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  1. For what use? Why would the world need such a thing with all the decent maps already out there? Only sane reason I can think of is for a cheap source of tailored filler maps for custom game modes that require mod accommodations within the map designs themselves, and where making such maps by hand would be overly time consuming/expensive.
  2. I wonder how a discussion like this would pan out if Slige/Oblige (or else any template-based map generator in general) were just but one practical option for map generation...
  3. Tuxlar

    Combating Sarcasm with Overt Hostility

    If you're "combating" sarcasm in the first place, you're already doing it wrong.
  4. Edit: See PM. Newer version, anyway.
  5. Tuxlar

    Best Doom Wads?

    http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/void.zip http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=levels/doom2/m-o/mordeth.zip http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/fritter.zip
  6. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=1297740#post1297740
  7. Tuxlar

    multiplayer voodoo dolls

  8. Tuxlar

    What is your preferred notion of 'done'?

    I'm just having fun with interpretations. Sometimes I do get legit-useful insight from thinking in such ways, even if they're a stretch.
  9. Tuxlar

    Minimalist Challenge

    Interest != value. Minimalism stands on its own, besides. Anyway, it's a reference, not a tutorial. Should have done it properly right from the start.
  10. Tuxlar

    Minimalist Challenge

    Noted. Also fixed it to work properly with constraints, but the SMM use is a bit less oppressive, as a result. Still accomplish their intended purpose, however. Left it un-textured, to emphasize it's ultra minimalist-ness (and totally not because I'm a lazy ass). I'm going to look into making a better reference guide for building common structures within constraints, soon. Might shave off some of the learning curve.
  11. Tuxlar

    What is your preferred notion of 'done'?

    I want to offer some ways to interpret the poll options:When I lose interest. - Your (ultimate) goal is undefined, and may not even be existent. You are going with the flow. The product/service at hand is itself irrelevant beyond its pleasurable qualities. Regardless of whatever it means to the world, to you, it's only a single-player game. When everyone else loses interest. - Your goal is whatever others' goals happen to be. The product/service itself doesn't matter, as long as others are made happy by it. To you, it's a multi-player coop game. Done is done. There is no grey area. - Your goal is to live up to standards. The product/service is irrelevant; it is but a practice for, and an expression of your ability and will to execute decisions already made. To you, it's a matter of honor; a multi-player competitive game. There is no done. Just 'acceptably unfinished'. - Your goal is presently undefined, but constrained by what it isn't, and upper-bound by an idea of what it could be. The product/service exists only as a means to solve a problem. To you, it's a puzzle game. There is no done. I am literally a slave to my work. - Your goal IS the upper-bound idea of what it could be. The eternally-elusive state of absolute perfection. The product/service is like life itself for you, and you're seeking nothing short of immortality itself (figuratively). To you, it's like an unending survival and/or sandbox game.These are simply my own interpretations. Take them as you will.
  12. Tuxlar

    Minimalist Challenge

    Speaking of ultra-minimalism with that design, I give you the Best Map In The History Of Forever! God help me. In slightly more serious news, here's v1.5 of UAC Budget Cuts, improving on visuals, fixing some constraint violations (doh!), and tweaking balance a bit more. Also, NoisyVelvet has sent me a snapshot of his map's layout with some gameplay. If he doesn't plan to continue, I'll try to finish it off myself at some point, time permitting. Seems worth salvaging; it's surprisingly spacious and good flowing, constraints or not.
  13. Not implying there's a right answer to this. Just curious.
  14. Tuxlar

    Tips on monster placement?

    Some tricks I like to use:It's okay for monsters to kill you, it's not okay to (unavoidably) take too long to kill them. Not my tip, but worth repeating. Plan monster encounters as if the player has a half-broken backpeddling key, and for some reason takes damage if they're made to stay in one area for more than 10 seconds. Running backwards constantly is often unfun, camping choke points is ofen unfun. Monsters placement should balance between easily-skippable and practically-unskippable. You shouldn't need 100% kills to beat the map, but on the same note, pacifist runs should be a real challenge. Not every area of the map is required to have monsters, and not all monster encounters need be life-threatening. Some encounters are just for the long-game; they're to put you in weird positions just to make you trip up and consume a few bits of ammo or health that you'll feel the sting for, later on. This one's very specific, and one I've learned recently: Don't trust Archviles. There's always a certain temptation (especially if you're aiming for some kind of replay value) to turn archviles loose to revive fallen monsters. If you do this, treat them like prisoners; they WILL try to break free of your intentions and overthrow your map balance!
  15. Tuxlar

    Dream Doom feature