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  1. You ever just had one of those days, the one where you just want to curl up and cry (or in my case I'd prefer to just eat shit and die)?


    They aren't very good, are they? I actually can't wait for this day to end but until then I could always just sit here and brood to this whilst I listen to this as it rains outside, to make everything even more miserable of course: 


    1. obake


      I've had plenty of those days. Personally, I find watching funny videos helps get me through at least a little gloominess most of the time.

    2. mrthejoshmon


      Yeah, I should try that, any recommendations?

    3. obake


      Sorry about the delay! I hope this reply works (I am currently using a WiiU). Some recommendations are Peanut Butter Gamer videos (he does silly reviews and top 10 list), Aaron's Animals (he makes amusing videos with computerized cats), and perhaps the most asture gamer, TotalBiscuit. I especially enjoy his videos on the problems with modern FPS games, and of course his video on Bad Rats. Hope these help. :)