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  1. sawd

    A.Gamma's UDMF bag of questions!

    I think you should use Polyobject Move or Polyobject Rotate instead (the difference is like this between door open and door raise I suppose).
  2. Not sure if worth boasting, but I've made my very first hud.
  3. I think you wouldn't notice it ingame. In still sprites you can tell it's only a colour change, but when you run around and try to avoid projectiles it's hard to notice. I thought that hat sprites wouldn't fit those imps when I saw them in screenshots, but they turned out good. Also, will the Cyberdemon's cannonballs act like those in "Battleships"? Because monsters can have some troubles aiming with falling projectiles.
  4. Welp, I finally made it through all the maps. Lots of fun, and most of them turned out really challenging. Scypek2: Your sky idea was adapted very fast. What means it's a neat idea. Good map overall. Membrain: All three(!) of your maps are fun playing, I like the arcitecture and the way switches alter the world is great. Good job. Schwerpunk: Nice, advanced. That archvile in the dark room really creeped me out (every time I see those guys I'm all like "nopenopenopenopeNOPENOPENOPE" and yours was inactive, and I couldn't predict when he would attack me). I still don't get the Dancing Demons part though. Scientcist: First time I played your map it was late night, and I was tired. So I started and I'm all like "everything is mooooveeing waat...". Now I'm planning to play it drunk or something.
  5. Um... I think you should remake this imp model of yours. Not improve, remake. No offense, but I think it has too many polys, which can cause *trouble* with playability (I think you'd need to use CryEngine to make it run). Also these dull spikes on it look like they're made of rubber. Try sharpening 'em a bit. And I think it has too much muscle mass (on the stomach, of course). No offense, man, but for now it is SCP:CB tier.
  6. sawd

    Ladders in Zdoom

    I use similiar method, with the 3d floors usage, as I'm more accustomed with them. It works just like the one Enjay described - steps are invisible (alpha for the 3d floor is set to 0), but is done in another manner. reference .wad
  7. @gggmork: When linux jams, it freakin' jams. And doesn't even print a fancy blue screen. What makes me dislike your map a bit. Nevertheless, I like your idea of hub, but bear in mind that if someone hasn't made their map in zdoom format, they'd need to reorganise all the linedef actions in their maps in order to insert the teleport_newmap action (as different formats' action numbers and possible arguments vary). I'd sign up for the hub. But please, don't insert a >100 sectors grid in such huge open space. Also, I have a brand new version of my map, with the most severe problems (missing textures and door, overpopulation of tight corridors, etc) repaired.
  8. @Da Werecat: You're right, I forgot to finish this corridor up. I'll upload the wad with corrections and post the link here as soon as I can. Also, I'm not happy with the sky. It was meant to be more realistic, but it was destroying the frame rate.
  9. Finally done. Took me a vast amount of tme to create, mostly because I had almost no free time recently. I named it "The temple of light". It requires some gzdoom-based source port to run as the illumination consists mostly on dynamic lights. Not monochrome at all, although uses only two textures. DOWNLOAD BUTTON I *might* need to apply some changes to the difficulity levels (only monsters' behaviour differs them now) so feel free to post your suggestions.
  10. This is what I'm currently working on. I'm having major fun playing with lots of dynamic lights here.
  11. sawd

    HOWTO: Doom Builder 1 and 2 on Linux

    Thanks, Super Jamie! Builder1 runs like a wild turbocharged Demon for me!
  12. As far as I can remember... The Pinky demons. I was terrified of them as 3- or 4-year old kid. Demons in tight corridors. Running at me. As such a young kid I couldn't think of even most basic strategies, even backing up while shooting. They almost always ripped me apart. Also, with Vanilla Doom's color palette, in moderate darkness (which is really common in the game), they appeared brown or skin-like when far from me, and I thought they started glowing red when coming close to me, taking their first bite. Very long time after I realised they're in fact lame swines, spastically charging at you.