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  1. Baron of Sigma

    Heretic edge

    I have left requests for Heretic-equse features on the EDGE site, and hopefully things like inventory, hovering items, ghost monsters and the like will soon make it into EDGE. :P
  2. Baron of Sigma

    Modified demons

    Coldfusio: My EB Doom mod has the Chainsaw Troopers in it as a stronger, but close-ranged form of the standard Trooper. It can cut through even the Bull Demons pretty fast.
  3. Baron of Sigma

    Blood sprites

    Ok, nice to know. One, I just remembered one final little detail. Cerberus does not lose his skin or flesh when he dies in EBD[thus the sprites for that cannot be found in EBD's wads], because Cerberus is not the same as the one in Blood in terms of his backstory: he's actually a guardian of something like his original legend implies, and loyal only to himself and his puppies[yes, you do face his puppies all over the game, and they're much worse than Hellhounds in Blood].
  4. Baron of Sigma

    Blood sprites

    Well, he really didn't need to use a search engine if that is the case, since I posted the link to the game site in my first post (again it's http://www.zxdware.net/ebdoom). The top two links in the left of the page are the main game and the 7Zip stuff, which is all you need to unzip and play the game. Also, for those wondering why it's in this '7z' format, it's because a friend of mine was complaining about the size and told me about 7zip's compression abilities, and how they could compress files even better than most Zip programs do, and I ended up reducing my last beta from 24MB to 18.2MB, so I saw it as a good thing, so I don't want people saying it sucks :P
  5. Baron of Sigma

    Blood sprites

    ?_? There are NO dlls in the main file. And just so you know, it's 54MB uncompressed, so there is no way I will allow it to be downloadable uncompressed. Also, the file is in a different zip format called .7z, which requires a program called 7Zip, which can be downloaded on the main site as well. What link are you clicking on to download the game? The only thing that might have dlls in them is the 7Zip stuff itself.
  6. Baron of Sigma

    Blood sprites

    Yeah, deathbringer, it is a much more recent beta of CS, and it does have the ShinRa soldiers in it. Caco's been at times sending me his recent works because he and I help work on each others' mods. [thanks to him, I didn't need to import the Battlelord, Zilla, or the Stone Beast myself, and in return, I've given him Tchernobog, one of his clone types that will appear in the next public beta, and perhaps if I can improve my style, another clone type.
  7. Baron of Sigma

    Blood sprites

    most of the monsters' and allies' sprites can be found in EBACTORS.wad, and not EBDB655.wad
  8. Baron of Sigma

    Blood sprites

    Well, it doesn't have all of them, but my mod, at http://www.zxdware.net/ebdoom does have 3 of the Blood monsters, but they're all bosses[Cerberus, Tchernobog and the Stone Beast from Plasma Pak]. I do know Cacodemonleader has the Cultist and the Stone Beast in Cacodemon Squad, but he hasn't yet released a public demo for it. :\ Maybe what I put in above can help you a little bit. Do note these are at their original sizes because EDGE is the port used for EB Doom, and it can scale sprites to the proper sizes, so you'll need a port with sprite scaling to use these right.
  9. Baron of Sigma

    The Acolyte (Crappy Doom Sketch)

    Well, if you're using EDGE, it's possible to make monsters phase like the Bishop[I know I have Korax and D'Sparil do it in my game(but D'Sparil's version is meant to look like he teleports and not phases)], so that could be given to the Acolyte if you want.
  10. Baron of Sigma

    An EDGE related Question

    Er, I know you can't make cheat codes be extremely specfic in giving you weapons, but I do know the IDGIVE# codes will give you all weapons in a certain number slot. Although I believe EDGE will add weapons to the slot one number before the number you enter[IDGIVE4 will give you all Slot 3 weapons, instead of slot 4 :\] Sorry, but as far as I know you can't make totally NEW cheat codes yet[plus they took out IDLAZARUS[revives yourself if killed] for 1.27. I used to remember using that sometimes]]. BTW, you can change most Cheat Codes[as in you can change what you have to enter for a certain thing, so you don't always have to enter ID-so-and-so. Just look at my DDFs with EBDoom for an example[language.ddf, of course].
  11. Baron of Sigma

    Edge mods and wads?

    I have my own EDGE Mod that had a recent beta [6.51] added for it. EB Doom at http://www.zxdware.net/ebdoom Level-wise there's not a whole terrible lot of things yet, but in the monsters department, well, if you look at my other topic in this forum on MODs with the most enemy species, you'll see exactly what enemies are listed in the game up to the last beta[more are already planned or already added for the next version]. Also, the next version will allow you to freeze over enemies Hexen-style, which gives it more of a realism factor, and there's even a weapon that HEALS you in this mod. Anyways, there is also a screenshots section showing some of the monsters from the recent beta in action. Among the monsters types are Doom/Doom2 monsters, All Heretic Monsters, All Hexen monsters[except Stalkers], most Duke3D monsters[which should be all filled for in the next beta], and some Shadow Warrior enemies, and finally you can fight clones of yourself, various other modded Doom/Heretic monsters like Chainsaw Zombiemen, Mini-Missile Sargents, Gold Liches, Maulotaur Ghosts, just to name a few. Also, Cacodemon Leader helped me with some of the levels and monsters[like he saved me time with adding the DN3D Battlelord and had the sprites he made from him sent to me already, or the Hissy sprites for the Hissy helper type in EB Doom(yes, I did forget to mention Hissy is in EB Doom as well, and he actually fights :D)]
  12. Baron of Sigma

    TCs/Mods with the most enemy species'

    Lizard: I've just uploaded EB Doom Beta 6.51... I forgot to add the .bat files, but Cacos had the old ones, so he could still play it o_O Anyways, the reason I'm just putting up 6.51 is because I fixed the bouncing on the Heresiarch's skulls and they bounce correctly now, and the Pothead and Deathkings have been modified a little more as well. You'll have to redownload the mod, and that also applies to anyone else who downloaded it before :\ Sorry about this, and thanks to Cacos to pointing the .bat thing out to me. I'll post this now, but it'll be around 20 minutes before the new zip file is fully uploaded, so please be paitent so no one gets an incomplete zip file :\
  13. Baron of Sigma

    TCs/Mods with the most enemy species'

    Lizardcommando: Did you make sure to look over the entire readme file first? Cacodemon Leader downloaded it and had no problems, so I know nothing's missing from the zip file. If you didn't get to read the whole file, I'll just paste the how-to-install part here: "1. Get the ZIP file. If you are reading this, you most likely have already done so. :P 2. Make sure you at least have the central DooM2 IWAD. 3. Make a new directory for EB DooM. Then copy the DooM2 IWAD to your new EB DooM directory. 3(varies). If you have both DooM1 and DooM2 on the same computer, copy the DooM1 IWAD into your EB DooM directory. If you have just DooM2 then don't worry about moving any wads around. 4. Unzip EDGE-1.27-win32.zip into the EBDooM directory. EDGE is the engine source port EB Doom was made with and EB Doom will not work without it. 5. Unzip ALL the other files into the EB DooM directory, make sure edge.cfg is unzipped AFTER step 4, so the correct button configs can be used. 6. This next step is IMPORTANT: a.) If you have only DooM2 and DON'T have GL support, run EBDooM2.bat b.) If you have only DooM2 and DO have GL support, run EBDooM2GL.bat c.) If you have only DooM2 AND DooM1, and DON'T have GL support, run EBDooM21.bat d.) If you have only DooM2 AND DooM1, and DO have GL support, run EBDooM21GL.bat 7. Makes sure all the GWA files[GL-Node WADs] are in the same directory as their name respective .WAD files[except EBDoomB6.wad, which has none], so it will use the best of the GL-Nodes EDGE can offer." Make sure your Doom2 IWAD is in the new EB Doom directory, and to play Doom1 with it, make sure you have the Doom IWAD in the EB Doom directory, and are the DDFs in the central EB Doom folder? I don't see how you could be having problems when Cacos didn't have any[he sorta works with me on this mod, so he's a tester for it] Anyways, hope that helps :\
  14. Baron of Sigma

    TCs/Mods with the most enemy species'

    Sorry to post again here, but I wanted to assure that everyone interested in EB Doom takes note that Beta 6.5 was just uploaded moments ago, so if anyone wants to try it out, go ahead. Let me know if any vital files are missing, if any are. I tend to usually miss a file when I first upload my betas and have to reupload it. It's 21.5 MB though zipped, so it's quite big. :\
  15. Baron of Sigma

    TCs/Mods with the most enemy species'

    m0l0t0v: Yes, the Coolie actually is referring to a specfic monster from Shadow Warrior: Quoted from the offical page at 3DR: "Coolie: These unskilled asian workers pose little threat from long distances, but fear them at short range. They carry a wooden crate filled with TNT and will make kamikaze runs at you when you get close enough. You can use their explosive nature to destroy other enemies as well. " They can also spawn 'ghost' upon their death. Quoted from 3DR: "Coolie Ghost: Not content with attacking you once, some Coolies will spawn a specteral ghost after they make their great sacrifice. These apparitions will float around phasing in and out of existence, taking time out to heave nasty gobs of bloody goo at you." BTW, I didn't realize it was a racial term until you told me. I guess this was an example of 3DR's asian stereotyping that people said about it. :\ ravage: Well, truth is, originally, I wasn't planning to have all those monsters in EB Doom, but possibly a unnamed future EDGE mod, which in a way would be a mass-multi-monster mod, like weapons mods ala Immortal Conduct, except using a lot of monsters. However, Cacodemon Leader helped me with parts of EB Doom's current story: the Serpent Riders are resurrected and initate a massive strike against Earth, using all sorts of lower armies of beings they subverted[like the Doom monsters, Duke's alien foes, and Zilla's armies, in addition to the Heretic/Hexen monsters] to attack from virutally every angle to assure victory. The Serpent Riders had always been viewed as very manipulative creatures, so who's to say they couldn't recruit these other foes to their own forces? Like Zilla in SW, the Riders have become far more corrupted than ever with control, just as Zilla had been with power. There will be some Demons, Aliens, Mutants and other monsters that rebel against the riders' control during the course of the game[if it ever get completed], and most will even go as far as allying with you if it means stopping them. In truth, the original demons[the rebels] in Doom aren't terribly mean towards humans since their defeat at Doomguy's hand, and the last tribes on Earth are trying to hang on[like the Orcs in WC3 after WC2:TDP] in life. BTW, 'Potheads', to answer the other part of ReX's question, were an enemy I forgot to mention. If anyone remembers the old School Doom mod by Arsenic Software, this is the source of the Pothead, and also one other unmentioned enemy, the Deathking. If you have played SD, Potheads are different in attack style from SD, as they can sway as they fight and walk, sometimes dodging your attacks by luck, or totally missing you with his double-barrled paintball gun as he fires. He's also a bit tougher to kill. Deathkings can fire rockets in 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 10s, or toss lit Bom-ombs at you. He's not as hard to beat though, because while he is still fast, your current character is a lot faster than the average Doom player[equivilant to -turbo 255, except set in DDF], especially with Auto-Running on. EDIT: Another thing I should note is that the player can also gain a HEALING power that can restore some of their health for a cost of some of their PK, which replaces Shells. That also makes me wonder if anyone has made a 'healing' weapon before?