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  1. Jaws In Space

    Commissioning mods?

    This happened to me & a few others last year. Payment was to be $100 per each map made, I turned down the offer as the game designer was making a fully 3d game & I didn't really want to put a bunch of effort into learning how to map all over again. I made an offer of $150 for a complete sprite set to replace one of the Doom monsters for a wad I was working on. Ultimately something like this was just to much work for not enough money. $300 would have been enough, but I didn't have that kind of money to spend.
  2. Jaws In Space

    TNT Revilution: Final release now on ID Games!

    Hey guys I just wanted to share something special with everyone who participated in the project. Within the past few hours Revilution reached over 2000 downloads from idgames, done just shy of the 1 year anniversary of release! I'm not sure what these numbers are based on, but if 100% accurate this makes Revilution the most downloaded wad & 2nd most downloaded file on the archive. I just want to give a very special thanks to everyone who made maps, graphics, music, playtested, & so much more for this project. Just as importantly I want to give a very big thanks to everyone who has downloaded & played Revilution so far, it means so much to me & everyone else on the Revilution team who put so much hard work & effort into making this wad the best it could possibly be.
  3. Jaws In Space

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    1. Yeah it's not that uncommon among films. Everyone here is just analyzing the hell out of the film & sharing every single tidbit of information that gets released, that's why it seems like so much. 2. Direct to video films obviously don't have the marketing budget of theatrical releases so they share as much information as they can on social media to generate interest from the target audience & to also make sure that they are aware that a Doom movie is coming out. Then they move on to spending money on releasing trailers & other promotional material to gain the attention of general moviegoers.
  4. Jaws In Space

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Something like that can easily be addressed with a throwaway line from one of the new characters. "I heard about the UAC doing experiment's like this years ago on Mars. Some thing went wrong & the whole base got destroyed" "Where there any survivors?" "Supposedly there were 2, but nobody's seen them since the incident"
  5. Jaws In Space

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    Before a bunch of map changes & stuff starts getting thrown around I want to make sure that scifista has the most recent updates to everyone's maps. Switcheroom 2 Alpha V2.1 The only difference between this version of the wad & the previous alpha from October 2, 2015 is the updating of the following maps. Map 5 - Walter Confetti from March 5, 2016 *fixed version of my map Map 7 - traversd from October 2, 2015 *increased light level in underground area *tidied up platform in southern crate room *reworked end room a bit *fixed stuck caco *changed invisibilty secret Map 14 - Joe-Ilya from April 6, 2016 *Shitload of changes. Map 23 - Tactical Stiffy from April 7, 2016 *BTW I did go back and re-texture some of the ugliness of the map for the next official Alpha release. Map 32 - Joe-Ilya from April 6, 2016 *Made the layout uncampable. In addition I'm going to link Dark Descent by Joe-Ilya which is his version of The Crusher in E3 style that he made back in April of 2016. Dark Descent
  6. Jaws In Space

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Not too surprising. Has Universal 1440 Entertainment made a movie that hasn't been a sequel?
  7. Jaws In Space

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    Map 21: Church of Evil Worst map in the wad Map 21: alternate map 6 in E1 style by Joe-Ilya A surprisingly well executed map that captures the hellish theme. Monster count is a bit high & the map would need to appear later in the episode, but for me this map is far superior to the one Blue Feena submitted. Map 22: Dark Descent This map more than any other so far feels like a simple retexturing of the original map. Map 23: Unhallowed Fortress Good map, captures the hellish them quite well & was quite fun to play. Map 24: Fellowz Keep Fun map, no complaints. Map 25: Camp Blood Fun map, no complaints Map 26: Brutto This map is okay, it does about as much as it can do with the original layout. Any complaint I would have would be the fault of the original map. Map 27: Seoreh Cinatas Hell of a lot better than Tenements :P Map 28: Spirit Traps This map is simply boring. It's quite a bit easier than the original map, & some of the encounters are hardly even changed. Map 29: "O" of Life! Same issues as map 28. Way too easy & overly similar to the original map. Map 30: Yuggoth Sins Really hard, but still a fun map. Map 31: Map 23 in Wolfenstein style by Megalyth Really fun map. Map 32: Grosse Simple Yeah this map changes almost nothing from it's original. The Hell episode of maps is a really mixed bad, it contains some of the best maps in the wad, but also some of the worst. So of the hell episode maps I would say Church of Evil should be replaced by Joe-Ilyas map. Then Dark Descent, Spirit Traps, "O" of Life!, & Grosse Simple need to be heavily reworked or replaced.
  8. Helped my dad out yesterday in conducting a shorebird survey here in Muskegon county. I used the opportunity to take some bird photos to flesh out my collection.


    Red-winged Blackbird


    Greater Yellowlegs


    Piping Plover


    Lesser Yellowlegs


    Horned Grebe


    Upland Sandpiper


  9. Jaws In Space

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    Map 12: Underfactory An alright map that does somewhat capture the feel of a city. Big proble here is the map author copying several features from The Factory. Also that Mancubus stuck in the wall is a bad homage to Underhalls & it should be fixed. Map 13: Misanthropia Great map, no complaints. Map 14: Ruins This map doesn't do anything at all to even try & resemble a city map. Map 15: Wolfencity Didn't care for this map much at all. It looks like a city so I can't fault it on the theme, but in doing so the scale of the map was increased making this one a real slog to get through. Not helping the matter is some really dickish monster placement & a serious lack of supplies all around. Map 16: Waterside Probably cannonballs best map in here. Liked this one quite a bit. Map 17: Projects This map is awful, I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing, which is a serious problem when you maps is the size of The Focus. Map 18: Infected Well Another fun map from cannonball Map 19: Abandoned Market Same problems hare as in map 8. This one is simply too big for it's own good making most of the monsters in the map completely nonthreatening. I liked the city episode of maps a lot less than the tech base maps, which is really disappointing for me as maps 12-20 of Doom 2 are some of my favorite IWAD maps. Anyways of the city episode maps I say that Ruins, Wolfencity, Projects, & Abandoned Market need either major edits or to be replaced entirely.
  10. Jaws In Space

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    Okay. Map 1: Iconic This map is pretty much the worst offender in the wad when in comes to combining the layout of 2 different maps. The layout is map 30 plus elements of map 1, along with all of the texturing being copied strait from map 1. I do like the start room quite a bit, but the icon room bad for the reason I've already mentioned. Like Cannonball I was going to suggest re doing the room by having the exit where the Romero head would normally be, I had something like e!M3 of Doom in mind for this. Map 2: Coolant Zone An okay map from Magnusblitz, I don't have anything noteworthy to say about this one other than I think it should appear later in the episode. Map 3: Nirvantlet One of the better maps of the episode if you ask me, the map 3 homages should be removed, but otherwise I quite like this map. Map 4: Low Power Again one of the better maps, no complaints from me. Map 5: The Citadel in E1 style Not much of a fan of this map. First off the inability to circle around the outside of this map takes away one of the best elements of the original map. On the other hand the interior navigation was simplified a bit, but still this one stick too closely to The Citadel in my opinion. This is a map that really need to go in it's own direction & improve upon the faults of the original map. Map 6: Nukage Underworld This map is really just The Living end with tech base textures. Nothing has been done to change up the layout or gameplay to make it into a tech base map. Not a fan. Map 7: The Facility Best map in the wad. Please make more maps traversd <3 Map 8: Sector Zeta This map doesn't work for me at all. Extremely spacious & except for texturing does nothing to fit with the tech base theme. Map 9: Monster Condo in E1 style except for the elements & texturing of this map taken strait from Circle of Death I don't have any major problems with this map. Map 10: Starport 2nd best map of the episode, no complaints about this one. Map 11: Death Yard I have the same issues with this map as I did Sector Zeta, it's overly big & doesn't do much to fit the tech base them aside from it's texture usage. Of the tech base episode maps I would say that Iconic, Nukage Underworld, Sector Zeta, Death Yard, & Walters map all need either major edits or to be replaced entirely.
  11. Jaws In Space

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    Hey @scifista42 that was real nice of you to answer a question a few hours ago in the Editing Questions & then subsequently ignore everyone complaints over here in this project that you are in charge of.
  12. Jaws In Space

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    Okay @scifista42 several of the folks involved with the project here don't like my aggressive behavior, so lets talk then. Here's why I personally am so frustrated. You came to me during the Alpha phase of Switcheroom & asked if you could lead a Switcheroom 2 project. I was more than happy to let you, Switcheroom was a fucking nightmare to finish & I didn't want anything to do with the sequel. I put my trust in you ability to get the project done & you know what, I'll admit that you did a fine job of that, you went from 0 maps to a 32 map Alpha in less than 20 month's. That's pretty impressive for a modern megawad & that's all on you. Once the Alpha phase got going on October 2, 2015 though your leadership has been pretty much non existent. For 2 and a half years you have let everyone's maps languish in development hell. On several occasions you have promised to start up a quality control phase & still we have yet to see that happen. The most frustrating thing about it is that you are on Doomworld nearly every single day helping someone out over in the Editing thread. At this point in time you could have literally given feedback on 1 map per month & the project could have been finished by now. It's not you poor leadership that's frustrating everyone here, it's your complete lack of willingness to do anything at all even though you frequent Doomworld constantly.
  13. Jaws In Space

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    I listen to the people who actually have participated in this project.
  14. Jaws In Space

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    Okay times up Scifista. @Archi @BlueFeena @C30N9 @cannonball @Cell @Fernito @Inkie @Jayextee @Magnusblitz @Megalyth @NuMetalManiak @sincity2100 @Tactical Stiffy @traversd @Walter confetti I want to know who, if anybody will be sticking with scifista? As of right now Joe-Ilya, Tourniquet, & myelsef are done here & we will be taking our maps to a new thread. If any of you wish to stay here under scifista, now is the time for you to speak up. Otherwise you can go with me & actually see this project get released. I'll give you all some time to think it over, the new thread will be going up on Friday.
  15. Jaws In Space

    Endurance speedmapping

    I remember this endurance speedmapping session that appeared right around the time I decided to join Doomworld. The results were not that great.