Should I bother?

    1. Dragonfly


      Or, like most of the other doomers who claim they're going to quit, come back in a few months and pick up where you left off with a renewed interest.

    2. Fonze


      It would be interesting to see if anybody finishes a map; sort of a shotgun-collab :) so on that note it'd be cool for you to put some of them out there, but I'm totally with Dragonfly on this: come back in a few months with renewed interest!