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  1. Jaws In Space

    How long was Evilution in development for?

    January 1995 - Team TNT Founded July 1995 - The Casali's Join Team TNT 24 October 1995 - ID buys TNT Evilution (Some maps removed from project by Shawn Green) 17 June 1996 - Final Doom is released
  2. Jaws In Space

    Worst State in the United States

    Here's a map of all the states I've been to with the one I live in shaded darker. There are a lot of metrics on how to determine what the worst state is so I'll base my answer on what I do when I visit each state, hiking & visiting federal, state, & local parks & preserves. From the states I've visited I can say without a shadow of a doubt the state that is by far and away the absolute worst for outdoor recreational activities is Mississippi. I've actually hiked the state f couple times, a few days in 2016 & also a few days in March of this year. Not only are there just far less parks to visit compared to other states, but the ones that do exist are all in a state of disrepair. The locals don't seem to give a shit about their parks either as a rather high number of them seemed to be used as dumping grounds for trash or they are used as place to destroy the roads by mud running with their big stupid trucks. I think I'd put Indiana as second worst, but that has more to do with the fact that it's a state in the middle of absolutely nothing.
  3. Jaws In Space

    Does anyone know who created TNT's custom textures?

    For old team Megawads made back in the 90's there's 2 good ways to figure out who made the custom textures. First is to look at the first 2 or 3 letters of a textures name. For Example in TNT: Evilution you can see some textures that start with the letters DO, DOB, & TY. These would have been made or found by Drake O'Brien & Ty Halderman. Second is to look at whose map the custom textures appear on. Again as an example there are several custom TNT: Evilution textures that appear only on the 4 Casali maps. Since from Plutonia we know that the Casali's are capable of making their own textures, it's pretty safe to assume that they made the custom textures that they used on their maps. Beyond that if it's not documented in a text file it's pretty much impossible to know for sure.
  4. Jaws In Space

    Do you see the Moon at Daytime?

    Okay so this thread made me a bit curious to find out if the Moon is affected by the Earth's axis at the North & South Pole in Summer & Winter like the Sun is. Here's a quote from an article I found. "At the beginning of Summer, when the sun is highest in the sky, the moon would be in the sky for 2 weeks; the 2 weeks closest to New Moon. Then the moon would be below the horizon for 2 weeks. At the beginning of Fall, when the sun is at sunset all of the time, the moon would be up in your sky for the 2 weeks closest to Last Quarter , and then below the horizon for the next 2 weeks. At the beginning of Winter, when it's nighttime all of the time, the moon would be in the sky for the 2 weeks closest to Full Moon, and then below the horizon for the next 2 weeks. And at the beginning of Spring, when the sun is at sunrise all of the time, the moon would be up in the sky for the 2 weeks closest to First Quarter, and then below the horizon for the next 2 weeks." So it turns out that at the North & South Pole there are 4 two week periods near the Equinoxes & Solstices where the Moon wouldn't be visible at all. Also if you live south of the 45th North Parallel or north of the 45th South Parallel the Moon can be viewed year round & can end up being viewed at any time during the day.
  5. Jaws In Space

    Do you see the Moon at Daytime?

    What a bizarre question. Do some people just not look up during the day? Have they not heard of Solar Eclipses? Yes the Moon can be visible at all times of the day.
  6. Yes, feel free to make something. Just as a reminder this project is aiming for vanilla compatibility, also maps are to be made in the style of the original map authors Tom Mustaine & Jimmy Sieben. If you need help with any of those aspects feel free to ask, & if all else fails I've made changes to many of the maps in this project to get them were they need to be. Also custom midis are greatly appreciated as we are still quite a few short of where we need to be.
  7. I don't know what happened to v0.5, but here is v0.6 which is the most up to date. I think only map 29 is a little outdated. PGR_Alpha0.6.zip
  8. Jaws In Space

    Doom alpha 0.3 converted into a standard wad

    I couldn't find the original link, but I hope this is what you are looking for Doom V0.3 for Doom This was originally created by Linguica a few days after V0.3 was released to the public.
  9. Hey everyone, well it's been over a year since anything has happened in this thread so I figure it's probably time to update everyone on what's going on. Back in February I got a finalized version of Map 29 from Wraith. The plan then was for me to start working on Map 30, which I actually did do for a couple weeks before I kinda got depressed and gave up on it. So in April I got back in contact with Wraith & gave him the go ahead to start working on Map 30 himself. I haven't seen him on Doomworld since then so I'm not sure of the current status of the map at the moment. As for Map 4 I'm going to have to open this one up for submissions once again. If anyone want's to take a stab at it let me know.
  10. Jaws In Space

    Has anyone tried to figure out the map credits for Hell To Pay?

    Yeah my mistake I meant Map 9. Good catch on the same midi in both maps, I had not even noticed.
  11. Jaws In Space

    Has anyone tried to figure out the map credits for Hell To Pay?

    As far as Map 10 goes it's a bit of an outlier, but I'll defend it as a Mackey McCandlish map. There's a few reason for this. First in both PG & HTP textures that start with the letters AV (short for Avatar aka Makey's nickname) appear almost exclusively in Mackey maps. If you look in map 10 you will see there are several uses of AV textures. Second there extreme height differences used on Map 10 is actually something that Mackey has done before in Memento Mori Map 12 Kinetics. Thirdly Mackey is the creator of the 3D models for the new monsters, Map 10 is the debut map for the new Pain Elemental & Lost Soul. It would make a bit of sense for him to be the one to show off his designs in his own map. For Map 14 yeah it's quite the stretch to see it as a Jimmy Sieben map, but as I said this one does feature what I'm calling a Jimmy Sieben monster closet. These monster closets appear on Maps 2 as sector 204, 9 as sector 234, 14 as sector 161, 22 as sector 297, & 28 as sector 201. Again I'll defend Map 28 as a Jimmy Sieben map as it's one of the maps I'm most confident about. Right off the bat with the starting room I get callbacks to Evilution Map 9 where we start in a small courtyard with widows above us all around containing monsters. Withing HTP I would compare sector 39 of Map 28 with sector 33 of Map 2 as an example of similar map design. That along with very similar texture usage across both maps. For a final point, if we compare Map 28 of HTP with Map 26 of PG again we see 2 map with many shared design traits & very similar texture usage. Since I'm quite confident that PG map 26 is a Jimmy Sieben map I am quite confident HTP map 28 is as well.
  12. Jaws In Space

    Has anyone tried to figure out the map credits for Hell To Pay?

    Well I was hoping someone had done this already to save me some work, but I guess not. So I decided to spend a few hours studying the designs that pop up across the maps & I have come up with the below list. There's a few I'm still not sure on, for example 14 seems like a pretty safe bet for Pavel Hodek, but there is a Jimmy Sieben monster closet in this map, that plus the fact that jimmy is the designer of the other map that has ghost monsters leaves me unsure which of the 2 mappers made this map. I'm pretty sure that maps 16, 18, & 21 are by the same mapper, there is a chance that these were made by Pavel Hodek, but they really do stand out as a bit different. They could be maps by Genesis Krzyzaniak, but since the only other maps from him I can use for reference are DM maps, I really can't tell for sure. Lastly is Map 29, for this one I'm leaning toward Jimmy Sieben, but it could be a Pavel Hodek map as well. 01 Pavel Hodek 02 Jimmy Sieben 03 Pavel Hodek 04 Pavel Hodek 05 Pavel Hodek 06 Pavel Hodek 07 Pavel Hodek 08 Pavel Hodek 09 Jimmy Sieben 10 Mackey McCandlish 11 Pavel Hodek 12 Pavel Hodek 13 Pavel Hodek 14 ? 15 Pavel Hodek 31 Pavel Hodek 32 Pavel Hodek 16 ? 17 Pavel Hodek 18 ? 19 Pavel Hodek 20 Pavel Hodek 21 ? 22 Jimmy Sieben 23 Mackey McCandlish 24 Mackey McCandlish 25 Mackey McCandlish 26 Mackey McCandlish 27 Mackey McCandlish 28 Jimmy Sieben 29 ? 30 Pavel Hodek
  13. Jaws In Space

    Has anyone tried to figure out the map credits for Hell To Pay?

    Actually Map 26 of Perdition's Gate is designed by Jimmy Sieben. In the below chart from Tom Mustaine you can see that almost all maps are accounted for except that there are 2 differences. Map 18 is credited to Jimmy & Map 26 is credited to Tom, now from Tom Mustaine's old website we know that he later credits himself with making Map 18. So if that's the case then it's probably safe to assume that Map 18 & 26 were swapped near the end of development. Now if we look at Map 26 & compare it with known Jimmy Sieben maps like Map 27 & 28 then there are a few design tropes evident in all 3 maps. So I'm near 100% certain that Perdition's Gate map 26 is a Jimmy Sieben map.
  14. I think that Pavel Hodek was the main designer of Hell To Pay as Tom Mustain was with Perdition's Gate, so the vast majority of maps are most likely his. At some point in development Jimmy Sieben & especially Mackey McCandlish were brought in to fill out each megawad. As far as I can tell Jim Elson, even though credited as a designer, never actually made any maps for either HTP or PerdGate. That leaves Genesis Krzyzaniak as the last credited map author for HTP. Below is what I've been able to safely identify. Mackey McCandlish has an extremely distinct style of map, so his stick out really easily. Jimmy Sieben also has a pretty distinct style so I was able to identify at least 4 of his maps. I really can't seem to find any difference between the maps of Pavel Hodek & Genesis Krzyzaniak as of yet. I credited map 11 to Pavel as he has trucks in that map that would also appear in one of his H2H-Xmas maps. 01 ? 02 Jimmy Sieben 03 ? 04 ? 05 ? 06 ? 07 ? 08 ? 09 Jimmy Sieben 10 Mackey McCandlish 11 Pavel Hodek 12 ? 13 ? 14 ? 15 ? 31 ? 32 ? 16 ? 17 ? 18 ? 19 ? 20 ? 21 ? 22 Jimmy Sieben 23 Mackey McCandlish 24 Mackey McCandlish 25 Mackey McCandlish 26 Mackey McCandlish 27 Mackey McCandlish 28 Jimmy Sieben 29 ? 30 ?
  15. Jaws In Space

    Share Your Sprites!

    Nice! Glad I'm not the only one who saw the obvious similarities between these 2 monsters. It goes beyond just that though as there is an even older version of the same monster that appears in Hovertank 3D.