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  1. 10 years on Doomword as of today. The last couple have been kinda rough, but here's hoping for another 10.

    1. Kyka


      Congrats and welcome. :)

    2. Catpho


      Really appreciate the community project work you've done over the years. Cheers!

  2. I've been away from Doomworld since August. Did I miss anything interesting?

  3. TNTR - Runs with TNT.wad TNT: Revilution is a fan made community project the acts as a sequel to TeamTNT's Evilution. The goal of this project was to capture the spirit of what made Evilution so great, while at the same time bringing the quality of the visuals & game play up to modern standards. Current maplist Episode 1 - Takes place on Io shortly after the Icon of Sin was defeated, you are fighting through another one of the UAC's bases. This base hasn't taken much damage from the invasion so most things are still in working order. Combat here is fast & furious, the second wave of hellish forces are fresh off the hell ship & are looking to tear you apart. MAP01: Uprising - SFoZ911 MAP02: Geothermal - AD_79 MAP03: Access Denied - Chris Hansen MAP04: Blood Factory - SteveD MAP05: Graveyard Shift - Jaws in Space MAP06: Communications Relay - XenoNemesis & Kyka & dobu gabu maru & Jaws In Space MAP07: No Man's Station - cannonball MAP08: Fortress of Bullets - sincity2100 & dobu gabu maru MAP09: Bunker Complex - Whoo & Kyka & Jaws In Space MAP10: Underground Activity - Gothic & Kyka MAP11: Pourriture - tourniquet Episode 2 - After escaping from Io the player is now hopping between various defunct spaceports & moons around Jupiter working his way toward the hellship itself. Dark and gloomy techbases fill up this episode, these moon bases have been long abandon & if they still have power consider yourself lucky. The invasion forces aren't so strong here & with their numbers low they must resort to hiding in the shadows & resorting to sneak attacks if they want to catch the player off guard. MAP12: Transduction - StupidBunny & Kyka & Megamur & dobu gabu maru MAP13: Hangman's Curse - Jaws In Space MAP14: Abandoned Port - SteveD MAP15: Nugake Zone - D_GARG & Jaws In Space MAP16: Devil's Den - dobu gabu maru MAP17: Spider Colony - purist MAP18: Hell's Signs - Eternal MAP19: The Crash Site - gaspe MAP20: Portal Facility - Phobus Episode 3 - Industrial Hell, while the forces of hell are well advanced in technology, nobody builds weapons like the UAC does. Hell has captured the advanced weapon technology of the UAC's IO base & are now using the designs to build their own super weapons. Maps in this episode are a heavy mixture of tech & hell, being their own turf monster density is quite high & you'll need all the firepower you can get your hands on to make it to the leader of this hellish industrial revilution. MAP21: Bloody Garden - Eradrop MAP22: Pharaoh's Claim - Olympus & Kyka & dobu gabu maru MAP23: Desolation - Jaws In Space MAP24: ЯƎᗡЯUM - valkiriforce MAP25: Malware - cannonball MAP26: Revengineer - The Mionic Donut MAP27: The Visage of Time - Tarnsman MAP28: Superweapon Facility - Pinchy MAP29: Across the Blood Sea - Eradrop MAP30: Malignata - Obsidian & dobu gabu maru Secret maps MAP31: Anubis - valkiriforce MAP32: Duality - Kyka & Jaws In Space Soundtrack MAP01: TiN Toker - Bucket MAP02: Neato - Jeremy Doyle MAP03: Trial aNd Terror (Bucket) MAP04: Sea Bats - Viscra Maelstrom MAP05: (Here Comes) The Night Train - Bucket MAP06: Contempt (I Hate You) - Viscra Maelstrom MAP07: Target NeuTralized - Bucket MAP08: Crazy Castle Killer - Viscra Maelstrom MAP09: Total NoThingness - Bucket MAP10: Your Last Resort - Viscra Maelstrom MAP11: Rushing Headlong - Jeremy Doyle MAP12: Ionian Isolation - Eris Falling MAP13: ThirteeNTh hour - Bucket MAP14: Crawl - Jeremy Doyle MAP15: Tell No Tales - Bucket MAP16: Avec Vous - Viscra Maelstrom MAP17: TaraNTulas - Bucket MAP18: Reaching Deeper - Eris Falling MAP19: ToNgue Tied - Bucket MAP20: Hell's Furnace - Eris Falling MAP21: Becoming a Machine - Eradrop MAP22: TermiNate and Torture - Viscra Maelstrom MAP23: REQ-JD10 - Jeremy Doyle MAP24: The Arcane - Viscra Maelstrom MAP25: And So, She Fell - Viscra Maelstrom MAP26: God Ov Julenca - Viscra Maelstrom MAP27: Grandfather Clocktower - Viscra Maelstrom MAP28: TiNTinnabulation - Bucket MAP29: Last Deep Breath - Eradrop MAP30: Trampled uNderneaTh - Bucket MAP31: Atmospher - Eris Falling MAP32: I Don't Want You To Leave (Ragretful Edit) - Viscra Maelstrom Title screen: Cataclysmic Impact - Viscra Maelstrom Intermission screen: Darkest Hour - Eris Falling Story text screen: The Revolution Continues - Eris Falling The long development history of Revilution As TNT2: Devilution As Revilution under Kyka As Revilution under Eris Convilution - Consists of maps rejected by Devilution & Revilution. This project is on standby until the release of Devilution.
  4. Jaws In Space

    TNTR demos [-complevel 4]

    Post your demos for TNT Revilution here. TNT Revilution is a 32 level megawad for Final Doom's TNT.wad (-complevel 4) by The Revilution Team. The suggested naming format is tntrXY-ZZZ.lmp, where XY is the map number and ZZZ is the time. Replace the "-" with a letter to represent categories such as NM (n), fast (f), tyson (t), pacifist (p) nomo (o), or HNTR 47% items (👌 HNTR 47% items 👌). Idgames download link. (Note: the wad has been updated so check your textfile to see an "Updated" date of 07/08/2017 or check the wad itself for a 'last modified date' of 06/29/17) There is a DeHackEd that is required for map 30 to work properly. https://www.doomworld.com/files/file/18810-tnt-revilution/ ----------------------- Map 26 Pacifist in 0:46 tntr26p046.zip
  5. Hello everybody & welcome to Perdition's Gate Resurgence! Perdition's Gate Resurgence Alpha Perditions Gate Resurgence is planned to be a vanilla compatible megawad that serves as an unofficial community sequel to Perdition's Gate. What's Perdition's Gate you ask? Well it's a megawad that was created by veteran mapper Tom Mustaine with the help of his dad Bob Mustaine & friends from Team TNT Jimmy Sieben & Mackey McCandlish. At one time it was slotted to be a 3rd megawad included in Final Doom, but due to not being finished in time it was later packaged with another megawad, Hell To Pay, & released commercially by WizardWorks sometime after August 1996. Perdition's Gate featured small fast paced maps & the whole wad could easily be beaten in around 2 hours by even the most average of Doom players. The wad featured a unique set of custom textures & instead of featuring level names, it told a story during the intermission screens. Perdition's Gate Resurgence will pick up right after map 30 where Doomguy escaped the bomb facility. I want mappers to emulate the mapping style of the original Perdition's Gate authors, I'm not going for DTWID levels of strictness, but I need to look at each map and say sure I think that Tom/Jimmy could have made this map if he were still mapping today. When you submit your map just mention which map author you are emulating. Remakes of Perdition's Gate maps will be rejected outright. If you want to map for Perdition's Gate Resurgence just say so here in the thread, there is no claiming of specific maps, just make something & I will later determine the most appropriate order for the maps. In addition to mapping I also need some artists & midi composers to flesh out the non mapping aspects of the wad. Such as with making the TITLEPIC, M_DOOM, & INTERPIC, among other things. Then midi composers I will take anything Tom Mustaine or Perdition's Gate inspired, or for the first episode anything Egyptian sounding, also Tom Mustaine midi remakes will be accepted. Map list Egypt: Maps 1-11 After escaping the Bomb Facility by way of a teleporter, Doomguy finds himself in Egypt in the midst of many ancient alien artifacts & technology. The Demons were going to drill to the center of the Earth to plant their planet destroying bomb. 1 Lighthouse Of Alexandria - by Jaws In Space 2 Sanctuary - by valkiriforce & Jaws In Space 3 Bastet's Temple - by Jaws In Space 4 - 5 Temple of Maeve - by A.Gamma 6 Troubled Research - by Gothic 7 Mummy Tombs - by valkiriforce 8 Spelunker - by Gothic 9 Salem's Shrine by Purist 10 (Unnamed) - by dt_ & Jaws In Space 11 The Ra-Moons Curse - by NeedHealth & Jaws In Space Web of Teleporters: Maps 12-20 After fighting his way through Egypt Doomguy finds himself in a web of teleporter facilities that can take him all over the universe, he just needs to locate the correct teleporter that takes him to the enemy home world to finish the fight once & for all. 12 Crossways - by valkiriforce 13 (Unnamed) - by 40oz 14 Transfer To Hell - by Jaws In Space 15 Timeless Fortress - by A.Gamma 16 Hell's Vista - by PepsiBepsi & Jaws In Space 17 (Unnamed) - by Juza & Jaws In Space 18 Summit Assault - by Gothic 19 Warp Docks - by Wraith777 20 Cyber Center - by dt_ & Jaws In Space Return To Planet Hell: Maps 21-32 At last Doomguy has found the teleporter to take him to Planet Hell. A twisted world of living rock & flesh hell bent on killing you with every step you take. There's only one way to end this all, find one of their planet destroying bombs & use it on their own planet! 21 Assimilation - by DukeOfDoom & Jaws In Space 22 Cathedral of Blood - by Doomlust 23 Pharaoh's Pit - by Gothic 24 (Unnamed) - by dt_ 25 Conspicuous Courtyard - by Jark & Jaws In Space 26 Hell's Computer - by A.Gamma 27 Bad Flesh - by Gothic 28 Unholy Underworld - by DukeOfDoom 29 (Unnamed) - by Wraith777 30 - WIP Jaws In Space Secrets 31 - (Unnamed) - by dt_ 32 - (Unnamed) - by A.Gamma Midi list 1 - The Four Sons of Horus by HexenMapper 2 - Dynasty by Tristan Clark 3 - Fallen Into Meaning by Cammy 4 5 - Sekhmet's Inferno by HexenMapper 6 - Sun Lord's Trial (He Extols His Verisimilitude) by Cammy 7 - PG2-JD-Mustaine02 by Jeremy Doyle 8 - PG2-JD02 by Jeremy Doyle 9 - Mouth of Atun by HexenMapper 10 - Impregnated by the Corpse of Osiris by HexenMapper 11 12 - Drum Loops by Stuart Rynn 13 - Silver Pipe by Stuart Rynn 14 - Moon by Mr. Freeze 15 - Moon 2 by Mr. Freeze 16 - Skylight by Stuart Rynn 17 - Rattling The Bars by Stuart Rynn 18 - Running Water by Stuart Rynn 19 - PG2-JD06 by Jeremy Doyle 20 (WIP Stewboy) 21 22 23 24 25 - PG2-JD-Mustaine01 by Jeremy Doyle 26 27 28 29 30 31 - Cold by Jeremy Doyle 32 Ttile - PG2-JD-Title by Jeremy Doyle Intermission - PG2-JD-Mustaine03 by Jeremy Doyle Story - PG2-JD-Text by Jeremy Doyle Screenshots Perdition's Rejects E1 History Repeats Itself - by Redead-ITA (Unnamed) - by dt_ The Divide - by Soundblock Khufu's Horizon - by Scorpius Precinct of Amon-Re - by Jaws In Space E2 Transport - by Jaws In Space Limitless Worlds - by Scorpius Water Transport Sector - by Jaws Is Space Teleporter Zone - by Jaws In Space Shadows Of The Dead - By Scorpius E3 Border Patrol - by Jaws In Space Cyberspace - by Scorpius Hell's Butchery - by Jaws In Space Hell's Bog - Jaws In Space Bound to Oblivion - by Gothic Portal Station by Pegleg Devil's Digits by Dobu Gabu Maru Secret Dimensional Disorder - by Doomlust Dark Realms of the Abyss - by Jaws In Space
  6. Jaws In Space

    The worst movie you seen

    I always rate a film on a ten star rating. I seen a lot of shit movies, but I've only ever given out six 0/10's those being: Bela Lugosi Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla (1952) - Sammy Petrillo (a Jerry Lewis imitator) crash lands on a jungle island where an evil scientist tries to take his bran & put it into the body of a gorilla. Necronomicon (1996) - An anthology film based on the works of HP Lovecraft The Crucible (1996) - A film about the Salem Witch Trials Just Ask My Children (2001) - A film about the Kern County child abuse cases Terminal Error (2002) - A film about a computer virus that tries to wipe out humanity Mystic River (2003) - Probably my least favorite film of all time Most of these films are on this list because they deal with very unpleasant subject matter or have extremely cruel scenes in them. The only film on this list that is here due to just being bad is Bela Lugosi Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla, the plot is bad & boring, the 2 main actors are very annoying.
  7. Jaws In Space

    Hell Revealed tribute maps

    Hello everybody, I just wanted to release a map that I made a little over 2 years ago. I was watching MTX stream his development of Hell Revealed Rebirth & asked him if I could make a guest map for his wad. He allowed me to join with the request that I make a Resistance is Futile tribute. So during most of June 2017 I made this map & got some feedback from know slaughter players MrZzul, Benjogami, Bemused, & Nevanos. I submitted the map to MTX & he felt that my map didn't mesh with the style he was going for with his wad so I decided to take my map elsewhere. During the same time period 40oz also had the intention to make a Hell Revealed tribute, so I contacted him & he was quite enthusiastic about using my map. Unfortunately for me he was banned from Doomworld a short time later. I was able to contact him again tough & he had the intention of having one the the Doomerboards projects be a Hell Revealed themed wad. Once again though these plans fell through when 40oz disappeared from Doomerboards. Since then I've made a few additional attempts to get his map included into some Hell Revealed tribute project, but again none of those plans worked out. So here I am 2 years later just releasing this map as a sand alone. With my luck Doomworld will explode when I make this post as this map is cursed & doesn't want to be released :P Map 4 is the first slaughtermap I've ever made, enjoy. wad is Limit-Removing Hell Revealed Returns Map 1: Caged Midi is Asteroid by Dial-Up Map 2: The Path 3 Midi is 2 Stars by Dial-up Map 3: Hard To Kill Midi is Saturn by Dial-Up Map 4: Resistance Returns Midi is Strange Sensation by Velvetic
  8. Jaws In Space

    Switcheroom 2 (Now on IDGAMES!!!!!)

    Download Switcheroom 2 here! Hello everybody & welcome to Switcheroom 2. This is a direct sequel to the first Switcheroom & like that project the goal here is to take a map from one of the 3 episodes & remake it for another. The episodes are defined as follows: Starport Maps 1-11, City Maps 12-20, & Hell Maps 21-30, plus the two Wolfenstein Maps 31 & 32. Current Maps Starport Episode Map 1 - Symbolic by AD_79 based on Map 30 Map 2 - Subjunction by dpstatic based on Map 16 Map 3 - Main Sewers Hub by Walter Confetti based on Map 19 Map 4 - Low Power by Magnusblitz based on Map 22 Map 5 - Tech Zen by Cell based on Map 21 Map 6 - Coolant Zone by Magnusblitz based on Map 15 Map 7 - Experimentation Lab by Fernito based on Map 27 Map 8 - The Waste Pit by Faceman2000 based on Map 29 Map 9 - Starport by Megalyth based on Map 28 Map 10 - Purifier by Cannonball based on Map 18 Map 11 - The Facility by Traversd based on Map 12 City Episode Map 12 - Alleyway by Jaws In Space based on Map 2 Map 13 - Lava Flow by Jaws In Space based on Map 25 Map 14 - Waterside by Cannonball based on Map 24 Map 15 - Rock N' Roll City by Joe-Ilya based on Map 31 Map 16 - The Docks Jaws In Space based on Map 26 Map 17 - Nukage District Jaws In Space based on Map 3 Map 18 - Infected Well by Cannonball based on Map 9 Map 19 - Entrepreneurial Hub by Big Ol Billy based on Map 11 Map 20 - Misanthropia by Tourniquet based on Map 5 Hell Episode Map 21 - Dark Descent by Megalyth based on Map 1 Map 22 - Brutto by Scifista42 based o Map 32 Map 23 - Seoreh Cinatas by Tourniquet based on Map 17 Map 24 - Tomb of the Apostate by Walter Confetti based on Map 4 Map 25 - Unhallowed Fortress by Tactical Stiffy based on Map 10 Map 26 - Crunch by Joe-Ilya based on Map 6 Map 27 - Camp Blood by Cannonball based on Map 13 Map 28 - Caustic Den by Cannonball based on Map 14 Map 29 - The Trickery Domain by Noiser based on Map 8 Map 30 - Yugoth Sins by Archi based on Map 20 Wolfenstein Map 31 - Wolfenstein's Monster by Megalyth based on Map 23 Map 32 - AARDWOLF by TraversD based on Map 7 Midis Map 1 - Tar by Jimmy Map 2 - Relic (Alt) by Psyrus Map 3 - Watching You by Jimmy Map 4 - Stealth Mode by Jimmy from Plutonia MIDI Pack Map 5 - Expanse by Psyrus Map 6 - Trigger by Mr Freeze & Bucket from Plutonia MIDI Pack Map 7 - Ashtray by Psyrus Map 8 - First Person Shooter (Doom Movie) by apb/Nabernizer Map 9 - Pyre by Psyrus Map 10 - Into Sandy's City by by Bobby Prince Map 11 - Unruly Fortress by Jimmy Map 12 - Saturn by Dial-Up Map 13 - Plexus by Psyrus Map 14 - Last Resort by Jeremy Doyle from Requiem Map 15 - Space Cadet by Kyuss Map 16 - Ascension by Psyrus Map 17 - Brad News by Dial-Up Map 18 - Sinister by Bobby Prince Map 19 - Infernal Return by Big Ol' Billy Map 20 - Panel by zan zan zawa veia Map 21 - Agony Rhapsody by L.A. Sieben Map 22 - Eyes of ROCK by Mike Caron Map 23 - Dwarven Clanhall by Brian Luzietti from Stonekeep Map 24 - The Oath by Merciful Fate Map 25 - Taste of my Scythe by Children of Bodom Map 26 - The Malachi Crunch by NOFX Map 27 - Excalibur by Lee Jackson from Rise of the Triad Map 28 - Deep Forest by Stuart Rynn Map 29 - E2M2 remix by SidZetmeck Map 30 - Opening to Hell by Jason "Jay" Reichard from PROJECT: DOOM Map 31 - Evil Incarcerated by Jimmy Map 32 - The Grosse Beneath by Jimmy
  9. Jaws In Space

    Perdition's Gate Resurgence (Alpha available for testing)

    You can have it. Don't worry about being new to mapping. There are quite a few amateur mappers who have made maps for this project. I'm always here to help make sure things are up to standards.
  10. Jaws In Space

    Perdition's Gate Resurgence (Alpha available for testing)

    Hey everyone, another progress update from behind the scenes. Things have been pretty slow for the most part with the status of what needs to be done largely being the same. However there have been a few big changes to the project, as several people who have been involved with this project for a long time know, I have been pretty unhappy with most of my maps in this project. Over the past few month's I made the decision to remove my Maps 4, 23, & 24 from the project along with making large changes to Map 3. Also the decision was made to also remove Map 15 by Scorpius due to several testers saying that it was too similar in design to Perdition's Gate Map 13. That's quite a few maps to remove so late into development, but don't worry A. Gamma, dt_, & Gothic have already stepped up & replaced Maps 15, 23, & 24. That does leave Map 4 as needing to be replaced. If anyone want's to take a shot at it let me know.
  11. Jaws In Space

    What country are you from?

    The United States 1990-1995 Michigan Lower Peninsula 1996-2003 Michigan Upper Peninsula 2003-2008 Wisconsin 2009-2014 Oklahoma 2014-Now Michigan Lower Peninsula
  12. Jaws In Space

    Hell Revealed tribute maps

    It's still a work in progress. I want to make 2 more maps before I am done. In addition I've received a few messages from several mappers who are interested in contributing a few maps to this as well. Roofi already has given me 5 & Xulgonoth is working on at least 2 maps. I was hoping to put a lot more focus on this wad starting in July, but it really depends on whether Perdition's Gate Resurgence is finished by then or not. Also Realm of Chaos 2 is nearing completion, possibly as soon as August, so I'll need to focus on that a bit for the next few month's as well. So things might start moving a bit faster with this project in July or August , but I probably will not be able to put all of my effort into this until closer to the end of the year.
  13. Jaws In Space

    Wolfenstein 3D Was A Step Backwards From Catacomb 3D

    I think that it's fairly debatable which of the 2 games is better. Only having one weapon does hurt Catacomb 3d as does only having a single 45 second midi for the entire game. The big negative aspect of Wolfensetin is that is pretty much hitscan monsters & weapons only, which is the cause of lots of frustrating moments. From a personal standpoint I do find Catacomb 3d to be the funner game & if were talking about the sequels, then Wolf really doesn't even come close as I thought that each Catacomb game got better as they went along. Side note, I've always loved the early pinky demon design that appears in the Catacomb games.
  14. Jaws In Space

    Perdition's Gate Resurgence (Alpha available for testing)

    Hey everyone, it's been awhile since the last update, but there has been quite a bit of work done on the project this past month. For episode 2 all of the map are now fully vanilla compatible & they have been sent off to Doomkid last week for multiplayer balancing. I've made it up to map 16 with the story & expect to be up to map 20 before the weekend. The biggest task that remains for episode 2 is getting midis from Stewboy & AD_79. For episode 3 the tasks that remain are largely the same as they were in the update from August of last year. The only difference is that all maps are now fully vanilla compatible. Also SynDoom has joined the project to make a few midis for this episode. So in short the major tasks left to be done are getting maps 29 & 30 from Wraith, along with getting midis for the open spots in Episodes 2 & 3
  15. Man there are times when I can't stand vanilla Doom mapping. It seems like for every single vanilla project I work on I'm finding some new limitation. I was just working on a map where I couldn't get linedef action 36 to work properly, instead of lowering a floor to 8 units about the next adjacent floor the floor would raise up to god knows where. I spent a good 30 minutes screwing around trying to get it to work & based purely on a guess I decided to raise the problem sector to a height above 0, as it was currently at a negative floor height. That ended up fixing the problem, but how the hell was I supposed to know that was the solution?


    I've said this before & I'll say it again now. I'll never work on another vanilla project once I'm finished with Perdition's Gate Resurgence.

  16. Jaws In Space

    Most recent movie you saw

    It's not a translation of the Swedish title at all. The Unthinkable was picked as an English title before the movie was even filmed.
  17. I never ever thought that I would have seen a film like this mentioned here. Fun fact Lawrie Brewster funds all of his films through Kickstarter. After making Lord of Tears, he made the films The Unkindness of Ravens, The Black Gloves, & The Devil's Machine. I was a supporter of 2 of those films The Unkindness of Ravens & The Devil's Machine, but through perks I was able to get copies of all 3 films.
  18. Hello everyone. I'm making this thread so that the next time the TNT: Devilution guys make a thread that it doesn't get bombarded with questions as to what & where Convilution is. Current Map Order episode 1 Map01: Unsolved Requiem - EmZee712 & Kyka - Rejected from Devilution Map02: Brimstone Labs - Alter & Jaws In Space - Rejected from Devilution Map03: Midnight - Olympus & Kyka - Rejected from Revilution Map04: Graytech Harrow - Kyka - Rejected from Revilution Map05: Crud Refinery - xenonemesis & Kyka - Rejected from Revilution Map06: Compute Err Stay Shun - Archi & Kyka - Rejected from Revilution Map07: Military Complex - EmZee712 & Kyka - Rejected from Revilution Map08: Decay - MrTheJoshMon & Kyka - Rejected from Revilution Map09: Outpost - Whoo - Rejected from Devilution Map10: Sand - Kyka - Rejected from Revilution Map11: Beyond Redemption - The Mionic Donut - Rejected from Devilution episode 2 Map12: Gray Zone - Alter, Kyka, & Jaws In Space - Rejected from Revilution Map13: Alternate Reality - Alter & Jaws In Space - Rejected from Devilution Map14: (Untitled 1) - SinCity2100 - Rejected from Devilution Map15: Altered State - Alter - Rejected from Devilution Map16: The Wings - 40oz & Kyka - Removed from Revilution Map17: Map18: Hellmouth - Alter & Kyka - Rejected from Revilution Map19: Chemical Center - Whoo - Rejected from Devilution Map20: Sting Theory - Kyka & Alter - Rejected from Revilution episode 3 Map21: Arenaphobia - Kyka & Olympus - Rejected from Revilution Map22: Dreadmill - Kyka - Rejected from Revilution Map23: (Unknown 2) - SinCity2100 - Rejected from Devilution Map24: The Red - SinCity2100 - Rejected from Revilution Map25: Styx And Stones - The Mionic Donut - Rejected from Devilution Map26: Mt. Sterquilinus - Alter - Rejected from Devilution Map27: Abysmal Oubliette - Kyka - Rejected from Revilution Map28: Path Of Sacrifice - Alter - Rejected from Devilution Map29: Twilight - Kyka - Rejected from Revilution Map30: Last Rites - Whoo & TheMionicDonut - Rejected from Devilution secrets Map31: Dawn of Fear - NeedHealth & Jaws In Space - Rejected from Revilution Map32: Hostile Hotel - Velcrosasquatch - Rejected from Revilution maps for the bonus episode -Despair - Zap610 - Rejected from Devilution -Checkout - Joe Ilya - Rejected from Revilution -Wrong Way - Wereknight - Rejected from Revilution Maps that will not appear in this project in any way, shape, or form Revilution Rejects -Miasma - Cannonball - Rejected from Revilution by Eris Falling - Author used map in Sparta 2: Project Vesuvius as Map04 -Sinuous - Soundblock - Rejected from Revilution by Eris Falling - Author used map in ECHELON Map22 -Pitchfork - Soundblock - Rejected from Revilution by Eris Falling - Author used map in Final Doom the Way ID Did -The Divide - Soundblock - Rejected from Revilution by Eris Falling - Author used map in Perdition's Gate Resurgence Map06 -Europa - Jaws In Space - Rejected from Revilution by Jaws In Space - Author used map in (secret project) -Lithosphere - Melon & Jaws In Space - Rejected from Revilution by Jaws In Space - Author used map in Bloody Rust 3 as Map04 Devilution Rejects -Draco Bastion - Marcaek - Not included in TNT Forever upon author request - Map remains unreleased -Defragmentation Continuum - PCorf - Removed from Devilution upon author request - Author used map in Doomed Space Wars as Map 11 -Kuiper Cliff - Marcaek - Not included in TNT Forever upon author request - Map remains unreleased -(Unnamed) - Joe Ilya - Not included in TNT Forever upon author request - Author used map in (Unknown) -Steel Mill - Joshy - Rejected from Devilution by Marcaek - Author used map in (Plutonia 3) -Unearthed Temple - Pinchy - Rejected from Devilution by Alter - Map remains unreleased What is TNT Forever? TNT Forever is going to be a compilation of most, not all, of the maps rejected from both TNT sequel projects Revilution & Devilution. Why isn't this project called Convilution anymore? Convilution was essentially a joke name so I'm changing it to something more fitting of the project. There are going to be quite a number of huge maps in this project, so Forever is in reference to another Team TNT project that had a lot of huge maps, Eternal Doom. Hey I made a map for Revilution or Devilution that was rejected, but I don't see it on your list! >:( I might not know about it, make sure & tell me about it here in the thread. Can I map for this? No there are well over 32 reject maps as it is, so I'm already going to have to decide what to leave on the cutting room floor. When will this be released? I'm going to wait at least half a year after the release of Devilution before releasing this. That will give people plenty of time to check out that project before another TNT megawad get released.
  19. Jaws In Space

    How do you like your Burgers?

    Top Bun Ketchup (sometimes BBQ Sauce) Bacon Red Onions Kale Colby-Jack Cheese (Optional) Beef Patty (Cooked medium rare) Bottom Bun
  20. Jaws In Space

    TNT Forever (formerly Convilution) development thread

    Hey thanks everyone for volunteering. I'm going to wait until the release of the next build of the wad before I send out any more invites to the Discord. The current version is pretty buggy, but as soon as Kyka sends me some fixes I'll let you all know.
  21. Jaws In Space

    TNT Forever (formerly Convilution) development thread

    Hello everyone I'm looking for a handful of folks to join the TNT Forever discord server to be playtesters for the project. If you enjoy large sprawling maps like the Drake O'Brien maps of Evilution, or the maps of Eternal Doom & Akeldama then you are the kind of playtester that we are looking for. Just drop a message here if you are interested & I'll message you a link.
  22. Jaws In Space

    Best level in Quake?

    E1 - Ziggurat Vertigo is my favorite level overall by a pretty significant margin, with Gloom Keeping being my favorite of the regular E1 maps. E2 - The Installation is the most okay map in the worst Quake episode. E3 - Chambers of Torment is my favorite normal level overall. E4 - The Tower Of Despair is the most okay of the E4 levels.
  23. Jaws In Space

    TNT Forever (formerly Convilution) development thread

    Cool, thanks for the confirmation. I have looked at Chemical Center & it seems that this is a missing teleporter which make the map unbeatable, would there happen to be another version of this map laying around somewhere? Also for curiosity sake, did you happen to play the version of your map that ended up as level 09 of TNT: Revilution? I'd like to know what you though of the map if you did play it.
  24. It's Doom 3's birthday today, I replayed it not too long ago & I thought I would be fun to share my thoughts of the levels.


    Levels 1 & 2: Mars City & Mars City Underground
    Memorable maps & a good introduction to the game. The first level is there for building up a spooky atmosphere for when all Hell breaks loose on map 2.


    Levels 3-8: Mars City: UAC Corporate Division, Administration, & Alpha Labs - Sectors 1-4
    The Doom 3 maps that everyone is referring to when they say Doom 3 is nothing but boring, linear, & corridor heavy techbases. These 6 maps all blend together with only a handful of memorable moments spread across all 6 of them. Only the Demon introduction, the guy with the lantern, & fighting the Vagary stand out as noteworthy events.


    Level 9: Enpro Plant
    This is where Doom 3 starts to get good again. Overall I'd say that this is just an okay level, but it does have the major benefit of being the first fairly open non corridor heavy level.


    Levels 10-14: Communications Transfer, Central Communications Tower, Monorail Skybridge, Recycling, & Monorail Facility
    Finally Doom 3 gets good again. This is a nice run of pretty memorable maps. I think that Monorail Skybridge & Recycling are the highlights here, they benefit greatly by being the maps that introduce the Revenant & Mancubus. This set of 5 maps ends on our second relatively open map Monorail Facility.


    Levels 15-19: Delta Lab Levels 1-4
    The streak of pretty good maps continues with the Delta Labs set of levels. Once again we have another pretty open map here at level 15. The texturing scheme is pretty consistent across these levels so they are not as distinct visually as the levels 10-14 though. Level 18 may be the highlight of this set, the gimmick of teleporting all over the map is pretty interesting.


    Level 20: Hell
    Yeah lets be real here, this is by far and away the best level in the game.


    Level 21: Delta Complex
    On the other hand I think that this is easily the worst level in the game. While Levels 3-8 are boring & forgettable, this map is worse for me because the entire level consists of the player backtracking through levels 15-19.


    Levels 22 - 24: Central Processing Distribution, Central Processing Server Bank, & Site 3
    Probably the best of the techbase maps in the game. These maps really benefit visually from the shores of hell style base overrun by Hell design. Plus all of the demons of the game have been introduced at this point so the gameplay of these maps really shine.


    Levels 25 & 26: Caverns - Areas 1 & 2
    Again we have some very unique levels from a design perspective. I really wish there were more of these martian race maps in the game. These maps are also quite open in comparison to most of the UAC base maps. Again these maps greatly benefit by being able to use the full roster of monsters. It's a shame that the very best levels in the game (22-26) don't show up until the very tail end of Doom 3. The game really would have benefited greatly if there were less standard UAC base maps & more shores of hell & cavern type maps.


    Level 27: Primary Excavation
    An okay final level, the Cyberdemon is pretty easy to beat & it sucks that you have to use the Soul Cube to kill him.


    Overall I'd say that Doom 3 is a pretty okay game. It's a good game the first time that you play it, but it's not something that has a lot of replayability. I think that outright removing levels 3-8 & 21, then expanding on the themes of levels 22-26 would have done wonders for the game. Still though I do have a special fondness for Doom 3 & I have love spooky Doom more than action packed Doom, plus we share the same birthday, so that's cool. Oh & there's one thing about Doom 3 that I think is unquestionably better than Doom 2016. That would be the sound design of the game, the weapons & monsters sound so much more interesting in Doom 3 compared to Doom 2016. The monster & weapon designs themselves are more debatable though.

  25. Jaws In Space

    Perdition's Gate Resurgence (Alpha available for testing)

    Hey everybody, it's been a long time since the last update, so I figured that I should let everyone know what's going on. So shortly after the post I made on February 18th up until the past couple of weeks I have been taking a near complete break from Doom. During this period all that was done on PGR was that I got a few midis from CammyBanana & Eris Falling. I've been slowly getting back into it lately & now progress is moving along at a steady, but pretty slow pace. Here's where the wad stands at the moment. Episode 1: 100% done & ready for idgames. Epsode 2: -Map 19 & Map 20 are not yet vanilla compatible, but both are very close. Wraith worked on the map recently, but is currently inactive for the time being. dt_ will be making some changes to map 20 sometime this week or next week. -Once the last 2 maps are vanilla compatible I will send maps 12-20 off to Doomkid so that he can do multiplayer thing placement for all of them, this will take his roughly a month to do. -I just talked with Stewboy this week, he has had difficulties starting his midis, but he believes that he should get them all done during the next few month's. -I haven't messaged AD_79 recently in regards to his 2 midis for the episode & his E3 midi, so I'm not sure where he stands at the moment. -Lastly I have only written the story for the intermission graphic after map 12, so 13-20 still remain to be done. It's actually a lot harder to write a good story with such limited space than you would think :P Episode 3: -Map 29 remains unfinished, but it should only need texturing work to complete it. Wraith hasn't worked on the map at all this year. -Map 30 has yet to be started. -Maps 21-28 long with 29 & 30 when I eventually get them all need to be tested for vanilla compatibility, this should only take a day for each one, but it will take longer if I end up finding any overflows. -I just recently talked with Yakfak about joining the project as a midi composer, he said that he will take a look at what maps are available after finishing his current project. -None of the story has been written for this episode. So overall there's still quite a bit that needs to be done. I think that it's been a slow year for everyone so we're going to finish off this project at a liesurly pace. Will we be done by the end of the year? I suppose that it's possible, but I think shooting for ealrier in 2022 is a safer bet for now.