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  1. I'm going to close my eyes now to the way how I've been in this whole forum, I honestly know that I've been a little unpleasant and some people may think that it's because of that thread of mine that went to Post Hell, well it's because of other disgusting things too. So this post is NOT a joke cause now I'm really acting like a 23 years old person (my age):

    I'm in a school at Portugal studying "technician of sales" profession
    and two of my schoolmates are really bothering me (maybe cause I'm too shy), one is a drug addict he is constantly messing with me the other is a prostitute she is constantly looking at me and laughing at my face and I've never done anything wrong to both of them, well the problem is that I'm about to "explode" I mean I'm about to loose my mind. I CAN'T STAND THOSE TWO MESSING WITH NE ANYMORE.

    By loosing my mind I do NOT mean murdering of course, I mean spanking them, believe me I'm just about to SPANK them!

    What do you think I should do:

    NOTE: Please don't make fun of me because of this thread I came here asking for help not for offense. If you don't care then no need to even post anything.

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    2. Obsidian


      GreyGhost said:

      He tried loser evasion then posted some pithy remarks after discovering he was still losered. Maybe it's aspergers.

      I've got Aspergers, smartypants.

    3. Jimmy


      Obsidian said:

      I've got Aspergers, smartypants.

      Some have it worse than others. I was borderline-diagnosed myself and his behavior is kind of similar to how I used to be. I did have very troublesome issues dealing with people who bullied or otherwise irked me. I believe I've grown out of those tendencies now (it is an affliction that in some people can be overcome with age) - apart from the lack of confidence in real-life social circles. :P

    4. MajorRawne


      GreyGhost said:

      He tried loser evasion then posted some pithy remarks after discovering he was still losered. Maybe it's aspergers.

      I'd love a bit of copy-paste action. The Mark Anthony Banning Saga is worth its weight in diamond-encrusted platinum.

      I meant I've got aspergers, not Mark Anthony. I managed to learn how the social world works, which is more than some aspies do, but it was bloody difficult. People like MA confuse the shit out of me and it is worse when others appear to take him seriously.

      So half of us here are aspies, but I don't know WHAT MA had: a dildo up the bum, most probably. He must have looked at himself in the bedroom mirror, folds of flesh bulging over his tight leather underwear, and cursed himself for a sinner. Then he logged onto Doomworld... in his underwear. With a dildo up his bum.

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