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  1. DoomCollector

    Shareware boxes?

    Anyone know what versions the boxed Doom Shareware without black border and black or white floppies included are yet?
  2. DoomCollector

    Shareware boxes?

    Wait, there are several boxed sharewares. One with black border ("your free copy Doom shareware") and one without... any ideas?
  3. DoomCollector

    Value of Doom protos, promos, etc...???

    Depends on what exactly.
  4. DoomCollector

    Shareware boxes?

    What colour are the disks? Dark grey or white grey?
  5. DoomCollector

    Shareware boxes?

    Okay, Stanford University has a scan of it: Diskette 1: 02/03/2009 09:48 AM <DIR> . 02/03/2009 09:48 AM <DIR> .. 09/06/1994 10:54 AM 74 CFG.TXT 02/03/2009 09:48 AM 0 dir.txt 01/24/1994 06:27 AM 799 GLUE.COM 10/26/1994 08:55 AM 27,155 INSTALL.EXE 09/06/1994 10:47 AM 987,960 TSL.002 5 File(s) 1,015,988 bytes Diskette 2: 02/03/2009 09:50 AM <DIR> . 02/03/2009 09:50 AM <DIR> .. 02/03/2009 09:50 AM 0 dir.txt 09/06/1994 10:47 AM 1,400,000 TSL.001 2 File(s) 1,400,000 bytes Seems like a 94er...
  6. DoomCollector

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Don't wanna mess with the Swiss oooh...
  7. DoomCollector

    Shareware boxes?

    I remember a video game database somewhere that listed all Doom releases with photos of the floppies or disks and such. Anyone know which one I mean?
  8. DoomCollector

    What is your favorite Doom Game?

    The Original/Ultimate Doom. Way better maps than Doom II.
  9. DoomCollector

    Shareware boxes?

    Yeah, the eight one is the one I'm talking about... I know some of you guys here have the box. Can anyone try the floppy out and see what's on it? I’ve seen one on eBay and I’m quite interested in it only if it’s 1.0 or 1.1.
  10. DoomCollector

    Shareware boxes?

    What version is the Doom Shareware that's in a pretty big box with the original cover art and "Shareware" in the bottom right? Anyone?
  11. DoomCollector

    I thought Doom 2 was kind of ridiculous...

    I don't think it's strange that Doom II didn't have a lot of content since it was the first commercial release before Doom was released in 1994-1995 whenever it was.
  12. DoomCollector

    Recent attemps at a portable Doom?

    It's a damn shame Doom for the iPhone doesn't have iPhone 5 support :( I hope they release the entire Classic Complete collection for iPhone at some point or at least something other than the original.
  13. DoomCollector

    The best thing Doom is...the flow(?)

    Yes, I agree. While reading a Dark Arena review a while back I noticed that they said the game had OK graphics, OK sound... OK everything, but in difference to Doom is was just plain boring. So I watched some gameplay and you walk... turn... shoot... shoot... enemy dies, then you keep walking. And I started thinking about what makes this different from Doom and it's definitely the pace. I think Doom makes up for open, empty spaces and low fidelity gameplay by having it all happen at such a lightning speed so you still get a pretty high detail per second ratio or something such. It's hard to define why Doom and even Quake work out at such high speeds and would definitely not work at a realistic pace while modern games work at slower paces but not Doom-speed. I think the number of enemies could have something to do with it. Modern games have so few enemies if you had Doom-superpowers everything would be dead in a minute. Anyways playing Doom with a mouse and keyboard just gives you super-smooth controls being able to move both with the mouse and keyboard at the same time... works great. I also agree Doom is kind of styled to go at a fast pace. You pick up everything instantly, weapons fire fast, no reloading, enemies are blown away by your shots and imps shoot fireballs that make you have to move around quickly. Ultimately I think Doom works at such speeds is because it doesn't require a lot of precision. Most weapons spray all over the screen unless you're far away from your enemy. Crysis 2 multiplayer is pretty fast but it also requires a lot of precision because the maps are huge, the enemies are tiny and this doesn't work as well as Doom. In Crysis 2 hitting a small, lightning fast target is pretty difficult while in Doom you've got smaller maps, bigger hitboxes etc.
  14. DoomCollector

    So, what exactly IS a "pro"?

    World champion means theres a big contest means its not amateur by definition, twat.
  15. DoomCollector

    So, what exactly IS a "pro"?

    Actually if I hear a "pro baseball player" I NATURALLY think of a career player. I think pro has come to be more of a compliment or expert synonym in gaming specifically because until recently there hasn't really been any e-sporting or progaming. And historically there are billions of baseball players and up until the 2000s the majority of people haven't been interested in gaming. 2011 in Sweden we had more computers than people in Swedish households and were spending 20 hours a week by computers on average, 88% of people above 12 have internet access, 69% of all people use internet daily, 50% of three-year olds use internet, 9 of 10 of children player any sort of videogames and 49% of all adults (in 2011, today it's higher), a third of young girls have their own blogs etc.. Nowadays StarCraft, StarCraft II, Street Fighter IV as well as the latest and most popular WarCraft mod (LoL/HoN etc), Call of Duty game and Halo game are actual sports that people can make a living on. I read in the newspaper the other day that some guy made half a million crowns ($100'000) in 6 months of progaming... I think it was about a Swedish guy otherwise they wouldn't have mentoined it. In gaming people say "you're pro" whereas in other sports people would say "you have pro skills" probably because of internet culture and abbreviations. By the way I think the ADJECTIVE "professional" relates less to being a career professional than the subjective professional. The two words are the same though but I don't think the adjective is nearly as careery.