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  1. I love the internet! I love being able to share my opinions with others. That's why, being the obsessive Doom player I am, I'm starting a new blog series of me completing each Playstation Doom level, pistol-start, getting a 100% secrets (wherever possible), and rating their difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10. Oh, and the difficulty is Ultra-Violence.

    Yes, this is inspired by YouTubers Roahmmythril and Kevvl14's Megaman/Megaman X perfect run videos. However, I'm not aiming to go through these levels without being hit, which would likely be impossible.

    I'm merely attempting to beat them, UV, pistol-start, and 100% secrets. As for kills, I'll try to get 100% when I can, but some levels (*cough* Hell Keep *cough*) might be too much for me to take. Still, I'll do my best.

    I'll also give my overall opinion on each levels design, technical aspects, etc, and hopefully entertain you readers.

    Level reviews should be up soon!

    1. obake


      E1M1 The Hangar
      No deaths/ Kills 109% Items 93% Secrets 100%

      It shouldn't take much to guess what score this map is getting. The level itself is very short, with few monsters to get in your way. Almost none of the imps pose a threat, and the hitscanners, although presented in groups, are either so far off or next to explosive barrels that they are almost just as easy to deal with. There are also no keys needed to beat the map.

      The only two things that can catch you off-guard (and only on Ultra-Violence, really) are the lone Chaingunner and secret Pain Elemental. The Elemental, however, is more surprising than it is threatening, given the narrow hallway it's located in. The Chaingunner, on the other hand, can get a number of hits on you. But once you know he's there, it takes little to get him down.

      E1M1 The Hangar difficulty rating: 1/10

      Yeah, this one took little effort. But that is not to say it isn't a fun level with a good, simple layout. It is the starting map, afterall, so you shouldn't expect there to be a lot of immediate dangers.

      Note: I was going to post the review for the next level, but for whatever reason, I was only getting 85% secrets each time; whether I'm missing something, or some secret sector isn't triggering, I don't know, but either way, I'm quite peeved about the whole thing. Oh, well. More levels coming up soon. Adieu.

      E1M2 Plant
      No deaths/multiple retries due to me being a derp and not knowing all of the secrets beforehand/Kills 97% Items 95% Secrets 100%

      This level is a little more of a test than E1M1. It is much longer, and even contains a dark, blue maze that's a real pain to navigate. The enemies aren't hard to take on (they're mostly basic zombiemen), but getting to all of the places you need to round up the secrets takes more time than you think it would; and despite the enemies being mostly weak, they like to hide in the maze and snipe you in the back while you can't see them.

      Not to mention, some of the secrets have no obvious indications to them. Than in itself isn't a bad thing, but it was what tripped me up on my multiple attempts to get 100%.

      But overall, the Plant is easy-schmeesy
      E1M2 Plant difficulty rating:2/10

      Now on to E1M3. This is where things will get a bit more taxing.