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  1. Quick update to the resource file. I forgot to convert the sky from a PNG into Doom format, so it was causing PRBoom to crash. BR3 resource
  2. Tim Willits sister. She designed the layout, where he did the texturing and thing placement.
  3. Died on map 2. I've played map 1 before, didn't like it, & never bothered playing past it. So naturally I died on map 2 where I was playing blind. Demo
  4. Yeah, feel free. The link a few posts above is the most recent version.
  5. Just had a quick look inside the wad. It appears that the patches for Metal 2-7 were included in the wad, might be others, but I don't have time to look in depth at the moment.
  6. No, I did try to upload it sometime in April I think, but it was rejected due to having ID Software assets included. I was having troubles with being blocked from Gamers.org around that time so I just PMed Obsidian & told him what was up & left it at that.
  7. Oh please this is Disney we're talking about here, they are the most controlling focus group based studio in Hollywood. Were talking about the studio that took control away from Gareth Edwards on Rogue One, fired Phil Lord & Chris Miller halfway through Solo, & let Colin Trevorrow go halfway through the production of Episode 9. Disney is a company more than any other that only cares about the profits, that's why they don't take any risks with their properties. The films that they are releasing are Star Wars, Marvel, & their live action remakes, all of which are films that they can put very little creative effort into & they will still be guaranteed money makers. I will say that these Disney Star Wars films are some of the very best looking, it's clear that they put tons of money into the production & visual design of these films, Episode 8 easily has the best cinematography of the whole series. It's just that the story & characters are completely lifeless. I feel absolutely nothing while watching these films, sure this or that fight may have looked cool, but I feel absolutely nothing for whats happening on screen. Another thing that irks me about these films though is that they bring up so many unresolved plot threads, & the only way to find out about them is to go out & buy some tie in novels. That's some EA level micro transaction like BS right there, tell the whole damned story in the movie, I shouldn't have to go out & buy a book or read something online to figure out what's going on. The fans of Star Wars were so happy to see someone other than George Lucas have some creative control over these films, he had betrayed our trust time & again with the special editions & the prequel trilogy. The fans were ready to give Disney the chance to prove themselves, there was no way that Episode 7 wasn't going to make hundreds of millions of dollars for them, is was guaranteed. All they had to do to prove to fans that they cared about Star Wars was to just put effort into the story & characters that we loved. But instead they gave us a run of 3 movies not one of which I've liked more than the Phantom Menace.
  8. Last chance for any updates, I will upload this tomorrow.
  9. +++ Heretic
  10. Hey guys, were one month in. How are those maps coming along?
  11. Well as far as I'm concerned I consider this one to be a pretty big success. Sure there's only 4 maps, but plenty of other people showed interest who couldn't participate. My weekends are mostly busy for the next month, but there will be an opening for me on February 23 where I'll be able to host another session. Anyways here's a beta of the 4 maps along with a text file. Heretic Speedmaps I'd appreciate it if some folks gave these maps a playthrough. Also If anyone wants to make a Titlepic or something that would be cool, but I am fine with releasing this without one.
  12. While that works in linear maps, it doesn't work in a large open sandbox map like this. I can end up spending all my health and ammo in one area only to find out that I've not gone the right way to progress, but now I'm out of the supplys that are supposed to appear just in time had I gone in the correct direction. I gave the map a second go just now & yeah since I'm now aware of where I need to go in order to progress I find that I do have more ammo to take out the enemies, but low heath is still an issue. The Quarts Flask #330 is pretty much the last significant supply of health that is of any value & even then it hardly did anything to help me both times that I played the map. Once you get to the Blue key there's no point in doing anything except for rushing the exit as there's not enough health to do anything else. Quick note, the 45HP in the exit room might as well not exist, I wasn't able to use it on either play through. There's no one area I can point out as a big health drain, it's just the constant pelting due to all the far off threats & the large number of Disciples & Gargoyles flying around. The Liches weren't a problem on either of my play throughs, from your first post I gathered that it was probably just a good idea to ignore them & it's very easy to do so.
  13. Fun for the most part, but I would like to see a couple things fixed. -The Golems on the narrow ledge right before the Ethereal Crossbow are very annoying, I'd suggest just removing them entirely. -Line 579 needs to be Switch Repeatable, as I got stuck & had to start over. This map really wasn't much fun due to heath & ammo starvation. Dashing to the exit only works out if you know where the exit is, so I spent a good 40 minutes dying constantly. Just filling this map up with heath & ammo would do wonders to improving it.
  14. Alright times up! I'll compile the submitted maps in the morning.