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  1. Hi everybody I'm looking for maps from Doom 2 wads that don't feature any Revenants, give me as many examples as you can think of, thanks.
  2. #5 goes with Mountain village quite nicely I think.
  3. This map seems more like a Jimmy Sieben map than your previous one did. Hitscanner hell, a few nasty traps, & a layout that tried to emulate the style Perdgate map 10 wile still feeling quite a bit different. The texture work was very Doom E1, which is a good way to emulate Sieben, but it might be a little out of place in this episode, so a few changes may be needed in that department. Otherwise no real issues stood out to me.
  4. No need to cut this map at this time, if a surplus of more appropriate gets submitted in the future then perhaps. In the meantime feel free to work on a new map if you would like to.
  5. Going to have to decline using this map. Far too simple in design even compared to the most basic of Perdition's Gate maps. Except for some texturing it hardly resembles Tom Mustaine's style. I noticed several bugs in PRBoom past the red door due to use of 0 as a tag on a lift, in addition textures are bleeding into the floor. Also because of the 0 tag this map crashes vanilla. 27 Does come to mind when bringing up examples of squarish cramped Jimmy Sieben maps, but I would say that one is an exception & not the rule, being by far and away the longest map in Perdition's Gate. Jimmy's style is a bit harder to pinpoint due to having a wider range of mapping styles across PG & TNT. I had the earlier PG maps in mind like 10 & 14 along with TNT map 10 which have their fair share on non 90° walls and such. On the lighting, I'm more interested in keeping with what the PG authors did do, rather than what they might be doing today, that line of thinking can lead the project in the wrong direction. I don't want to this to end up like Plutonia 2, which was quite far from the Casali's style of mapping in Plutonia.
  6. Ah good I was hoping someone would have a go at a Jimmy Sieben styled map. While pretty fun, there are a few things about the map that made it feel not quite right though. The gradient lighting was one of the first thing that I noticed, there are examples of Jimmy using it here or there in his maps, but he mostly stuck with pretty hard edges when it comes to light and shadows. Also I felt that there weren't enough low tier enemies here, in your map it seemed as though I spent more time fighting mid tier enemies rather than plowing my way through cannon fodder to get to the objectives. Another big thing I noticed about your map is that it's pretty compacted & very squarish. Jimmy certainly used a fair share of 90 & 45 degree angles in his maps, but there was also a lot more of an organic approach to his maps, similar to a Doom E1 style. Then for just a general complaint, the automatic doors at the start were pretty annoying, kinda reminded me of Icarus: Alien Vanguard where I you are constantly running up to a door only to close it. 4shockblast has also played your map & has a few things to say about it as well. He'll be doing a write up on the submitted maps when he has the time.
  7. That's it guys, the final update is now on ID Games! Demos are already incoming, check them out here to watch your maps get horribly broken :)
  8. Okay everybody I had to update the texture pack in the OP one final time. I've gone through & looked at every flat & texture in vanilla to be sure that everything works properly now. I had messed things up by having some patches & some flats share the same name. To fix this problem I went through & renamed the problem flats. For those of you already working on maps, you can either fix these flats yourself, or once your map is finished just send it to me & I will fix them for you. These are the Flats that have been renamed ALLBLACK in now BLACK CROCK01 is now CRROCK01 CROCK11 is now CRROCK11 EBRICK01 is now FBRICK01 EBRICK02 is now FBRICK02 EBRICK03 is now FBRICK03 EBRICK04 is now FBRICK04 EBRICK05 is now FBRICK05 EBRICK06 is now FBRICK06 ESTONE01 is now FSTONE01 ESTONE02 is now FSTONE02 ESTONE03 is now FSTONE03 ESTONE04 is now FSTONE04 ESTONE05 is now FSTONE05 ESTONE06 is now FSTONE06 ESTONE07 is now FSTONE07 ESTONE08 is now FSTONE08 ---------------------------------- I finished my first map if anyone want's to give it a play through. Not sure if I'll end up using this, I went a bit heavy with recreating some rooms from Perdition's Gate, though one could say that's exactly what Tom Mustaine would do :D Also trying to come up with a good map name, I just picked a famous landmark & went with that for now, again not sure if that's what I'll stick with though. Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut
  9. Post your demos for TNT Revilution here. TNT Revilution is a 32 level megawad for Final Doom's TNT.wad (-complevel 4) by The Revilution Team. The suggested naming format is tntrXY-ZZZ.lmp, where XY is the map number and ZZZ is the time. Replace the "-" with a letter to represent categories such as NM (n), fast (f), tyson (t), pacifist (p) nomo (o), or HNTR 47% items (👌 HNTR 47% items 👌). Idgames download link. (Note: the wad has been updated so check your textfile to see an "Updated" date of 07/08/2017 or check the wad itself for a 'last modified date' of 06/29/17) There is a DeHackEd that is required for map 30 to work properly. https://www.doomworld.com/files/file/18810-tnt-revilution/ ----------------------- Map 26 Pacifist in 0:46 tntr26p046.zip
  10. That terrifying moment when you spring a trap in your map that you forgot about :)

    1. Kapanyo


      I know the feeling! It's a good sign. :3

  11. Okay so I solved the issue of PRBoom crashing by fixing a problem with the flats. I'm not seeing any problems with the wall textures though, which ones are giving you issues? Texture pack link in op updated with fix for FLATS issue. Also since I'm here, a few WIP shots.
  12. It seems that I had 2 issues here. This solves the problem of the Unknown entries. This solved the issue of PRBoom crashing. That F_END that you mentioned was part of Perdition's Gate & thought that it was simply a FLAT that could be used, didn't realize that by sharing the name of the end marker that it would cause problems. Thanks to both of you :)
  13. So I'm having an issue with SLADE where it will not convert some PNG's into FLATS. As you can see below I imported 14 PNG graphics & used the "convert to" option & the results was that one graphic was turned into a Flat while the remainder were turned into unknown entries. For the Perdition's Gate Resurgence texture pack I tried to bypass this problem by first converting the PNG's to DOOM graphics & then converting them into FLATS. This appeared to work in the editor, but once you try them with a source port like PRBoom it will not recognize the flats. I didn't notice this issue until I actually started using them in game. I've never created a texture pack from scratch before so I'm not sure if there is something special that I should have done that I don't know about. The texture pack in question. PG Resurge Texture pack A map you can use to see the crash in PRBoom, WIRES03 is displayed as the cause of the crash on this map. JAWS PRG The PNG's in question PG Resurge Flat PNG's
  14. Not stupid, this is an issue.
  15. Plenty of room to join, welcome aboard dt_. Also thanks to a graphic 40oz posted in the pre development thread, I've started working on an M_DOOM. I've only just started working on it, the finished product will be similar in concept to the M_DOOM in Perdition's Gate, but with a different texture theme.