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  1. As a Descent mapper who has also messed around with Quake mapping, I can't say this is entirely accurate of Descent's limitations. In fact I find it to be essentially the exact opposite of Quake maps: - Quake gives you six-sided brushes that you "add to" the level. - Descent gives you six-sided segments that you "subtract from" the level. Descent does have funky geometry here and there. For example, level 7 (the last in the shareware) had a half-sphere-like shape with a door underneath it. User-made levels generally stayed boxy (they play the best in deathmatch/"anarchy") but a few would have more complex geometry. A simple structure such as, a window with three bars can have the segments warped to "wrap around" these bars. Through this principle, one can make all sorts of crazy geometry that you can't do in an engine like Doom's such as, say, a pair of asteroids next to one another with an entire level's worth of geometry contained within them. But a lot of such structures could be easier to make in an engine like Quake's (especially since Quake's brushes do not need to be/aren't connected) That said, you can easily tell which levels in Descent were likely developed the earliest: they're most likely the ones that consist of standard-width-and-height tunnels going everywhere. :) True 3D environments were new then, so it took a while for people to experiment with weird systems like these. okay.
  2. Enzo03

    A question about a certain Mr. Lade

    His rating metric is written at the bottom of his first post. Apparently something at 62.5 is now "worth playing". Comparing it to something such as a five-point Star-rating, that actually seems... fairly sensible. Huh.
  3. Enzo03

    A question about a certain Mr. Lade

    I haven't had any emails or anything from him relating to Doom, but I knew exactly who this guy is before I even joined the Doom community. This was when he was bumbling around in the Descent community. And I know it is exactly him because: 1) He has gone by KakHome, as mentioned earlier in this thread 2) at http://kakreview.blogspot.com/ there is this little gem: At the Descent Missions Database, a level that hasn't been rated will have a rating of 0%. However, even after I explained this to him, he continued to bash any levels that had this rating, which included a couple of level sets which were deemed so impressive by Descent's developers that they hired on the guy as a level designer for the third game in the series (well that's the story in a nutshell). He's since been banned and tossed in one of their Forums' Troll Zoos for being an annoying little shit. Sucks that he's still harassing people for ratings in other games.
  4. Enzo03

    things about Doom that bug or puzzle you?

    I guess I could say I see it in this post too.
  5. Enzo03

    The Doom Alphabet Game

  6. Yes, that has me curious as well. Would be crazy enough just for them to exist, much less them being uploaded.
  7. Enzo03

    What are your Doom Habits

    Oh yeah, I forgot about chaingun sniping. I've made that a staple of my Doom techniques... such to the point that I sometimes have a habit of doing so at close range as well, when it is nearly useless (there is one advantage: I tend to waste less ammo because I'm not still shooting after the enemy dies) In fact, I've found an expected number of chaingun bursts per enemy (smaller enemies only) that I often adhere to: Zombieman: 1 burst Shotgun Guy: 2 bursts Chaingunner: 3 bursts or so? Imp: 4 bursts or so? Pinky Demon: I forgot. Better to use shotgun, chainsaw, or berserk (FIST-ING) anyway. Lost Soul: 5 bursts Anything else, as far as I can remember, I use heavier ordinance, which usually means the super shotgun. Trying to use more rockets on Barons
  8. Enzo03

    What's your Doom play style?

    Single player or Cooperative: the guerrilla Multiplayer (competitive): the butcher
  9. Enzo03

    What are your Doom Habits

    I immediately choose UV in any wad I play, to my own peril. Whenever I grab a Berserk, I must fist every imp/player I find. FIST-ING! I conserve waaay too much heavy ordinance, so I, too, will run out of shells and bullets, then in the middle of FIST-ING! imps, figure out that (and wonder why) I have maxed out rockets and cells... though generally I've found myself using rockets and cells more often since going through TNT Evilution again. I've recently broke the habit of being that annoying fuck who bunnyhops in Zandronum DM, though I still sometimes use it when just moving longer distances. Apparently had to be hilariously nerfed in Samsara. It's like dual wielding Doom II's super shotties, and even a single wield is brutal in multiplayer. In multiplayer on Halo (1), assuming normal shield and health, it's true you will not 1-shot with a shotgun, but I tend to use it in extremely close quarters such that it is easy to get into melee range (it's tons of fun to camp a Blood Gulch base with these since so many people get pissed off) and follow a shotgun blast with a melee. This is almost always a guaranteed kill. Halo PC's netcode is a steaming pile, though, which is why it's not *always*.
  10. Enzo03

    What is your favorite Doom Game?

    Final DOOM
  11. Enzo03

    a random id quiz

    10/10 but I want to throttle whoever made the quiz, then proceed with other undisclosed malicious activities upon the author.
  12. Enzo03

    Dream Doom feature

    Simple Room Over Room in the same manner as Marathon. Allows for nearly legitimate bridges and impossible level geometry (multiple parts of the level in the same space). Also a lot of the features found in Hexen are things I think would have been incredible to have since the beginning, such as walls that move sideways, doors that open inward/outward, and ACS
  13. Enzo03

    In Honor of Doom's 20th

    I still have yet to play Final Doom, so I'll wait until them before declaring my favorites. I will say the problem I had with a few of the Doom 2 levels were how the city maps often looked like someone scattered a bunch of dollhouses in a sandbox and then shrunk Doomguy and the demons really really tiny and played with their new dolls.
  14. Enzo03

    How good of a doom player do you consider yourself?

    This is actually pretty accurate for me as well. As for C, I see that being the case when I get fairly old. Problem is, in playing at my absolute best, I get bored and tired of doing it. Could I play constantly at my best? probably. Do I want to? No, I like to stretch my legs a bit. When it comes to deathmatching I'm more like 4ish or so, maybe 5ish. My skills have deteriorated a bit due to college. I personally think the scale should have, instead of having 999 at the end, should have gone to 11. Or, you know, 12.0.
  15. Enzo03

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    ^ouch... As for me I've been running SLIGE maps.. ...and liking them, gameplay-wise. Don't care for insurmountable waist-high steps requiring an insurmountable waist-high lift.. but otherwise wow O_o -macho 100 -biwe -bimo -bimo!