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  1. mrthejoshmon

    Doom Burnout?

    I am totally burnt out on Doom, I legit almost can't recover, I just find myself uninterested in playing or mapping or hell even watching stuff about Doom at all at this point. There however may be other things affecting that, I find myself unable to engage with most things nowadays, find myself tired 24/7 ect ect you've heard it a million times before.
  2. mrthejoshmon

    What do you plan to get for Christmas?

    I have a driving test coming up, if I pass I'm getting myself a car. If I don't pass I'm getting my ass some fucking booze and try to drink away the fact I'm a failure.
  3. mrthejoshmon

    It's new name is..

    I was gonna make a joke and there is literally a thousand jokes I could say but I'm not even going to bother, the self importance of a few has lead us to this and we shall all suffer for their arrogance.
  4. mrthejoshmon

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    See you starside!
  5. mrthejoshmon

    Battlefield 2042 (and other botched launches)

    As someone who went into that mess willingly for their own sick enjoyment I will let you know that this is a bad example and most definitely not the case, the thing exists as a modern day tribute to the Build engine in how it barely clings to life (and more often actually doesn't cling to life). Duke Forever is a better example, it hardly crashes but it's still as bland and unenjoyable as using flour as a spice. - As for the shitshows releasing it is because between A and B games got real expensive to make and corps are too busy trying to chase fads, the problem with fads is that they die so as far as they're concerned bugtesting and quality control is nowhere near as important as getting a quick dime out of the expensive abortion they shot out. "Battle Royal", "Live Service Looter Shooter", "Hero Shooter" and more recently "Remake/Remaster" is the great new juicy looking pie and the corps are gonna get themselves a nice cheap slice if they can, if something comes out of their unwanted child then it's a "live service" they're gonna work on "improving" (See: finishing the fucking thing). Meanwhile aggressive monetisation schemes like battle passes, lootboxes, cosmetics and seasonal DLC (all that good freemium shit) are gonna drip feed them some juicy profit nickel-and-dimin' folks who actually play their shit product, timed stuff is also a great plan to "encourage" (force) players to come back for unique rewards (Fear Of Missing Outtm). And everybody has noticed, but what they gonna do? Play the alternative? What alternative, like I said games are expensive now and most regular folks eat this half baked drek right up, last time an alternative popped up (Splitgate) they weren't ready and the servers shit the bed. They're not interested in a good product, all they want is as much for as little as possible, they're already shunned in the public eye (Why the fuck are 95% of AAA development studios filled awful people and literal rapists? Like actual criminals?) so who cares? Endlessly fascinating really, it's like Hollywood 2.0 but so much remarkably lamer (so lame in fact it gets 2.0 on the end).
  6. mrthejoshmon

    What are you getting for the steam sale?

    I have wanted Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War (why must we have such long names) for a while now and it finally went on sale, I've also been playing nothing but Total War for ages now but I never tried Empire/Napoleon so I've grabbed them too. Outside of that, nothing at all.
  7. mrthejoshmon

    GTA The Trilogy/Definitive Edition

    It feels like one, relisting them on the Rockstar store and not Steam feels rather underhanded (unless the Steam version just hasn't updated yet). Like a ploy to make people use their shit frontend. Edit: nope, only available through the Rockstar Games Launcher, deffo dodgy.
  8. mrthejoshmon


    Grove is an interesting concept filled with amazing and creative ideas but Jesus H Baltimore Christ there is enough sprites to absolutely nuke most PCs and this makes the game unplayable for most, only play this if you have an absolute monster of a rig.
  9. mrthejoshmon

    Do you like other retro games (other than DOOM)?

    If it is a so called "boomer shooter" then I have taken an interest to it, there is also a lot of PS1/PSX games I really like and still play (for instance Oddworld and Ridge Racer Type 4). Hell, most the shit I play is over 15 years old now.
  10. mrthejoshmon

    Newest Video Game Waifu Crush

    I only love strong women in games who can break my neck. Quite simply because I wish they would, this ain't a fetish I just wanna die.
  11. mrthejoshmon

    Is Rage worth playing?

    Rage is worth 1 playthrough, ironically the driving sections that Id were so proud of are the worst bit, anything about the cars is quite crap. If the driving sections were omitted and the game was quite simply strung together levels I'd say it would be to the top of the list of shooters in general, it's got good mechanics and gunplay with interesting sets and fun enemies, ending is shit though. Rage 2 would be an excellent game if it didn't suffer from the Ubisoft styled open world syndrome of having bouts of gameplay dotted around in small areas amongst a sea of fuck and all. Rage 2 is a great shooter; fluid, fast, frantic but most importantly fun, the only issue is that there isn't actually much actual gameplay, there's an absolute boatload of fuck and all going on in the literal wasteland it is set in and to be honest it makes it a hard sell. You can enjoy 15 minutes of pure fun between 30 minutes of dick-in-hand fucking about in a desert, on the plus side the driving is much better now and you have a lot of vehicles to use (the scrap mech and tank are standouts).
  12. Yeah, that's the one.
  13. I once made the mistake of opening a wad in XWE as it was already open in Doombuilder, saying it went nuclear is an understatement.
  14. mrthejoshmon

    Best singleplayer levels in FPS history?

    The atmosphere of stuff like Neo-Tokyo is absolutely unforgettable, if it weren't a stealth mission at the start I'd be confident in giving that the top slot, that however goes to Robot Factory. For Future Perfect it is a tie between "You Genius, U-Genix" and Machine Wars - As for other stuff it is really hard to gauge a "top 10 of all time", so I've just listed a few and spoilered it:
  15. I want to talk about Saint's Row in general actually. Saint's Row 1 and 2 were goofy but also serious at the same time, the first 2 games were actually very clever with how they balanced the goof with grit and they remain my favourite entries in the series. Saint's Row 3 onwards starts using """"HUMOUR"""" (big fucking air quotes) as a crutch to mask the overabundant short comings, having tried it again recently Saint's Row 3 is not a good game and is actually quite boring once you get passed the "haha sex" humour, it is like a less interactive Red Faction Armageddon/Guerrilla (with the way the physics acts and the guns feel it is very clearly running on the same engine without the GeoMod features), I refuse to play Crackdown 5 or whatever 4 is supposed to be. I like the characters from 2, most people do, I didn't like how a lot of them changed (like how Pierce is less of a bitch, Pierce being a bitch was always funny, Shaundi was a lot more endearing in the 2nd one as well over the generic who-ever-the-fuck she is in 3). As for the protagonist I get the impression you were never supposed to like them, they've always been an insufferable arsehole but I think that's the point, I get the feeling you aren't supposed to like them but in later games they really try to make you like them. This new cast however look like scrapped concepts from shit like Watchdogs, they look like more like dweebs you'd be fighting in the Deckers more than the Saint's, hell the original cast from 1 and 2 actually looked the part of being a dodgy fucker you'd avoid on the street (which is exactly how they are supposed to look) but these new guys give massive NPC vibes, they just look like everyday people or an enemy for a goofy rival gang (the guy on the bike comes to mind with his Watchdogs 2 lookin ass). Colour me not interested, I'll just wait until the myth of Saint's Row 2 remastered, or at the very least Saint's Row 2 "Playable Edition" comes out. And just for reference I actually almost 100%'d Saint's Row 3, I was like a zombie through most of it because it is actually really monotonous:
  16. mrthejoshmon

    What Kind Of Music Do You Hear When Seeing This Image?

    I sit there coming up with concepts based on music more than I actually even attempt making them.
  17. Aleph One is fine at what it does, I must say that I find it an odd and quirky engine but given the base game that's actually to be expected. I find it probably has one of the easiest mod loading functions I've ever used too, the Aleph One team did great. I would have gotten more into the Marathon community but alas at the time I could not get a mapping tool to actually work on my system.
  18. mrthejoshmon

    GTA The Trilogy/Definitive Edition

    Literally how
  19. Hello, Amalgamation is a series of maps that takes every failed, unfinished and unrealised map idea I have ever had and, well, amalgamates them into one. The first map contained all the "conventional ideas" and this second map now contains all the abstract and unconventional ideas I have had, from asteroid belts to space Egypt. This is a culmination of everything I have never made, I have done my best to string them together cohesively. It is quite a long level, it takes me about 30-45 minutes to complete, playtester usually took an hour or so. I have hopefully made this map as user friendly as possible using feedback given by playtesters, it should be a fairly challenging yet not frustrating experience for new and old players. Information: IWAD: TNT MAP: MAP01 ENGINE: BOOM COMPATIBLE, LIMIT REMOVING BUGS: There is a single slime trail that relocates itself every time I save the map, I cannot isolate or kill it so now he just lives in the map, his name is Greg, I hate him. Important Requirement: Infinite Lost Souls need to be on, jump and crouch are not to be used and projectiles must be able to pass through objects for the best possible experience. Screenshots: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lotghx5myxij2h5/AMALGA2.zip?dl=0 Credits: Thanks for playing. Let me know of any bugs!
  20. mrthejoshmon

    Amalgamation 2: Cairo A.D. (Singleplayer, TNT)

    Thank you for the video, For clarification, no you do not need to go upstairs in the base that is completely optional and yeah the abyss is a kill pit, I wanted it to feel like falling into the void and teleporters would ruin that effect. - Unrelated to the quoted post, here is a video I recorded of the entire map on UV for any curious of seeing it in its entirety:
  21. mrthejoshmon

    Does Anyone Agree With This Mindset?

    I've always found that no reaction/interaction is actually one of the most grievous insults you can throw back at somebody, deeming them unworthy of even a glance annoys far more than words ever could.
  22. mrthejoshmon

    GTA The Trilogy/Definitive Edition

    Imagine having your singleplayer game be unplayable to those who bought it for 3 days straight (well, close to 3) because your online service went down and then imagine also having to pull it down meaning they still can't play it because you literally forgot to remove copyrighted material you no longer have the rights to. Are we still talking about a multimillion company here? You sure they didn't outsource to Digital Homicide to make this fucking thing? Like the PC ports were shit already, the old version of GTA San Andreas is unplayable if you have 2 monitors (if a car explodes the game crashes, this makes the tutorial literally impossible without mods) and Don't get me started on GTA 4 and how I have to actively commit a crime to even play it at this point. Jesus H Christ the bar was low for this remaster and yet here they are limbo dancing all the way down with the devils just to fall under said bar. GTA San Andreas on the Xbox 360 was bad enough being the technical difficulties nightmare that it is but you telling me they decided to top that one and shit the bed across the board? Incredible, Welcom to Vice City gentlemen.
  23. mrthejoshmon

    The story behind your custom avatar

    One of my best friends made mine, it is a picture she drew of Duke Nukem doing one of the many famous Josuke poses from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 4.