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  1. I'm going to close my eyes now to the way how I've been in this whole forum, I honestly know that I've been a little unpleasant and some people may think that it's because of that thread of mine that went to Post Hell, well it's because of other disgusting things too. So this post is NOT a joke cause now I'm really acting like a 23 years old person (my age):

    I'm in a school at Portugal studying "technician of sales" profession
    and two of my schoolmates are really bothering me (maybe cause I'm too shy), one is a drug addict he is constantly messing with me the other is a prostitute she is constantly looking at me and laughing at my face and I've never done anything wrong to both of them, well the problem is that I'm about to "explode" I mean I'm about to loose my mind. I CAN'T STAND THOSE TWO MESSING WITH NE ANYMORE.

    By loosing my mind I do NOT mean murdering of course, I mean spanking them, believe me I'm just about to SPANK them!

    What do you think I should do:

    NOTE: Please don't make fun of me because of this thread I came here asking for help not for offense. If you don't care then no need to even post anything.

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    2. Obsidian


      Jimmy91 said:

      I did have very troublesome issues dealing with people who bullied or otherwise irked me. I believe I've grown out of those tendencies now (it is an affliction that in some people can be overcome with age) - apart from the lack of confidence in real-life social circles. :P

      ...That's spooky. You just described me perfectly. 0_o

      EDIT: Also, I hate the term "Aspies". It's just too damn cute for my particular mindset.

    3. spank


      you said portugal and spank in the same post, were you trying to get my attention?

    4. spank


      shit he got banned, i was hopping in on the dramarocket.

  2. MarkAnthony89

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Oh, my mistake! Sorry!
  3. MarkAnthony89

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    You're mistaken, fun is fun. Oh you've better give, MtF*kr!
  4. MarkAnthony89

    Something wrong with Realm667.

    Google says that the site may damage my pc, how can that be true? Forget Realm667!
  5. MarkAnthony89

    Something wrong with Realm667.

    Realm667 seems to be FUCKED forever! It's still fucked, what are you doing, Tormentor667? I gave up on that poor site, GREAT WASTE OF TIME!
  6. MarkAnthony89

    Things about Doom you just found out

    HEY EVERYBODY! Look what I've just found out about Doom: Before Doom was made someone from ID Software said that the game should have a story then other one said that "Doom with a story would be like a pornographic movie with a story" then the other was dismissed. Damned that sexual perverted who compared doom to porno! He even likes to get rockets on his face at the final level of Doom 2. You know who I'm talking about! What about making a mod that changes rockets to penis sprites? Then fire to the "final boss" at map30 of Doom 2. I WOULD LAUGH AT HIS UGLY FACE!!!
  7. MarkAnthony89

    Hell Awakened 2 Episode 1 Released!

    I'm convinced, I will play the first hell awakened and btw, UV is the only difficulty setting that I play, if ha.wad is that much hard it's one more reason why I must play it 'cause I love challenging megawads! :P Thank you.
  8. MarkAnthony89

    WIP ( Shroud of Deceit ) A Hexen wad VERSION 1.0 RELEASED!!!

    That looks interesting! I love the idea and the screenshots are nice. I'd love it to be a megawad! :P How hubs are you planning to create?
  9. MarkAnthony89

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Why didn't u kill her instead? Or would u prefer to have sex with a demon?!!! By the way, WHAT A DIRTY SUBJECT!!! Away with this rottenness!
  10. MarkAnthony89

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    No, I'm 23. WHY?
  11. MarkAnthony89

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I'm not suffering, I'm just having fun, as everyone does in this forum. And btw, are you talking to me? Better watch how you talk!
  12. MarkAnthony89

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Hooo! I like this thread! Now I can confess! Surprise surprise! What am I gonna confess this time: Nothing yet... But be alert, DoomUK! Doomworld moderators may delete this thread too, look what they did to my thread, they seem to be crazy, I don't think they know what they're doing. I just post an entertaining thread and it's on post hell right now, one day I'm gonna post a bunch of stupidity threads just to bore them and give them even more work to do, GO MODERATORS CLEAN THIS FORUM FROM SHIT! Just kidding...
  13. MarkAnthony89

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    JUST KIDDING!!! But I might learn how to curse a person one day, just to get rid of those who offend me (even when they THINK that they are just joking with me).
  14. MarkAnthony89

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    But it doesn't matter now, I still thank you for posting that video on youtube but the thread that the video was regarding is in Post Hell right now so why should I care anymore, doomworld moderators must have been drunk when they moved the thread, they even refuse to tell me why they did it!
  15. MarkAnthony89

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    OK, silence please! I'm going to confess: I am MarkAnthony89 and I cursed an enemy of mine (of course in real life) some months ago, he was suffering too much (from what I know) and then he committed suicide. I never told this to anyone so I think I won't have problems telling you here and now, it really happened.
  16. MarkAnthony89

    Post a picture of yourself!

    This is me: O O ___
  17. MarkAnthony89

    Hell Awakened 2 Episode 1 Released!

    Well, my first sight at Hell Awakened was terrible, only played the first 3 or 4 maps and I must say, I didn't like, though I keep seeing people say it's a great megawad and I've read a review that even compares it to the Community chest 3 (which I LOVE). I made IDCLEV2# and saw a WHOLE LOT of impressive detailed sceneries but it didn't seem to be enough to spend my very little time left to play ha.wad, now seeing those screenshots and knowing there'll be scripting I'm expecting the sequel to be much better. OK, I'll risk and play ha.wad one day just before playing the sequel. :P
  18. MarkAnthony89

    So, how old are you ?

    I'm 23 :)
  19. MarkAnthony89

    Back to Saturn X E1: 1.1.6 bugfix

    Can someone tell me if this masterpiece is gonna be a full (32-map) megawad?
  20. MarkAnthony89

    [ZDCMP2] RC1 released (yay, it's not mordeth'd)

    Thanks, I downloaded the latest version and now it works, I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT MY EYES SAW? You guys are so professional, This is gonna win a Cacoward in 2013!!! AWESOME WORK! BTW, with such fame and success this project ZDCMP2 could be just the 2nd of 30 ZDCMPs, just imagine "when" year 2050 comes ZDCMP30 will be released! Just kidding but it sure amazes me thinking about it!
  21. MarkAnthony89

    [ZDCMP2] RC1 released (yay, it's not mordeth'd)

    Hey I downloaded the file and tried to run it with gzdoom and it doesn't seem to work, it says: "Execution could not continue. Script error, "zdcmp2_rc1.pk3:actors/sfx/glass.txt" line 52: Invalid state parameter a_setmass"
  22. MarkAnthony89

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Well I was serious, I know you were just joking with me but you mentioned that there was something wrong with my religion and then I felt insulted, Ok, I think I've exceeded myself on that post, either way I felt insulted but that's ok I know it was just a joke from you. No bad feelings now.
  23. MarkAnthony89

    Inovative Ideas for Community Projects

    Greetings, community! Well I'm not a mapper though I can become one day, who knows?! This is the main thread of brand new ideas for community projects that have never had put in pratice, ideas suggested by me and any of you guys, just reply to this thread and post your idea if you want and I'll add it here in this thread. Here are all the ideas so far: 1 - A team of mappers get together to create a (mega)wad that is inspired by other great and famous project, this was already made with Plutonia (Revisited), but new projects could be created inspired by alien vendetta, hell revealed, Deus Vult 2 or Eternal 3, etc... 2 - Remember maps 19 (darkseed) and map22 (evil eye) form ndcp2? Temple of chaos 2 by Agent Spork, map10 (test of pacience) from Zones of Fear, void by Cyb and map28 (run from it) from Scythe? What do they all have in common - they're all different and innovative and if mappers could come together in order to create a megawad in these styles of maps we'd have an innovative commnunity project. Scripting could be allowed. 3 - Each author creates a map with a layout drawing his/her name (it can be the artistic name) in the same style of 11 "Years Of Doom.wad". 4 - Like joke wads? I'm not talking about shitty wads, joke wads that can make us laugh (shitty wads can't do this) I give you the best exemple I know so far - Doom: The Parody by Pawel Zarczynski, each author could make a joke map and scripting would be a must. 5 - Do you know what makes a map being large (long to play)? It's not the enemy count, not even the layout sometimes, take for example most Eternal 3 and specially Eternal 4 maps, some of today's wads and megawads have maps with 400+ monsters but these are too short compared by eternal maps withy only less then 200 enemies. So here's the idea: create your BIGGEST and LONGEST map ever that you can, exaggerate! Each author could make a map that could take 5-8 hours or so for the player to complete even in a speedrun, it'd be a megawad with dozens and dozens of hours. longevity and patience is the key, take for example The ZDoom Community Map Project Take 1. 6 - Like puzzles? Each author could contribute with a puzzle map for a community project, scripting would be a must. 7 - Heretic heavy slaughtering wads are SCARSE! OK, Hordes of Chaos X and Curse of D'Speril are the examples, I couldn't find more cause they're scarce, that's why this idea is written here, each author makes a heavy slaughtering map for heretic, goal could be to replace all 5 or 3 episodes but please, less then 3 no! 8 - Experienced authors could come together to create and gather 30 maps "remaking" famous projects. Example: map01 could be a remake of alien vendetta creating its style and many familiar places (no permission required once no modifications would be made to maps, authors could create similar and familiar places and moments from alien vendetta from scratch), map02 could be hell revealed, map03 eternal, etc... 9 - Banning starbase and hell themes in a community project made by various. (suggested by Phobus) That's it for now. I hope this to be usefull for you guys who love mapping, for the doom community, don't ever say you've run out of ideas! Unless you, by any weird reason, haven't seen this thread. Feedback and new ideas would be apriciated! (;P)
  24. MarkAnthony89

    Things in Doom you've never done

    First: I SAID I'm sorry for being too serious! (That should be enough but) Second: This thread is just a game-related site, NOT a place for that subject! Third: Of course it's just a game, can you forget what I just said about morality, let's just return to the real thread subject instead, shall we?
  25. MarkAnthony89

    Things in Doom you've never done

    Ok, I became too serious for a joke so I'm sorry for that but I won't answer you (no offense) cause this is no thread for that kind of subject.