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  1. D00mfan

    Working on a Nitemare 3D mod

    U still working on this mod? I really like this progress so far.
  2. D00mfan

    City Assault

    Nice level. I thought it was challenging.
  3. D00mfan

    Need help with MapToWad

    Error: Could not open files
  4. D00mfan

    Need help with MapToWad

    Hi guys, Im trying to convert maps from Wolfenstein to ZDoom format using MapToWad , first I use Wolf Extractor to get the map from Wolfenstein, but when I load the MAP file in MapToWad it comes up with an error. Do you guys know how do to this properly? Sorry I'm a noob at map editing. Thanks
  5. D00mfan

    Operation Geronimo WAD

    Shame, I would like to play this as well.
  6. D00mfan

    Working on a Nitemare 3D mod

    Did you use the Nitemare 3d extractor from this site ? : http://winwolf3d.dugtrio17.com/downloads.php I extracted pretty much everything from episode 3 with it.
  7. D00mfan

    Working on a Nitemare 3D mod

    Great work, are you going include monsters from the 2nd and 3rd episode? Or are you just doing a remake of episode 1?
  8. Whenever I try loading the monsters into GZdoom, they don't replace any of the enemies in the levels , I can only summon them.
  9. Are there any WAD's where the enemies are marines that use different weapons? I remember a long time ago seeing something like this. Are there any marine enemies I can download on-line?
  10. D00mfan

    Working on a Nitemare 3D mod

    Great work , I felt so nostalgic when playing this, I like how you can walk down the stairs. One thing though, aren't the Minotaur statues suppose to attack with you with whips like in the Original Nitemare 3D?
  11. D00mfan

    Working on a Nitemare 3D mod

    I'm getting this error now: Script error, "Nitemare3D.wad:SBARINFO" line 74: 'Score' is not a type of inventory item.
  12. D00mfan

    Working on a Nitemare 3D mod

    I get this error when trying to run the mod: Script error, "Nitemare3D (1).wad:SBARINFO" line 62: Expected '{' but got identifier 'drawimage' instead.
  13. D00mfan

    Doom 4 should have...

    Definitely this. -A full sized Icon of Sin, apparently it has a body, so it would be interesting to see how they would do that in a level. -Put an assault rifle in there, the standard weapon for a marine today is a assault rifle not a machine gun. -Huge levels like in Doom 2. -Redesign some of the monsters to look more like demons from hell , some of them look like generic mutants. -More Chainsaw zombies, there's wasn't many of them in Doom 3. -Maybe they could do a spec-ops version of the Z-secs, which use more advanced tactics and weapons like plasma rifles. -If this is set on earth, we could have different types of zombies to fight with different levels of difficulty , example: police zombies with pistols and shotguns, SWAT zombies with assault rifles, machine guns and shotguns, ARMY zombies with assault rifles, machine guns,shotguns, rocket launchers and miniguns. -Bring back the Spider Master Mind.
  14. D00mfan

    Working on a Nitemare 3D mod

    In the first episode there's a puzzle where you have to activate a lift, to activate it you have to shoot Dracula, Dracula then turns into a bat, after that the bat goes down the hallway and activates the lift. How would you do that in the mod?