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  1. Seriously, I don't want to sound in a bad mood, but from the reviews I've seen of the Doomworld Megaproject 2012, I have to ask: why is everyone so flip' freakin' negative? I thought some of the maps we're absolutely awesome!

    So many of the maps I thought were really cool, everyone else seems to call crap. Some examples:

    Space Base: It's reminiscent of many of the silly sci-fi movies I watched as a kid. Yeah, it's ugly in places, and bizarre beyond all reason, but why is that bad? I myself don't get all of the humor the level goes for, but it still has a distinct feel and tone that really sets it apart.

    Big Cybie's House (I believe that's what it's called): Probably one of the most creative set of uses for old Doom textures and sprites I've ever seen.

    Even "Something I made While High on Mountain Dew" (again, I think that is what it is called) is neat. Though obviously, it's more an aesthetically bizarre and otherworldly experiment than it is an actual level, but you get the point.

    That doesn't mean you have to like any of them. I hold everyone's opinions as equally valid. However, to me, it feels like the many of the opinion's I've heard from the Doom community, not just on these levels, but on the megaproject as a whole, are too harsh.

    Oh no, the map designer used a mid texture as a wall! Surely the world will end! But wait, what about the gameplay? Is the level design itself bad? Are there interesting features being implemented?

    Seriously, I'm not saying every map of this project was a masterpiece. In fact, the majority looked from meh, to good, to horrible, and so forth.

    Everyone has the right to their opinions. I just hope, beyond all reason, that there will be another Megaproject coming up. Because, as a new mapper, being part of a community project that involves so many mappers at one time would truly be the biggest thing in the world to me. I just hope people would enjoy it, rather than despise it, which is what seems most everyone has done (admittedly there is a share of real clunkers, but there was also some really neat stuff, too.)

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    2. ArmouredBlood


      TimeOfDeath said:

      DMP2013 will start soon! Who will sign up? The goal to beat is 40 mappers.

      Can't decide whether to allow new textures or not...

      New textures. Please. Vanilla isn't bad, but there are so many limited choices because id just didn't detail the same way as we do now.

    3. Memfis


      Yeah, just ask people to put prefixes in the texture names and then compiling will be super easy. I recently found this awesome program for compiling wads that use new graphics - http://www.teamhellspawn.com/exl/?page=wadmerge You just select all the wads you want to combine and it will do the rest. I used it to make TNSC2003.

    4. TimeOfDeath


      New textures it is. That program sounds cool, thanks. You better finish that map, GreyGhost :) Any plans on what you guys are going to make? I'm probably going to make another zdoom map with dialogue.