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  1. Spoilered because B I G:




    Was finally able to make myself a wallpaper using blender, it isn't the greatest but it is a start. I'm hoping to make more interesting and dynamic images in the future.

  2. mrthejoshmon

    Common wad mistakes

    One mistake is actually worrying about catering to an audience. If you spend too much time focusing on what you think people will enjoy then you will often fail to actually design something anyone will enjoy. Design and make what you want, your intended audience should always be yourself.
  3. mrthejoshmon

    Describe humor stereotypes by country

    Self depreciation, saying things in a funny accent and blatant racism. This is English humour at it's finest. Oh and sarcasm, that one is pretty big here too.
  4. mrthejoshmon

    What the hell is going on with fandom

    My dear boy you don't understand, this is exactly everything I want.
  5. 3jxu6Gv.png


    So a fairly little secret is that I know how to use blender, the rendered image above is a test render. I have been making renders for a little while of a completely different stlye and subject. Recently though I have been lamenting a lack of "cool" Halo wallpapers on my desktop, so I figured I would try and make some of my own?

    The map exporting and importing process is wild, an ordeal even, luckily the pit was compiled by the tutorial guy as an example.


    Hopefully I can get the hang of it, then who knows I could produce wallpapers and shit for other stuff, like Doom maybe.

  6. mrthejoshmon

    What are you guys buying for Steam Autumn Sale 2022?

    I caved and finally got Dying Light 2 because I loved the first entry. Mistake, 2 is so painfully mid to high-low compared to the first game GOG had some great sales on the go too, was able to finish my classic Tomb Raider collection (including Angel of Darkness, probably could've skipped that one).
  7. mrthejoshmon

    Delete Account

    Too late, your nudes have already leaked. They were disappointing.
  8. I've long since purged hundreds of videos from my channel but I can confirm that teleport thumbnails were popular with the algorithm, as well as hell knights being shot by a shotgun (for some reason).
  9. We've done this dance 256 times now (and counting).
  10. mrthejoshmon

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    People who compare Halo to Doom are great, they make it incredibly clear they haven't played Halo or possibly even never played Doom. They're not even close, we're talking basic children's comprehension levels of not close, I would really like to know exactly which version of Doom you are playing because it sure as shit ain't the one I got.
  11. Spoilered because B I G


    Took me a while to do these because a year or so later and I am still very amateur at this whole painting thing.










  12. mrthejoshmon

    What the hell is going on with fandom

    Please don't tell me yall really be out here actually clicking these ads.
  13. mrthejoshmon

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    Matmaking is great if I want to go in quick, be fucking miserable, suffer host migrations (a true Halo Reach experience is at least 5 per game), have the lobby not backfill if anyone leaves and then have a random chance of meeting the same 2000 hour try-hard bang-outs who literally creampied the entire team 1 game ago as well as getting maps and gamemodes I would sooner print out 3d models of and bludgeon myself with then actually play (Gephyrophobia 2 flag CTF can burn).
  14. mrthejoshmon

    What are you guys buying for Steam Autumn Sale 2022?

    I was thinking about getting "Ready or Not" but going off of my time with SWAT that's one hell of a time commitment to learn it all again (and I'm currently learning Bannerlord at the moment). Not much in my wishlist is out/on sale right now.
  15. mrthejoshmon

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    I've always liked Halo personally, the major drop-off point was Halo 4 for me because 343 can't fuck their way out of a paper bag and every good design decision they make like Warzone (Halo 5 32 player PVPVE, very fun at launch) is immediately squandered by the literal worst decisions I have ever seen (Making said game mode pay to win through loot boxes). I'm not particularly familiar with the scorn retro FPS enthusiasts had against Halo, I remember people complaining about Doom 2016 being like Halo (which is grasping at rather ethereal, non-corporeal straws) but not much else.
  16. mrthejoshmon

    What the hell is going on with fandom

    I think in my case my phone was actively tracking me and listening to my conversations (specifically I'd have with customers for work), John Deere lawnmowers, Stihl Chainsaws, hell even one of our direct competitor's ads as well as ads for golf clubs (the worst clientele we actually had so many conversations were had about them). When I started using Ebay for old Warhammer models the ads (now having something tangible to work with) changed to more relevant content like knock off bootleg "Ancient Space Elves" or "Aetherium Elves" and the like. There is no denying we are being tracked, it's kinda like a public secret, one day I'd love to mong up the algorithm on a new device just to see how outlandish it can be.
  17. mrthejoshmon

    What the hell is going on with fandom

    Hey man, level layouts AND suspicious hentai links? Dunno but it sounds pretty good to me. Also, last I checked your ads are normally personalised, I used to work in a place that sold lawnmowers and now I just get ads for John Deeres.
  18. Get outa here Kalmus, your advertising campaign is a little too late.
  19. I've enjoy consuming bad media, films, games ect. I have a bizarre fascination with bad games, I guess I really like to experience train wrecks and enjoy dissecting them, riffing on them, playing in a group ect, in fact one of my favourite things was to watch James Stephanie Sterling play some of the absolute tosh on Steam, this one being a particularly memorable one. One roadblock I hit however is actually finding anything worth it to dive into, especially anything niche or obscure. The problem is that when I look for bad games all I ever find is the same lists, the same games and most disappointingly the same mediocre AAA releases that we all jump on the hate wagon for that particular year (Anthem, Outriders, FIFA, to name a few). I'm genuinely interested in hearing about niche little disasters, one thing that comes to mind is the large retinue of "Euro-Jank" that occasionally produces a "gem" like Kreed, I'm more interested in the games of yesteryear rather than the shovelware hellscape of today. With all that said, what obscure, bizarre and kinda crap guilty little pleasures have you unearthed? I used to upload videos of things I found and I kinda want to do it again.
  20. mrthejoshmon

    Sonic the Hedgehog franchise discussion

    I like the old 2D games but Jesus H I suck at them, the closest I've gotten is only 5 Chaos Emeralds in 2, I've "completed" them but never actually got the proper ending due to a lack of Emeralds. My favourite is probably 2 to be honest, the music for 2 and 3 are however absolutely incredible and both stand tall on their own merits (making it hard to pick a favourite). I've given Mania a shot but like the others it kicks my ass. The 3D entries however are, in my humble opinion, unplayable garbage. I haven't played Adventure so maybe they're ok but I have been subjected to 2006, Heros, Free Riders, Forces and Shadow The Hedgehog (which is possibly one of the funniest bad games I have ever played, 06 has the jank-fest factor but Shadow on a motorbike holding an MP5 will always be hilarious). I have played a couple spin offs too like 3D Blast, Pinball and other atrocities found on the Mega collection Plus CD, Sonic really had it rough.
  21. mrthejoshmon

    LP Preferences

    Genuinely cannot stand these kinds of overacted videos, the worst offenders are when people play "bad" games and act like they are being exposed to 400 rems of ionizing radiation, screaming "OOOOH THIS IS SOOO AWFUL" at the most mundane of minor inconveniences.
  22. mrthejoshmon

    LP Preferences

    Depends on the situation with the playthrough; Do I want to see the wad? say for instance I wanted to see what secrets or strategies I had missed or if I wanted a walkthrough, maybe I am wanting to see if I will like it or if I wanted to show someone the wad. If any of these apply, then I would love it without commentary. Do I want to see what others think? Do I want to Be entertained? This is rather straight forward, if there's something I have no intention of playing in the Wads/Mods section but for instance Biodegradable or Clippy (listed as examples, not limited to just them) did a video on it then I will load that video up on the other monitor to watch and listen to. If it is one of mine? Commentary, please, I want to know what you think in real time.
  23. mrthejoshmon

    The Truth About OOF!

    You see, I am in agreement with the criticism levelled towards you. What would have made this a more engaging topic for people to interact with would be a description/explanation of the subject of the video, then followed by the video which would then be followed by a short summary of your thoughts, just as a quick (and quite poor) example: But that's just how I'd do it. You could certainly go more in depth with thread openers but also it's really not up to me to enforce it.
  24. mrthejoshmon

    Good Playstation Games?

    I have 100%'d every Oddworld game up to Stranger's Wrath, they are at the core more puzzle games than they are platformers, every encounter is a rhythm that you must learn to proceed further. This is why death in those games carries very little consequence.