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  1. Jaws In Space

    How do you like your Burgers?

    Top Bun Ketchup (sometimes BBQ Sauce) Bacon Red Onions Kale Colby-Jack Cheese (Optional) Beef Patty (Cooked medium rare) Bottom Bun
  2. Jaws In Space

    TNT Forever (formerly Convilution) development thread

    Hey thanks everyone for volunteering. I'm going to wait until the release of the next build of the wad before I send out any more invites to the Discord. The current version is pretty buggy, but as soon as Kyka sends me some fixes I'll let you all know.
  3. Jaws In Space

    TNT Forever (formerly Convilution) development thread

    Hello everyone I'm looking for a handful of folks to join the TNT Forever discord server to be playtesters for the project. If you enjoy large sprawling maps like the Drake O'Brien maps of Evilution, or the maps of Eternal Doom & Akeldama then you are the kind of playtester that we are looking for. Just drop a message here if you are interested & I'll message you a link.
  4. Jaws In Space

    Best level in Quake?

    E1 - Ziggurat Vertigo is my favorite level overall by a pretty significant margin, with Gloom Keeping being my favorite of the regular E1 maps. E2 - The Installation is the most okay map in the worst Quake episode. E3 - Chambers of Torment is my favorite normal level overall. E4 - The Tower Of Despair is the most okay of the E4 levels.
  5. Jaws In Space

    TNT Forever (formerly Convilution) development thread

    Cool, thanks for the confirmation. I have looked at Chemical Center & it seems that this is a missing teleporter which make the map unbeatable, would there happen to be another version of this map laying around somewhere? Also for curiosity sake, did you happen to play the version of your map that ended up as level 09 of TNT: Revilution? I'd like to know what you though of the map if you did play it.
  6. It's Doom 3's birthday today, I replayed it not too long ago & I thought I would be fun to share my thoughts of the levels.


    Levels 1 & 2: Mars City & Mars City Underground
    Memorable maps & a good introduction to the game. The first level is there for building up a spooky atmosphere for when all Hell breaks loose on map 2.


    Levels 3-8: Mars City: UAC Corporate Division, Administration, & Alpha Labs - Sectors 1-4
    The Doom 3 maps that everyone is referring to when they say Doom 3 is nothing but boring, linear, & corridor heavy techbases. These 6 maps all blend together with only a handful of memorable moments spread across all 6 of them. Only the Demon introduction, the guy with the lantern, & fighting the Vagary stand out as noteworthy events.


    Level 9: Enpro Plant
    This is where Doom 3 starts to get good again. Overall I'd say that this is just an okay level, but it does have the major benefit of being the first fairly open non corridor heavy level.


    Levels 10-14: Communications Transfer, Central Communications Tower, Monorail Skybridge, Recycling, & Monorail Facility
    Finally Doom 3 gets good again. This is a nice run of pretty memorable maps. I think that Monorail Skybridge & Recycling are the highlights here, they benefit greatly by being the maps that introduce the Revenant & Mancubus. This set of 5 maps ends on our second relatively open map Monorail Facility.


    Levels 15-19: Delta Lab Levels 1-4
    The streak of pretty good maps continues with the Delta Labs set of levels. Once again we have another pretty open map here at level 15. The texturing scheme is pretty consistent across these levels so they are not as distinct visually as the levels 10-14 though. Level 18 may be the highlight of this set, the gimmick of teleporting all over the map is pretty interesting.


    Level 20: Hell
    Yeah lets be real here, this is by far and away the best level in the game.


    Level 21: Delta Complex
    On the other hand I think that this is easily the worst level in the game. While Levels 3-8 are boring & forgettable, this map is worse for me because the entire level consists of the player backtracking through levels 15-19.


    Levels 22 - 24: Central Processing Distribution, Central Processing Server Bank, & Site 3
    Probably the best of the techbase maps in the game. These maps really benefit visually from the shores of hell style base overrun by Hell design. Plus all of the demons of the game have been introduced at this point so the gameplay of these maps really shine.


    Levels 25 & 26: Caverns - Areas 1 & 2
    Again we have some very unique levels from a design perspective. I really wish there were more of these martian race maps in the game. These maps are also quite open in comparison to most of the UAC base maps. Again these maps greatly benefit by being able to use the full roster of monsters. It's a shame that the very best levels in the game (22-26) don't show up until the very tail end of Doom 3. The game really would have benefited greatly if there were less standard UAC base maps & more shores of hell & cavern type maps.


    Level 27: Primary Excavation
    An okay final level, the Cyberdemon is pretty easy to beat & it sucks that you have to use the Soul Cube to kill him.


    Overall I'd say that Doom 3 is a pretty okay game. It's a good game the first time that you play it, but it's not something that has a lot of replayability. I think that outright removing levels 3-8 & 21, then expanding on the themes of levels 22-26 would have done wonders for the game. Still though I do have a special fondness for Doom 3 & I have love spooky Doom more than action packed Doom, plus we share the same birthday, so that's cool. Oh & there's one thing about Doom 3 that I think is unquestionably better than Doom 2016. That would be the sound design of the game, the weapons & monsters sound so much more interesting in Doom 3 compared to Doom 2016. The monster & weapon designs themselves are more debatable though.

  7. Jaws In Space

    Perdition's Gate Resurgence (Alpha available for testing)

    Hey everybody, it's been a long time since the last update, so I figured that I should let everyone know what's going on. So shortly after the post I made on February 18th up until the past couple of weeks I have been taking a near complete break from Doom. During this period all that was done on PGR was that I got a few midis from CammyBanana & Eris Falling. I've been slowly getting back into it lately & now progress is moving along at a steady, but pretty slow pace. Here's where the wad stands at the moment. Episode 1: 100% done & ready for idgames. Epsode 2: -Map 19 & Map 20 are not yet vanilla compatible, but both are very close. Wraith worked on the map recently, but is currently inactive for the time being. dt_ will be making some changes to map 20 sometime this week or next week. -Once the last 2 maps are vanilla compatible I will send maps 12-20 off to Doomkid so that he can do multiplayer thing placement for all of them, this will take his roughly a month to do. -I just talked with Stewboy this week, he has had difficulties starting his midis, but he believes that he should get them all done during the next few month's. -I haven't messaged AD_79 recently in regards to his 2 midis for the episode & his E3 midi, so I'm not sure where he stands at the moment. -Lastly I have only written the story for the intermission graphic after map 12, so 13-20 still remain to be done. It's actually a lot harder to write a good story with such limited space than you would think :P Episode 3: -Map 29 remains unfinished, but it should only need texturing work to complete it. Wraith hasn't worked on the map at all this year. -Map 30 has yet to be started. -Maps 21-28 long with 29 & 30 when I eventually get them all need to be tested for vanilla compatibility, this should only take a day for each one, but it will take longer if I end up finding any overflows. -I just recently talked with Yakfak about joining the project as a midi composer, he said that he will take a look at what maps are available after finishing his current project. -None of the story has been written for this episode. So overall there's still quite a bit that needs to be done. I think that it's been a slow year for everyone so we're going to finish off this project at a liesurly pace. Will we be done by the end of the year? I suppose that it's possible, but I think shooting for ealrier in 2022 is a safer bet for now.
  8. Ohhhh, I really want to see this map. I looked at every single screenshot that you took of the green version to remake it as accurately as possible for Duality. I think I got it very close except for the area that is a grid of 3x3 box rooms. That's the only section that you didn't take any screenshots of.
  9. Wow that's kinda crazy, the reason (Here Comes) The Night Train wasn't available to use at the time is because when I joined Revilution to make map 2 (Map05 Graveyard Shift in the final version), I made a short fast paced map, (Here Comes) The Night Train was the only fast paced midi that wasn't already being used anywhere so I asked Kyka if I could use it on my map. As far as I'm aware that was one of kyka's final decisions before he left.
  10. Was Map 20 always going to be Portal Facility? If this is accurate then I was never told about it. When the DWMC played a beta of Revilution back in 2017 I scoured the forums to get as accurate a description of the development of the project. Here's what I wrote concerning map 20: "Map 20 is Portal Facility by Phobus, it was accepted into Revilution by Eris Falling near the middle of August 2016. Phobus joined Revilution oh his own accord shortly after Eris removed 3 maps from Revilution that we had released as a demo. The map was inspired by the film Event Horizon & Evilution map 6 Open Season. Phobus also intended to also make map 21 as a followup to this map, but due to time restraints he was never able to get around to it. When Phobus dropped out of making map 21 I wanted to move Eradrop's map from the map 21 slot to the map 20 slot, Eradrop had intended his map to close E2, but Kyka had placed it as E3's opener, also Eris Falling yelled at me when I attempted to move Eradrops map to map slot 20. I was still hesitant with keeping this map here once Eris had dropped out, but instead of Eradrops map I was now wanting to move gaspes map to map slot 20, in the end it was the story text that I had written that kept the maps where they are now. When I was writing the Story for Revilution I decided to make this map a depiction of the interior of one of the hell ships, like the one that appears on the title screen of Evilution." Also I looked through a few old PM's between Eris, Phobus, & myself. Phobus didn't even make Portal Facility knowing that it would be paired with Hell's Furnace, that happened after he was finished with the map & it really only happened because Hell's Furnace happened to be assigned to the map 20 spot.
  11. Jaws In Space

    TNT Forever (formerly Convilution) development thread

    @Xaser Quick question regarding Outpost by Whoo. Is the version you posted Whoo's revised version of the map? I'm pretty sure that it is, but I know that there's 2 different versions of that map so I'd better be sure.
  12. Jaws In Space

    TNT Forever (formerly Convilution) development thread

    That's a guarantee at this point. I believe our total map count is 34 with Kyka on the search for at least one more map called Miniluv.
  13. Jaws In Space

    TNT Forever (formerly Convilution) development thread

    Thanks Xaser, thanks to Alter I had most of his maps already, but Chemical Center by Whoo is new to me so that's a bonus. I've gone and gotten permission to use these maps from the folks who are still active. Unearthed Temple is the only one we currently don't have permission to use. We'll be sure to change the name of Brimstone Labs, the red rock of that map kinda clashes with the overall them of the episode so we might be retexturing it, so the name might not even fit anyways.
  14. Hello Kyka & welcome back to Doomworld. I look forward to working on TNT Forever with you & hopefully it'll end up a bit closer to your vision for TNT 2 that what Revilution ended up being. Uni is SFoZ911, the person who made Revilution Map01.
  15. Jaws In Space

    Most recent movie you saw

    Godzilla vs Kong CONTAINS SPOILERS! I just finished watching this film on HBO Max a few minutes ago. Overall I liked it. It's probably my favorite of the American Godzilla trilogy. A large part of it has to do with focusing a lot less on the human characters, which have been pretty poorly handled in all of these films. Though I will admit that the the characters here are by far the best of the 3 films, especially Kaylee Hottle as Jia who has an interesting bond with Kong. The real stars of this film of course are Godzilla & Kong, with the main focus being on Kong. Each monster has a unique personality that shows through during the films runtime. The visual design of this film was quite good. As much as I hated the 2014 Godzilla film I have to admit that Gareth Edwards has a keen eye for interesting shots & good cinematography, something that was sorely lacking in Godzilla King of the Monsters save for a few key moments. The biggest aspect about this film that I disliked was just how weird it is, now I've seen every single Godzilla film so far, so I know how bizarre that the classic films got in the past, but considering that this series started off from a fairly grounded standpoint it's so strange to see the hollow earth realm & Mechagodzilla just 3 movies in. Still though if you are looking for a film that has giant monsters duking it out in the middle of a large city & not much else then you are sure to have a lot of fun with this movie.