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  1. I completed the game last night, it was amazing. I really liked how in the final boss fight you stuck a BFG in the Spider Mastermind's mouth and obliterated it from the inside.
  2. Yes, any sort of game that comes out nowadays has some type of DLC or extra content.
  3. So why aren't you mapping?

    As much as I have tried to map, I can't ever really sit down and do it. I haven't been on Doom Builder in ages. I'd have to go back and watch tutorial videos on it again lol. It's amazing at what some people can do with it though.
  4. Favorite Doom Sound?

    The Plasma Gun has a really cool sound.
  5. Your thoughts on weapons in DM

    They could have put the sub machine gun that DoomGuy was holding on the front cover of DOOM. But you have the heavy machine gun, which is better xD
  6. Bobby Prince

    Thanks dude. I have been wondering for awhile what he has been up to.
  7. Bobby Prince

    Does anyone know what Bobby Prince is up to these days?
  8. Was PC Doom considered scary?

    I sometimes get tensed up when entering dark rooms or rooms with flashing lights. The music and sounds of the demons add to the effect of this.
  9. Has Doom become... Boring?

    It's not to me. Since I got into map making and music composing, it's even more fun.
  10. How do you think Doom 4's music should be like?

    I think a metal soundtrack would be very suitable.
  11. Doom IV Expectations

    I might preorder Wolfenstein, I watched the trailer and it looked pretty good. But I'm sort of in the middle with DOOM IV. I mean if I'm correct almost just about all the original id Software crew is gone. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see what they come up with.
  12. Is the Heretic + Hexen Collection on Steam worth buying?

    Yes I bought the pack its very good for the money
  13. Doom Beta announced with pre-order of new Wolfenstein

    This shits going to be awesome
  14. Blasphemer team wants YOU!

    Ok Im done testing it. It was awesome dude awesome job.Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
  15. Blasphemer team wants YOU!

    Id like to test where can I download it at?