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  1. Jaws In Space

    Bloody Rust 3 (2 slots available)

    Hello everybody, I'm opening up 2 map slots for anyone to claim.
  2. Jaws In Space

    Interception II (Complevel 9, Boom Megawad -- Accepting Playtesters!)

    Hello, I think I will be opening up my mapslot to other mappers. I've spent a grand total of 2 days working on my map over the past few month's & I'm getting absolutely nowhere with it. So I think it best that I let someone else give it a shot.
  3. Jaws In Space

    Phase 2, Maps 21-30 development thread

    Hey everybody, it's been a very long time since I've touched any of the maps for Freedoom. I've been very busy with other stuff for awhile now & I don't see myself getting back into this anytime soon either. I think for now I'll drop out of managing these maps & let someone else take over.
  4. What kind of experience do you have with making films? If you haven't made anything before then you are in for one hell of a rough ride. Back in 2011 I had this crazy idea to remake the 1971 film Duel. I got a few of my friends together & bought about $8,000 worth of props out of my own pocket. From then until 2014 one disaster after another kept on delaying the project until I finally had to give up on it. Murphy's law comes out in force when making a film, some problems that I had to deal with were trying to find days where all my actors could film at the same time, loosing an entire days worth of filming due to forgetting to turn on the microphone, having an actor move to Alaska, having one of my prop vehicles break down & to make matters worse due to the extreme rarity of said vehicle I couldn't even get replacement parts. Here's my advice from someone from a fool who thought that film making would be a fairly straightforward endeavor. -Hire actors & set a shooting schedule. It doesn't matter where you live if you go online you can find local actors for hire. Trying to get a group of people together who aren't getting paid is pretty much a complete waste of time & will cause you tons of problems. -Make it a short film. If I had planned out my Duel remake as a 15 minute short I would have had 3 different versions of the film by the time 2014 rolled around. A short film is far easier to complete that a full length feature. -Don't get overly ambitious. With more people & props there will be a greater chance that something will go terribly wrong. Keep the film simple & to the bare minimum. -Gain experience. Make a film dosn't matter what kind of film it is, learn from the mistakes that you will make. -If you plan on starting a Kickstarter or something to raise funds then you had better have some damned good experience with making films. If you don't & then release a sub par product then you are going to have a lot of people pissed off at you. If you truly with to make a Doom fan film then I wish you luck, it sure as hell isn't going to be easy.
  5. Jaws In Space

    TNT Revilution: Final release now on ID Games!

    That Revenant is behind a door, open it to let him out.
  6. Jaws In Space

    TNT Revilution: Final release now on ID Games!

    Doesn't matter what line you walk over, you just need to touch the secret sector in order for it to be counted. I just played this a minute ago using PRBoom & was able to get 100% secrets.
  7. Jaws In Space

    TNT Revilution: Final release now on ID Games!

    All 6 are possible to obtain, but you must reach the secret in the top image before grabbing the yellow key.
  8. Jaws In Space

    Doom II - new animation movie

    Well it's pretty dang goofy, but I did laugh a few times while watching. It looks pretty good for a 15 minute film made by only a few people. How long did it take to make this?
  9. Hi guys, long time no update. It's officially been 1 year since this project was started :) Things are going fairly well, but there hasn't been any new maps submitted for quite some time now. So I'd just like to take a moment to let everyone know that there is still one Egyptian & 5 Grey episode map slots still open. Also here is a minor update to the Perd Gate 2 maps 12-20 texture pack which was missing 2 textures & the sky wasn't split up into 4 patches.
  10. It's hot out today.


    1. Steve D

      Steve D

      Dayum! This is what happens in the tropical Midwest.

    2. Linguica


      Is that from thermal expansion? Badass

  11. Jaws In Space

    Bloody Rust 3 (2 slots available)

    Well I had fun with this map. It's short, but action packed.
  12. Jaws In Space

    Bloody Rust 3 (2 slots available)

    Hey guys I'm setting a deadline for July 1st on map submissions. Map slots will be reopened to new mappers at that time if not all 6 maps are filled.
  13. Jaws In Space

    TNT Revilution: Final release now on ID Games!

    There's only 3 on UV, so nothing teleported out of the room, along with the 3 lost souls in the closet next to them. The linedef to release these guys is located up on the platforming section.
  14. Jaws In Space

    The DWIronman League dies to: Double Impact

    Died on E1M1. Blind Run. Demo
  15. Jaws In Space

    TNT Revilution: Final release now on ID Games!

    1. Arachnotron Walked into a teleporter. 2. Here is your problem Secret. If you already grabbed the yellow key you missed out on getting the secret due to the effect of lindef action 37. 3. This switch in the lift lowers the Plasma Gun.