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  1. Albert Valls

    Cyberdreams 2 Community Project -The End?

    Should this project gets through, may I ask you to make clear in your wadauthor text file (or whatever it's called nowadays) that the .wad and its contents have nothing to do with CyberDreams' actual authors, nor with CyberDreams' original planned sequel. Many thanks.
  2. Albert Valls

    Hey there

    Thought I'd stop by and say hi to everyone. It's been quite a while since I nosed around the Doom scene, so a shortened version of my record may sound old as well. Let's see: CyberDreams (half), Beresith, DSDA and, er... the bizarre Cervantes mode would do I guess. Sure it's great to see such an activity regarding the amount of fine demos submitted these days. I'm so happy Andy took over Doug's work and legacy such in a serious way. All the best, Albert