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  1. I would love to help you, but I can't really imagine what a passive-aggressive mentality is.
  2. One of those "look at a picture and get spooked by a scary face" things f**ked me up really bad when I was 10, took me some time to recover from that.
  3. Oops, sorry man. You could try using the delay timer (on incapacitated) to somehow extend the time limit but I'm not really sure if it will work.
  4. Afaik it is in the Gameplay Settings. In its properties you need to scroll down to the bottom and change the respawn delay to whatever you like.
  5. Thanks for the hint, I'll try my best. Took me around 2 hours to insert a graphic into a wad but I finally got it.
  6. Well, if I knew how to do that, I probably would. Unfortunately, I don't have much experience in modding.
  7. Hey, I want to share some pics of my first wad. Hope you like it :) I still need to do some adjustments so it's not final yet.
  8. Ok, I think I got it lol ^^
  9. Ugh, ok then I better avoid downloading his wads 0.o Thanks for your reply.
  10. Hey everyone, a bit Off-Topic but I'd like to ask who "Terry" is. :)