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  1. macsmol

    DOOM on Game Informer

    I love the vivid colors of the Cacodemons in the article. No more murky browns.
  2. macsmol

    Doom Music Teaser

    I guess you haven't heard Hotline Miami soundtrack or Braid. To me HM is now just as classic as Doom 1/2 OSTs. The riffs/beats are just catchy. I'm not sure if very catchy melody would be good for AAA title like Doom 4. Maybe it would be safer to make music that doesn't stand out as much.
  3. macsmol

    Moar Blood and Gore

    I agree 100% with that. Blood and later FEAR were the games where you really felt that you were wreaking havoc!
  4. macsmol

    Laser monster?

    Damn straight!
  5. macsmol

    Let's talk about the official demo

    Hmm.. Thanks for poining that out. Now I can rest assured that there will be much more to see later.
  6. macsmol

    Let's talk about the official demo

    Hmm I guess in the end this shouldn't be an issue. I'm pretty sure that there will be console command to turn yellow filter post processing off.
  7. macsmol

    Let's talk about the official demo

    I'm so happy that other people share my opinion about colours in game :) Here come the blues! http://wccftech.com/remove-yellow-filter-doom-awesome/
  8. macsmol

    Let's talk about the official demo

    One more thing missing for me: not enough satanic stuff and goat heads. Where are you Adrian Carmack?!
  9. macsmol

    Let's talk about the official demo

    Overall I liked it. On pros especially: -it's fast -chainsaw finishers - You could really feel the power and destruction. -overall gore level :) -I liked the Manc design (the glowing green parts) On the downside is the overall palette of game. Hell looked like muddy cave or some levels from Warcraft 2/3. I would love to see more out-of-this-world/spacey/zaney parts just like old Dooms levels. I hope there are some places with vivid blue just like Blue-red Cacodemon entrails from old Dooms is absolutely memorable view. -Normal shotgun doesn't feel powerfull. They could add some particle effects maybe. Or change the sound - I loved shotgun sound in Rage. I liked it generally. I'm optimistic :)
  10. macsmol

    Thoughts on violence/combat

    Interesting topic. I can't stress enough how much I agree with: I don't like the fact that enemies are disappearing in modern FPS games. But programmers are limited by hardware (memory) requirements. It was easy in Doom 1/2 to preserve tens and hundreds of dead bodies because they were merely sprites. But now they take much more memory and processor time (as physicts still apply to them). I liked the way they solved it in Max Payne 3. The bodies never dissapeared but when progressing the game you couldn't backtrack from some point on. That fit MP3 well but it makes backtracking in the game impossible. And in original Doom you would explore and backtrack quite a lot. Ideally I'd love to see someone come up with idea of somehow lossy compressing the data of dead bodies. I could imagine a pile of dead bodies blend together to create 'Something'. Something more than a static element of the background (like the bodies found in Wolf:TNO at the beginning of Gibraltar level were) but something less than an live enemy model.
  11. macsmol

    Estimated system requirements?

    I guess would just like Rage + recommended SSD drive.
  12. Personally I wouldn't mind a shooting-from-vehicle-sequence in D4. Even better if it was on rails so that you only have to focus about aiming. On the other hand when I think about driving in Rage now all I can say that 'it was nice but not super-cool. And I also have a sneaking suspicion that if they have saved the memory spent on wasteland textures they could have 2x better resolution of textures on the interior levels.
  13. macsmol

    Doom 4 should have...

    It's not gonna happen. Carmack said in few interviews that he aims Doom 4 to run at 30 fps on PS3/XBox360 and 60 fps on PC (because computation power allows them to). Deducting from latest rumours about nextgen consoles it will run at 60Hz on PS4/XBOX720 as well. And he also stressed many times that idTech5 has always been about running on multiple architectures.
  14. macsmol

    Doom 4 should have...

    I've just watched this trailer of Battlefield 4. http://youtu.be/j59W7vClDnQ Doom 4 will have a hard time trying to beat that graphics and animation. I've been posting about destructible environments before. This video shows what I have in mind. I don't care if mass destruction events are scripted or not as long as they are massive (i.e. cool) and look realistic. Gigantic mutant from Dead City in Rage was epic but the scene of it breaking off chunks of building looked unrealistic). So for me massive destruction and massive waves of enemies please! :]
  15. macsmol

    Doom 4 should have...

    I've just read this. http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/99729-deconstructing-rage-what-went-wrong-and-how-to-fix-it I couldn't agree more with whats written there (except maybe combat model - I like it simple). I hope guys at id will consider it before shipping Doom 4.