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  1. Brusle

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    Sorry for not updating anything on the map progress, had a busy schedule last week (chockfull of practical classes in hospital). So I haven't had a chance to finish the maps...
  2. Brusle

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    Here are some screenies from map23. Still not finished the whole map though (about 50%). If you find something in those screens that doesnt abide by the rules, tell me (before it's too late :O )... It's still WIP so some things will change.
  3. Brusle

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    This is take 2 of the map since the previous one was too big and overflowed with HOMs. Going slowly with this one, don't wanna have any problems with vanilla limits, again. I hope if the city theme mixed with rocks(canyon?) is okay since that's how the map is gonna look like in the end. If it's not a big deal to take the last slot (MAP10 to MAP23) since I'm probably gonna finish map16 by the end of the week. Hell Monastery would be the name.
  4. Brusle

    GBA Doom

    Gba's doom tunes are alright albeit misplaced in order, atleast it's better than the fart music in 32x. I really like the instrument choice in "in the dark", not better but a nice alternative to the original
  5. Brusle

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    Hey there guys hope you don't mind me joining in. :) Seeing as there's only one last hell layout left, I'd like to claim MAP24(Layout) and put it in the MAP16(Target) slot, cause I already have the idea how the map will look like. As for the name i dunno maybe Suburban Chasm or Erosion, will think of a better name later.