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  1. When I get my free time back, I have a few choices of what to do next:

    1. Resume work on my map generator, having acquired some of the SCIENCE I needed.
    2. Finish my Dig series.
    3. Contribute to tackling newstuff backlog and play some Wads of interest that have been piling up.
    4. Make a vanilla (episode-length?) map set.
    5. Contribute to other projects.
    6. Toy with zdoom gameplay modding.
    7. Update: Start a Doom Builder plugin for visualizing sound propagation.
    Not to imply this is a democratic or deferred decision. Just a snapshot of what's on my mind, I guess.

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    2. Tuxlar


      Alright, just to be clear, I'm not touching my dig maps until my inspiration returns. I've learned that lesson, thank you very much.

      I feel like a big part of what's putting me off lately is that stupid minimalism experiment; despite its intentions and results, it pretty much appears a failure from any outside perspective. That puts me in the position of either having to abandon it and accept that I made a mistake, which I know isn't technically true, or dedicate a lot of time and energy into using its results for what was originally intended: A god-tier procedural map generator.

      Here was my plan, for anyone even remotely capable of being interested:

      1. Find the simplest set of rules that could reliably be used to define the most rudimentary map structure for doom gameplay purposes (hence, "minimalism").
      2. Figure out additional, higher-level rules/constraints for further shaping such structures into fun encounters (which the minimalism thread submissions were meant to explore).
      3. Apply post-processing to the resulting backbone map for added detailing, gameplay enhancements and dynamics, and to basically make it no longer resemble a minimalistic mess. The idea was that ANY well-built minimalist map can be reliably translated into a well-built "regular" map, by another set of simple rules (which I nearly have ironed out).
      I actually have the map generation base code all written up, but I realized this would be a project I'd have to commit to, so I'd want to have more reason than just 'because it seemed cool'. That was when I realized:
      1. There will NEVER be a shortage of decent maps. What functional use is even the best map generator if there's already more decent maps than a single person could reasonably be expected to consume?
      2. If the function is instead for the mapping community, then even if such a map generator exists, would it really raise the mapping quality bar? Or would it just cheapen map making and diminish accessibility, thus ultimately hurting the community?
      3. Would not my real reason for then making such a thing, other than to practice coding (which heaven knows I have no shortage of practice opportunities for), end up just being to prove a stupid point that no one will care about?
      Long story short, I'm abandoning this as well. Need to address non-hobby priorities before deciding what to do next, anyway...

    3. jute


      I think your map generator plans are quite interesting and don't find your arguments against it particularly compelling (not that that means anything to you).

    4. Tuxlar


      jute said:

      I think your map generator plans are quite interesting and don't find your arguments against it particularly compelling (not that that means anything to you).

      Well I agree it's interesting, otherwise I wouldn't have started it. I just can't find a flaw in my argument, which is my decision basis...