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  1. The Cacowards are less than a month away :0 There's some tough competition this year, especially for Ultimate Doom, but there wads were some of my favorites.


    The Ultimate Doom

    -Bury My Heart Knee Deep


    -Lunar Catastrophe




    Doom 2



    -Lost Civilization

    -Mass Extinction

    -MMDCXIV Journey Into 27 Century


    Also gotta mention Hedon an entirely new game for the GZDoom engine which is simply amazing.



  2. Jaws In Space

    Could you Would You in a Box - A 2048 Megawad (Final Release)

    Yay I made & released a megawad! https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/coulduwouldu
  3. Jaws In Space

    for how long did you lurk b4 joining?

    I would have first found Doomworld in August 2004, but wouldn't start heavily lurking until August 2005 through early 2008. Then I occasionally visited until early 2012 when I frequently lurked again until joining.
  4. Jaws In Space

    Could you Would You in a Box - A 2048 Megawad (Final Release)

    Okay everybody this is the last call for bugs. I've had a few pointed out to me via PM & I've found a few myself as I've been extensively playtesting all the maps this month. Could You Would You In A Box The wad goes up onto the archive on November 1st, report any bugs that you may find before then.
  5. Jaws In Space

    TNT 2: Devilution (Clean thread, new updates)

    After spending about 10 minutes in GZDoomBuilder using the Find & Replace mode. I can say that the texture SLADRIP1 appears a grand total of 9 times across maps 8, 11, 19, & 20. Of those 9 instances the sawblade portion appears 0 times.
  6. Jaws In Space

    Perdition's Gate Resurgence Development thread (14 mapslots open)

    Some of my mappers have expressed a similar concern with me via PM & are in agreement with you. So I've sent 6 maps off to Alfonzo & he agreed to take a look at them next weekend.
  7. Jaws In Space

    Perdition's Gate Resurgence Development thread (14 mapslots open)

    All submitted maps that don't make it into PGR will be collected & released sometime after the main wad.
  8. Jaws In Space

    Switcheroom 2 revival (1 map open)

    Sure you can do that if you want to. In that case, does anyone want to make The Living End as a Starport map?
  9. Jaws In Space

    Perdition's Gate Resurgence Development thread (14 mapslots open)

    Announcement Hey everybody, you may have noticed that the thread title has changed from only 5 open map slots to 14 & the OP is looking a bit slimmer than it was last month. This is because of some recent feedback received on the project. 4ShockBlast had some less than stellar things to say about a few of the maps in the project, after getting a second opinion I have made the decision to pull all of my maps from the project as they were the worst maps in the set. Nobody else has to worry about their maps being pulled, if I have already accepted your map then it's going to be part of the final release. It's a bit upsetting to have to remove all of my maps & it does set the project back quite a ways, but in the end I hope that the project is better off for it, making the best possible Perdition's Gate sequel is the ultimate goal of this project. Hopefully we can get some fresh blood to fill in the newly opened spaces. With that there are now 4 open spaces in E1, 4 open spaces in E2, & 6 open spaces in E3. For now I'll keep the deadline for all maps as July of next year. Though I'm sure I'll have to extend that a bit. As for some good news, I'd like to welcome @AD_79, @Jark, & @Eradrop to the project, all joined up last month to make some maps for the 3rd episode, Eradop is in charge of making the finale to the wad.
  10. Jaws In Space

    Hell Revealed tribute maps

    Thanks for the demos, I don't know what the heck my problem has been with these maps and tagging items incorrectly. You should have had 60 additional rockets & 120 cells for that PE fight, but for some reason I tagged them multiplayer only. I'll fix a few other issues I noticed in your demo like floating health packs & a gate that should be impassible. Oops, I simply forgot to tag the arch-vile doors to open in map 3.
  11. Jaws In Space

    Hell Revealed tribute maps

    2 for the price of one! New maps! I'll make one more of these remakes & then I will be done & move on to other things, this last one is going to take awhile. New Map 1 New Map 3
  12. Jaws In Space

    Switcheroom 2 revival (1 map open)

    Hey guys I just want to check in with a few people. @Chainie & @DukeOfDoom how has progress been going since your last updates? Also @dpstatic, @ShadesMaster, & @Big Ol Billy how are updates to you maps going? Does anyone want to have a go at making The Focus as a Hell map?
  13. Jaws In Space

    Is BTSX the best vanilla-compatible megawad so far?

    Picking a best megawad based on map design & difficulty really comes down to an individuals personal taste. For example a player who enjoys slaughter or puzzle maps probably wouldn't label BTSX E1 as the best vanilla megawad. On the other hand visual effects are a bit more objective, & in that department BTSX E1 does excel & is certainly near the top. To answer your question from my own personal standpoint based on all 3 of your points I would say that REKKR is the best vanilla megawad of all time. If you are looking for more vanilla megawads to play, here is a list of 35. 1994-12-13 NJ Doom 1995-11-20 Cleimos II 1995-12-10 Memento Mori 1996-03-21 Icarus: Alien Vanguard 1996-05-31 TNT Evilution 1996-05-31 The Plutonia Experiment 1996-07-27 Memento Mori II 1996-08-xx Perdition's Gate 1996-08-xx Hell to Pay 1996-10-31 Realm of Chaos 1997-05-02 Hell Revealed 1997-07-04 Requiem 1997-09-14 S.T.R.A.I.N 1997-11-14 Eternal Doom 1997-11-27 Invasion 1998-03-15 Invasion 2 1998-10-19 Mars War 1999-12-19 Demonfear 2001-09-16 Revolution! 2002-07-24 2002: A Doom Odyssey 2002-12-26 Alien Vendetta 2003-04-10 Scythe 2003-12-31 Hell Revealed II 2005-03-09 Kama Sutra 2008-12-31 Plutonia 2 2010-11-25 Epic 2 2011-04-19 Plutonia: Revisited Community Project 2011-12-10 Doom the Way id Did 2012-01-18 Base Ganymede: Complete 2013-12-23 Doom 2 the Way Id Did 2014-10-28 Switcheroom 2017-03-09 Back to Saturn X E1 2017-05-29 TNT Revilution 2018-08-04 Doom 64 for Doom II 2018-09-02 REKKR
  14. Jaws In Space

    Switcheroom 2 revival (1 map open)

    Sorry to hear that you don't think your map is up to par. Switcheroom 2, will have a forgotten maps, I will compile & release it shortly after the main megawad.