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  1. Doomworld was originally from an overbearing religious household. After it went to college & made non religious friends Doomworld decided to reject it's families religion in favor of atheisim. It no longer believes in such silly things as Post Hell.
  2. I'm about to start making the intermission graphics. I've decided to embrace the silly combined names. Any objections? E1M1 Hellgar E1M2 Nuclear Keep E1M3 Hell Plant E1M4 Command Hatred E1M5 Perfect Control E1M6 Against Thee Processing Too E1M7 Babel Anomaly E1M8 Babel Anomaly Too E1M9 Military Fortress E2M1 Deimos Warrens E2M2 Warrens Anomaly E2M3 House Of Control E2M4 Unto The Dis E2M5 Slough Of Hatred E2M6 They Will Cathedral E2M7 Command Will Repent E2M8 Dis The Cruel
  3. Hey thanks for the demos. I'll fix those bugs reported on map 2.
  4. Looking cool Gothic! I'm not sure what the policy on including new textures is, but I don't think anyone would be opposed to including a few new ones.
  5. Well this is long overdue, 4shockblast asked me to do this awhile ago & I've finally gotten around to it. I got the titlepic graphics from Obsidian & added it into the wad, I also fixed a few of the CWILV graphics. I'll be uploading this in a few days. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vt1k3j5u9uzijk9/abyspe22.zip?dl=1
  6. I've gone through the wad one final time in PRBoom to ensure you can get 100% kills & secrets. This is the wad that will be uploaded to IDGames in the next few days. If you see any bugs speak up now. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9bxxmqa7lebq39s/Bludrus2.zip?dl=1
  7. Hey guys so I plan on uploading Bloody Rust 2 to the archive very soon. At the same time I want to upload a minor update to this wad, fixing issues on Maps 5 & 6 which makes getting 100% kills & secrets impossible in PRBoom. In addition to that I am going to include a set of custom midis. If you notice any more issues let me know within the next week. https://www.dropbox.com/s/u6ncq67y6q5q5c4/BludRust.zip?dl=1 Also what exactly is the process for updating a wad on the archive?
  8. Hello everybody! I am here looking for some mappers to contribute some new maps to Freedoom. Recently Freedoom has seen an upswing of quality submissions in the art, sound, & music departments, but one thing that has always plagued Freedoom is the quality, or lack thereof, of its maps. In the past week Blastfrog, Jayextee, & myself have each volunteered to oversee a set of maps in Phase 2 (Doom 2 equivalent) of Freedoom. We have taken it upon ourselves to edit, rearrange, & replace the existing maps. The three of us have decided that about 1/3rd of the maps are in need of replacement, listed below are the maps that were removed & are now open for submissions. Freedoom has it's own custom texture pack, just set Freedoom as your resource in Doombuilder when making your maps. Maps are to be vanilla compatible, so test them with chocolate Doom before uploading them. To keep things simple if you want to make a map for Freedoom just make a post here & I will act as a liaison ensuring your map gets to the right place. For map 7, the map should be a rather small map that uses the 666 & 667 tags to progress, but an arena style map will not be accepted. For map 30 there is a boss room already made, I just would like a normal playing section that leads up to that boss fight. If you do have an idea for a cool Icon of Sin arena setup, you do have permission to simply not use the existing map 30 at all. As for the rest of the maps, just stick with the normal Doom 2 style of design. REMAKES/HOMAGES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If you have any further questions feel free to stop by the Freedoom sub forum & ask. Hppy mapping :) *All maps submitted to Freedoom must be of your own creation & completely free to use with permission for the project leaders to make any edits to the maps that they see fit. Phase 2 Maps 1-11, Blastfrog Map 3 - open Map 5 - open Map 6 - open Map 7 - open Map 10 - open Phase 2 Maps 12-20, Jayextee Map 17 - open Map 20 - open Phase 2 Maps 21-30, Jaws In Space Map 27 - AD_79 Map 28 - open Map 30 - Gothic
  9. Okay so I'm going to make a post requesting for some new maps. 5 for Blastfrog & 2 for myself. Jayextee do you want me to ask for a new map 17 & 20 for you as well? I'll hold off on map 12 for now.
  10. It appears that other people cannot see the About Me tab on one's profile page.
  11. This is what someone's profile should look like when they write an about me, shows up right next to Activity. To write one, just click the Edit Profile button at the top right corner of your header image. I'm going to say something on the forum bugs thread about them not working.
  12. Here's what I see when I visit your profile page.
  13. Is this a problem that needs reporting? Anyone else have an About Me that can't be viewed? I've got one with a link to my post on Doomkids WAD Discography thread, can you see it?
  14. Is it even a good idea to try and make a map that far over the limits vanilla compatible? Unless you can somehow make that map vanilla by removing a ton of the detailing what you are going to have to do is change up the structure, layout, & progression of the map which will probably clash with the authors original vision. I'm behind the idea of a vanilla FreeDoom, & it works to make the maps that are close to vanilla limits compatible, but when it comes to maps that are as far over the limits as this one is, it may be best to just start over from scratch with a completely different map. Of course that bring up another problem of us not having enough maps for FreeDoom to fill up each slot. Would it be a good idea to make a post on the Wads & Mods forum asking for a few extra maps for FreeDoom to replace the ones that BlastFrog, Jayextee, & Myself have removed? Actually didn't Voros do a FreeDoom/Aquatex vanilla mapset awhile ago that was going to be used in FreeDoom, what ever happened to those maps?
  15. Instead of working on map 22, I've spent the weekend combining maps 20 & 29. Somehow this is vanilla compatible, but I still want to move a few things around a bit though because I'm not sure what would happen if you were to open any doors. After that I've got to adjust the line actions & sector tags because they don't make any sense right now due to the combining of maps, but that should only take a few minutes to fix. Retexturing work is done except for the north east & south east corners of the map.