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  1. Just saw it & I've got to say that I didn't enjoy it all that much. The first hour or so of the film was pretty solid with building up the characters & setting a rather tense setup, but really this part of the film was just copying what Alien had already mastered. Once David shows up though the whole film just falls apart. Everyone suddenly becomes extremely stupid as they get picked off one by one. I hated the ending, such a stupid cliche & I saw it coming from a mile away. The film should have cut it's cast in half, most of them were completely forgettable & served as nothing more than canon fodder. Also I thought that the film handled Dr. Elizabeth Shaw's character very poorly, she was the most interesting thing about Prometheus & they completely dropped the ball here. Anyways here's how I rate the films Aliens 10/10 my favorite film of all time Alien 10/10 Alien3 9/10 Alien Vs Predator 5/10 Alien: Resurrection 5/10 Alien: Covenant 4/10 Prometheus 2/10 Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem 1/10
  2. Favorite Movie Genre: Action Favorite Food: Lasagna, I've got my own special recipe, it's got zucchini, summer squash, & three types of cheese mmmm.... Favorite Holiday: Veterans Day, because I get lots of free food :D Favorite Memory: Lots of stuff, can't pick one, most having to do with big hiking trips around the US & Canada Worst Memory: yeah no Age: 26 Favorite Outfit: T-shirt & jeans Favorite Genre Of Music: 80's New Wave & Synth-pop Most Hated Genre of Music: Country Left Handed or Right Handed: Right Worst Injury: I pulled some muscles in my back & couldn't work for a week Favorite Hobby: besides Doom, hiking or watching movies Your Definition of Success: Being happy In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: Maybe
  3. Saw some newborn deer yesterday while out hiking, twins probably no more than a few hours old. One was standing & staring at me, I though he would run as I approached to take a photo, but he just crouched down to hide with his sibling enabling me to walk right up to them. I got a few good shots & then continued on my hike.


    1. Nine Inch Heels
    2. Fonze


      That's awesome! A rare moment and it's really cool that you managed to capture it in pics. Thankfully Mom didn't come home while you took the pictures, lol.

    3. StormCatcher.77


      That's what really cheers up. :3

  4. Time for a long overdue update. I've had lots of free time lately to get back to some old projects. This week I've finished up the last few WIP maps for E1 that I started nearly 2 years ago. Maps 1-11 are now done & balanced, maps 12-20 still need need to be checked how they play with the DeHackEd. I'll get to testing maps 12-20 eventually, then after that I'll move on to making maps 21-32. Could You Would You In A Box I've only tested this with GZDoom, it might work with PRBoom, but no promises.
  5. I swear to god if someone ever remakes Jaws I'll never watch another movie from the filmmakers or the studio that backed them again.
  6. On May 7th last year I took a hiking trip to The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Near the end of one particular hike I found myself at the southern end of The Devil Hole. Looking east to south I took a series of photos with may camera with the intention of stitching them together when I got back home to form a big panoramic shot. The second & third photos meshed quite well, but the first & fourth didn't work out so much. My cover photo for Doomworld & a few other websites that I use is taken from the top half of the third photo.
  7. Glad to see my mistake accidentally started this community project. I'm having fun seeing what other people come up with in such limited space. Anyways here's an update to my map. This now has difficulty settings & a custom sky & midi. The Sky is by Eradrop & the midi is drpoles by jmickle. https://www.dropbox.com/s/x4gkmkwi019zs78/Jaws 256.wad?dl=1
  8. Has anyone talked with Valkiriforce recently? He hasn't been on Doomworld for a month now.
  9. What an update! https://www.dropbox.com/s/bpuq6wth1u09tq2/FreedoomE3.wad?dl=1 This includes map 21 with a few more tiny changes & a now updated map 22. A new map 23 is currently in the works by Jimmy. All of the other maps will be moved up by one mapslot. Also, question. The current map 23, soon to be map 24, uses the SS Nazi replacement as a standard monster, has it been decided what is going to become of these guys yet?
  10. :D glad you liked it.
  11. Ah glad you liked it, feel free to use my map if you wish. It's not like I've got anywhere else to put it :)
  12. Made a map in about an hour and a half. https://www.dropbox.com/s/x4gkmkwi019zs78/Jaws 256.wad?dl=1 Edit: After reading the OP a bit more carefully I see that this isn't a community project! Oops.
  13. Swampy ground.
  14. Aw dang, didn't realize that, how do we do direct downloads now then?
  15. I haven't made a map of my own since October, so I decided to get back into it by doing something small, only spent around 3 hours on this. So here's a 1024x1024 map by me. Map is limit removing. Midi is Descent by KevinHEZ. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/4l90oooohlv4sop/Jaws 1024.wad?dl=1