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  1. In the grand scheme of things I have began to slowly to realise how much impact I have on anything or anyone around me, everything I do is ends in negative outcomes and will amount to little more than another failure at best, everything I try to fix will break apart to more pieces, all I try to hold closer instead escapes my grasp and everyone I choose to care for comes to harm at my attempt to help.


    Like a poision I slowly corrupt and twist pure things into ghoulish replicas of their former self, it's high time for an antidote.


    I'm finally seeking the help I need, not the help I want, to better myself and fix these issues to prevent any more harm.


    Everything happens for a reason and tonight I'm going to face these demons and have a real loooong talk with them... I need to know what about me is jinxed.

    1. esselfortium


      I'm sorry you're stuck in such a dark place, and I hope that the help you're seeking will help you claw your way out of it. You're undoubtedly a far better person than you think you are.

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