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  1. AFADoomer

    Why has Blake Stone not been rebooted?

    @xvertigox and @magicsofa - Sorry, I didn't see your message and don't visit here that often. You're welcome to use my old Blake Stone TC as a base. Fair warning, it contains a significant amount of outdated code - there are far better ways of doing things in modern GZDoom... But I think most everything that was completed still works.
  2. AFADoomer

    Wolfenstein 3D TC Sprites - How do they work ?

    You can see all of the renames in Textures.txt in the Resources .pk3 (or online here). The reason it's like this: At one time, I had a custom version of ZDoom where I had hacked in ECWolf's support for loading the VSWAP files from Wolf3D and Spear of Destiny, with the idea that I could distribute just the core TC files and load graphics/sounds from the original resources. Obviously, there are no sprite names internally stored in the original .WL6/.SOD files, so things were just named with a prefix and a number, and I used the Textures lump to 'translate' for the engine. When I gave up on the idea of adding the archive support to ZDoom, it was easier to keep all of the existing work and just tweak the resource extractor tool to name everything programmatically to match the existing expected naming scheme. (Alternate place to ask questions about this: the mod's ZDoom forum thread.)
  3. AFADoomer

    Easy way to use Wolf3D graphics in Doom?

    This is available in the Wolfenstein 3D TC for ZDoom on my web site at http://www.afadoomer.com/wolf3d/downloads.html. This includes everything from Wolf3D, SoD, and the Lost Episodes.
  4. AFADoomer

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Try CREATING the TC and play-testing over and over again...
  5. AFADoomer

    [WIP] Voxel Vehicles Pack (Beta 5 release)

    Gez, that's what my movable/drivable platform .wad over on the ZDoom forum was meant to look like...
  6. AFADoomer

    SNES Doom mod

    Since this is already ZDoom only, why not switch everything over to .pk3 (.zip) format? It's much easier to work with...
  7. AFADoomer

    question about zdoom and TC wads???

    "Navigate to the newly-unzipped 'Wolf3D_Demo' folder and double-click 'Wolf3D.bat' or 'SoD.bat', depending on which game you want to play." is not the same as "drag the Wolf3D.wad file to ZDoom". By any means @Nomad - Just curious, what do you think is outdated on the page? I'll update it...
  8. AFADoomer

    Collector's Edition DOOM [WolfenDOOM question]

    There's a sprite that's an illegal size that replaces the baron's fireball (which is what Hans Grosse fires in reality in WolfenDoom...) Originally, this sprite would not show up at all, but in some ports, illegal sized sprites show up as 'bad patch'.
  9. AFADoomer

    SNES Doom mod

    It sounds like you're loading an old MAPINFO lump. Make sure your MAPINFO is this: // MAPINFO for SNES Doom clearepisodes //Episode List episode e1m1 name "Knee Deep in the Dead" picname "m_epi1" key "k" episode e2m name "The Shores of Hell" picname "m_epi2" key "s" episode e3m name "Thy Flesh Consumed" picname "m_epi3" key "f" //Title Screen map TITLEMAP "SNES Doom" nointermission // Registered/Retail Episode 1 map E1M1 lookup HUSTR_E1M1 levelnum 1 titlepatch WILV00 next E1M2 secretnext E1M9 sky1 SKY1 0 cluster 1 par 30 music D_E1M1 map E1M2 lookup HUSTR_E1M2 levelnum 2 titlepatch WILV01 next E1M3 secretnext E1M9 sky1 SKY1 0 cluster 1 par 75 music D_E1M2 map E1M3 lookup HUSTR_E1M3 levelnum 3 titlepatch WILV02 next E1M4 secretnext E1M9 sky1 SKY1 0 cluster 1 par 120 music D_E1M3 map E1M4 lookup HUSTR_E1M4 levelnum 4 titlepatch WILV03 next E1M5 secretnext E1M9 sky1 SKY1 0 cluster 1 par 90 music D_E1M4 map E1M5 lookup HUSTR_E1M5 levelnum 5 titlepatch WILV04 next E1M7 secretnext E1M9 sky1 SKY1 0 cluster 1 par 165 music D_E1M5 map E1M7 lookup HUSTR_E1M7 levelnum 6 titlepatch WILV06 next E1M8 secretnext E1M9 sky1 SKY1 0 cluster 1 par 180 music D_E1M7 map E1M8 lookup HUSTR_E1M8 levelnum 7 titlepatch WILV07 next EndGame1 secretnext E1M9 sky1 SKY1 0 cluster 1 par 30 nointermission nosoundclipping baronspecial specialaction_lowerfloor music D_E1M8 map E1M9 lookup HUSTR_E1M9 levelnum 8 titlepatch WILV08 next E1M4 secretnext E1M4 sky1 SKY1 0 cluster 1 par 165 nosoundclipping baronspecial specialaction_lowerfloor music D_E1M9 // Registered/Retail Episode 2 map E2M1 lookup HUSTR_E2M1 levelnum 9 titlepatch WILV10 next E2M3 secretnext E2M9 sky1 SKY2 0 cluster 2 par 90 music D_E2M1 map E2M3 lookup HUSTR_E2M3 levelnum 10 titlepatch WILV12 next E2M4 secretnext E2M9 sky1 SKY2 0 cluster 2 par 90 music D_E2M3 map E2M4 lookup HUSTR_E2M4 levelnum 11 titlepatch WILV13 next E2M6 secretnext E2M9 sky1 SKY2 0 cluster 2 par 120 music D_E2M4 map E2M6 lookup HUSTR_E2M6 levelnum 12 titlepatch WILV15 next E2M8 secretnext E2M9 sky1 SKY2 0 cluster 2 par 360 music D_E2M6 map E2M8 lookup HUSTR_E2M8 levelnum 13 titlepatch WILV17 next EndGame2 secretnext E2M9 sky1 SKY2 0 cluster 2 par 30 nointermission nosoundclipping cyberdemonspecial specialaction_exitlevel music D_E2M8 map E2M9 lookup HUSTR_E2M9 levelnum 14 titlepatch WILV18 next E2M6 secretnext E2M6 sky1 SKY2 0 cluster 2 par 170 music D_E2M9 // Registered/Retail Episode 3 map E3M1 lookup HUSTR_E3M1 levelnum 21 titlepatch WILV20 next E3M2 secretnext E3M9 sky1 SKY3 0 cluster 3 par 90 music D_E3M1 map E3M2 lookup HUSTR_E3M2 levelnum 22 titlepatch WILV21 next E3M3 secretnext E3M9 sky1 SKY3 0 cluster 3 par 45 music D_E3M2 map E3M3 lookup HUSTR_E3M3 levelnum 23 titlepatch WILV22 next E3M4 secretnext E3M9 sky1 SKY3 0 cluster 3 par 90 music D_E3M3 map E3M4 lookup HUSTR_E3M4 levelnum 24 titlepatch WILV23 next E3M6 secretnext E3M9 sky1 SKY3 0 cluster 3 par 150 music D_E3M4 map E3M6 lookup HUSTR_E3M6 levelnum 26 titlepatch WILV25 next E3M7 secretnext E3M9 sky1 SKY3 0 cluster 3 par 90 music D_E3M6 map E3M7 lookup HUSTR_E3M7 levelnum 27 titlepatch WILV26 next E3M8 secretnext E3M9 sky1 SKY3 0 cluster 3 par 165 music D_E3M7 map E3M8 lookup HUSTR_E3M8 levelnum 28 titlepatch WILV27 next endbunny secretnext E3M9 sky1 SKY3 0 cluster 3 par 30 nointermission nosoundclipping spidermastermindspecial specialaction_exitlevel music D_E3M8 map E3M9 lookup HUSTR_E3M9 levelnum 29 titlepatch WILV28 next E3M7 secretnext E3M7 sky1 SKY3 0 cluster 3 par 135 music D_E3M9 // Clusters (correspond with same-numbered episode) clusterdef 1 flat WIMAP0 music D_VICTOR exittext lookup E1TEXT clusterdef 2 flat WIMAP1 music D_VICTOR exittext lookup E2TEXT clusterdef 3 flat WIMAP2 music D_VICTOR exittext lookup E3TEXT
  10. AFADoomer

    SNES Doom mod

    Hit... [ESCAPE] NEW GAME Etc...
  11. AFADoomer


    It's possible with heavy scripting... Just a pain.
  12. AFADoomer

    SNES Doom mod

    I'm working on it. Sorry, I've been busy with work.
  13. AFADoomer

    SNES Doom mod

    The monster speed/frame duration thing could be done in dehacked, but could be done even more easily in DECORATE... The next version of ZDoom should have custom weapons in DECORATE as well... The code's been done, but not implemented in an official release yet.
  14. AFADoomer

    SNES Doom mod

    Could you send me the latest version of the .wad (AFADoomer (at) hotmail.com)? Since we'll be scripting the intermissions and the title, I'll be able to get rid of some of the other resources as well, and some will need to be moved between the TX_ or S_ markers. As for what to take screen captures of, I agree with what WNivek says. We should restore the original US credits and title (the original 'boot' sequence, if you will...), and make it as close to the original as possible. As for the autoloading problem, No, it's not fixed... Currently there's no way to automatically start a level, unless it's from the command line. We could do that, but it's messier. I had thought that exitting the TITLEMAP via a script worked, but it has a bug... The enemies and items of the level you start are all in "TITLEMAP mode" and ignore you...